By mark rogers
October 15, 2008 stealing all the media attention. What an unbelievable week!

It all started at a hotel in downtown Dallas on Wednesday morning. Adam "Pacman" Jones gets into a fight in the bathroom with a man hired by Jerry Jones to protect him. Wow.

Then, in a seemingly harmless game against the lowly Arizona Cardinals, the bottom fell out.

The game was going along nicely...until the second half and final few plays of the contest. Record-setting rookie Felix Jones partially tears his hamstring, he's out for a few weeks...the Cowboys fall behind by 10 but are able to somehow claw their way back and force overtime...Tony Romo breaks his pinkie on the first play of OT and will miss at least two games...on the last play of OT, Pro-Bowl punter Mat McBriar breaks his foot because Touchdown Tony Curtis doesn't know how to block and the Cowboys lose.

Then yesterday we find out that Pacman Jones is suspended indefinitely and will miss at least four games at a time when our secondary needs him the most...BUT WAIT!!!

There's a silver lining because in the trade that brought Pacman over from Tennessee the Cowboys put a "not-so-fast" in the small print..."If Pacman is suspended not only do we not have to give up one of our draft picks that was on the table, but we get one from the Titans."

Basically we got back two draft picks yesterday and used one of them to land the biggest trade of the season. Three draft picks to the Lions for former Permian and UT star Roy Williams.

What a week...

I watched NFL Live on ESPN yesterday and the whole show was about the Dallas Cowboys.

You can debate all you want about if the 'Boys will win the Super Bowl...but there's one thing you simply CANNOT argue: THE DALLAS COWBOYS ARE THE MOST INTERESTING TEAM IN THE LEAGUE.

Long-time Cowboys fans are spoiled with all this craziness, but look around the league. No other team even comes close to the story lines and drama of the Dallas Cowboys.

It's what makes us America's's why we're the New York Yankees of the most popular professional sports league's why people hate us.

I've lost a little confidence in the team with all the injuries and tough games coming up. But I'm not ready to give up tell you the truth, I can't take my eyes off them.

There's no telling what will happen today...


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Candy Reagan on October 15, 2008 2:46 PM


I know things look dark and dreary for the Cowboys right now, but personally I think all this adversity is good for the team, and I was ecstatic with the Roy Williams trade.

1. Pacman Jones suspension -- He wasn't playing all that well anyway. He was OK, but not the big playmaker that everyone was expecting. And fortunately, the Cowboys seem to have hit paydirt in the draft with Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick. The extra playing time will help them develop.

2. Tony Romo injury -- Sure he will be missed, but it's only four weeks. One is a buy. That's three weeks. Brad Johnson will protect the ball better than Romo did, and he has plenty of playmakers around him. The Cowboys will need to rally around him, but they can easily win 2 of the next 3 and then Romo is back. No harm done.

3. Felix Jones injury -- Sure it hurts, but its only a few weeks and they still have Marion Barber. And frankly they had not been using Jones near as much as they should have, so not all that much has changed with him being gone.

4. Sam Hurd injury -- Miles Austin deserved to be number 3 anyway and the Roy Williams trade makes it a mute point. Now Crayton and Austin will be 3 and 4. And Isaiah Stanback can't even get in the game.

5. Mat McBriar injury -- As long as the offense scores every series, who needs a punter. (That's a joke.) His injury may hurt the worst because I think he is the best punter in the league, and he really helps in field position and he is lost for the rest of the season. But it's not like he's the quarterback. A serviceable punter is much easier to live with than a serviceable quarterback.

6. As for Roy Williams -- don't list to anyone who says TO won't be happy sharing the limelight. TO knows that the only way he is going to get rid of the double teams is to have someone who can make defenses pay for doing it. Williams needs to have a big game or two and then he will get double teams and TO will get all the touchdowns. And Williams is the kind of good guy who doesn't need the attention.

Bottom line: Adversity generally makes a team rally together, and if they can do that and win 2 of the next 3, then after the buy, the Cowboys will get back Tony Romo, Terrance Newman, the defenseive Roy Williams, Kyle Kosier and Felix Jones and will add those guys to a an improved Miles Austin and the new Roy Williams. And they will enter the playoffs having overcome a great deal of adversity to get there. That's much better than getting to the playoffs having cruised to a 13-3 record. Just ask the Giants.

Go Cowboys!

Candy Reagan on October 16, 2008 9:25 AM

Then again, I could just be an overly optimistic, diehard Cowboys fan who refuses to face reality. Either way, you are right. The Cowboys are fun to watch.

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