October 18, 2006

Is Bears Politically Correct Nickname???

With the recent headlines surrounding the McMurry Indians and the NCAA's banning of their use of the Indian mascot or logo, I could only wonder what type of ban may be next and if the UIL will follow suit in banning such names for high schools participating in their league. Let's start with our own Baird Bears. Is Bears an appropriate name for our school? First of all, what kind of Bear are we. Yells of "Go Red Bear" can often be heard coming from the stands. Is that not offensive to Black Bears, Brown Bears, Polar Bears, Panda Bears, Grizzly Bears, etc.? With the logic predominantly used by the NCAA and UIL, it's not as far fetched a concern as you might think. Animal names probably are offensive to PETA. At what point will their sensitivities outweigh common sense? For Miles Brand and the NCAA, I would suggest that point is not far off.

And how about Texas High Schools who have Indian nicknames? Will the UIL start harassing schools such as Comanche and Haskell to change their names? The UIL often follows the lead of the NCAA. Hopefully the spirit of Texas independence will hold off the PC movement which has poisoned much of our higher education framework. However, the UIL is housed in Austin, and not much good can ever be counted on to come out of that city.

Possibly, the University of North Dakota will be successful in challenging the NCAA in court over the use of the Fighting Sioux nickname, which would likely lead to the end of the NCAA policy for the other schools such as McMurry. If not, one wonders what will be next. Animals may not be the next most offended group. How about the Fighting Irish, or the Demon Deacons, or the Red Raiders. Texas Tech avoided being put on the hostile and abusive nickname list because their Red Raiders mascot was based on Spanish cultural influence, while the Colgate Red Raiders were put on the list because it referenced Indian warriors. Apparently, Indians are more likely to be offended by the exact same nickname than the Spanish. It is all truly ridiculous, and I suppose you could make the argument that schools and colleges do not exist for sports or teams or nicknames so it does not matter, but the frightening part of the NCAA policy is not necessarily the policy itself, but the ideas behind the policy -- that freedom of speech and expression is subordinate to the sensitivities of any particular group. I am honestly concerned over what is next. The NCAA may start telling you what colors your school can wear, how many of a certain group must be in your administration, what religions can be recognized on your campus, etc. And where the NCAA stumbles and bumbles, the UIL might be attracted to go as well.

  • Shane Deel
  • October 18, 2006 6:14 PM

November 14, 2005



TEAM 1631 Yards
Blan Scott 971 Yards
Tyler Orlando 406 Yards
Chris Cogburn 248 Yards


TEAM 2087 Yards
Blan Scott 1880 Yards
Tyler Orlando 207 Yards


TEAM 2087 Yards
Chance Rodriguez 875 Yards (38 Catches)
Tyler Orlando 318 Yards (30 Catches)
Chris Cogburn 333 Yards (26 Catches)
Justin English 335 Yards (22 Catches)
Blake Manning 113 Yards (10 Catches)

  • Shane Deel
  • November 14, 2005 7:38 AM

Baird Bears by Shane Deel



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