By mark rogers
October 14, 2008

Without further delay...I present to you the first real comment (as in not a comment from my mom) on the blog...I'm so happy.


Are you kidding? I'm disappointed in your lack of confidence for the pride of West Texas that is TTU. Unparalleled offense coupled with a much improved defense equals a Texas upset! Looks like you're just another pretentious pseudo-sports journalist that dedicates his career to overrating the beloved Longhorns. I can't wait to see your face, along with the other Mac Brown groupies in your industry, after Leach's boys stun the steers. I think the fact that only your mother reads and responds to your blogs is a good indication of how seriously football fans should take your opinions.

TTU Unrealist

This comment was under my "SAME OLD TECH" posting from last week. Now my response:

I would like to say that I'd love to see Texas Tech win the Big 12 South, but until that happens I can't let myself be suckered in to the false hopes. It's just like Clemson...they have huge talent, are ranked high going into every year, yet never live up to the expectations. So what happened? Their coach of ten years gets fired over the weekend. Clemson is what it is and until the culture changes, they'll never be a top 10 team.

Same goes for Tech...until the culture changes there, they will never win the Big 12. And changing defensive coordinators isn't a culture change.

I'm not ready to say that Tech has an unparalleled offense...Tulsa is averaging more yards per game and Tech is sixth in the nation in scoring offense. And I'm not ready to call the defense "much" improved since they haven't really played a great offense. Also, in Tech's defense, sometimes when you're smearing a team and put in your second and third teamers, your opponent can rack up some "trash" yards and points. So looking at the scoring and total defense can be a little misleading - meaning it would probably look better than it does.

In response to being a "pseudo-sports journalist"...that's exactly what I am. Sports is no longer my career it is one of my greatest passions.

I also am a realist...I would not be surprised in the least if Tech beats Texas. It's in Lubbock and Tech can always find a way to beat a good team at home. What would surprise me is if Texas wins out and wins the National Championship. Everything is so equal now, no team is dominant and can lose any week. We've seen this over the last few years.

I think the winner of the SEC and Penn State could be playing for the title. What if Tech beats Texas and OU beats Tech and three South Division teams have one loss? That would be crazy...

Anyway, I could go on and on...thanks for the comment. Let's keep 'em coming!!!


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John Madden on October 14, 2008 10:07 AM

I tend to lean more towards the pro football arena but word is getting around about West Texas football here on the Outback bus so I would also like to comment while I finish this turducken... and possibly a bucket of wings.
My analysis: I agree with everything you said plus "boom". You know what I mean? "Boom!". Texas Tech is like that weasel team in pop warner that the punk kids play for and they whip mediocre teams, even an occasional tougher team, but will never be a National contender. They have this crazy offense that someone created while in the Texas Judicial System but didn't have enough brains to create a defense. Well, my time in Oakland learned me that defense wins championships, so "boom".
Hook 'em Aggies!

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