By mark rogers
October 15, 2009

OK - let's all take a deep breath. The Cowboys won a thriller on Sunday afternoon.

Miles Austin set a franchise record for receiving yards in a single game.

Tony Romo averaged more than 10 yards/attempt again...he does that quite often, which is a very good stat.

Tashard Choice had 92 yards rushing....on EIGHT carries (an 11.5 average per carry). He had 6 carries for 83 yards and a TD in the second half alone.

The offensive had nine plays more than 15 yards and was 5-for-12 on third down.

The defense allowed 72 yards rushing and only 300 yards of total offense.

DeMarcus Ware had two sacks (the team had four total).

We outgained our opponent by 194 yards even though they ran 13 more plays than us.

All great statistics, and we won.

Great. Grand. Wonderful.

You'd see stats like that if you perused any championship caliber team's box score: Pittsburgh, New York Giants, etc...

But let me tell you why this "win" (quotations emphasized) did absolutely nothing to make me think we've "turned the corner" and are headed towards a championship.

This is the same team that I said didn't have enough people that cared as much as you need to care to win a championship.

It's very easy to see, and I didn't even have to watch the game.

There are three stats that stand out to me that scream "We're not a championship team!!!!"

PENALTIES Number and yards: 13-90
FUMBLES Number and Lost: 4-2

Boom. That's all you need to know.

And we should have had more penalties...a few were declined or offset due to a KC penalty.

Championship teams don't consistently have penalty yards near 100.

Especially against a winless team.

Championship teams don't handle the ball like it's a WMD.

Especially against a winless team.

Championship teams don't treat their red zone opportunities like they're trying to win a big stuffed bear at the carnival for the girl their parents made take to the carnival who has sideburns and is wearing a Wrestlemania t-shirt.

Especially against a winless team.

There was one series in particular that stood out to me...kind of sums it all up.

Third quarter. Crunch time. Down 7 points.

KC has the ball at their own 44. We were called for defensive offside not once, not twice, not three times...but FOUR times. On ONE drive. One of the penalties was offsetting due to an offensive holding call...but still.

They ended up kicking a FG to take a ten point lead at the end of that drive.

To me, that's all coaching.

What kind of team lines up or jumps offside four times on a drive that basically starts at midfield? A poorly coached one. A team that isn't disciplined. A team with a head coach that is as soft as one of those huge air cushions that stunt men dive onto from the top of skyscrapers.

Yeah, we won.

Miles Austin and Tony Romo were celebrating on the sideline like they just won the Super Bowl.

We're 3-2 instead of 2-3.

Everything is fine again.

Big whoop.

No it's not. This is the same team with the same problems.

Thank goodness there's no way we can lose this weekend.

We don't play.


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Rick Bentley on October 15, 2009 11:16 AM

Of the thousands of football games I have watched over my lifetime, I have NEVER seen a football team get called for defensive offsides 4 times in a series. Never. And, outside of the high school level, I highly doubt I've ever seen a team get flagged for it 4 times IN A GAME. Yet this is something that this team does...and has been doing for a couple of years now. There is no excuse for getting penalized for offsides OR delay of game, but they keep doing it. It's absolutely maddening. I think this team has the personnel to be in the top 3 in the conference, but without direction and discipline (the two main things provided by the head coach), this team will continue to wander aimlessly through "9-7 Land."

Also, I hope Patrick Crayton is updating his resume after watching Miles Austin show that he can be a number 2 and a deep threat on Sunday. "Special Skills: fielding punts on my own .5 yard line, dropping passes, and I've been to 8 Pro Bowls*

*by saying 'I've been to 8 Pro Bowls', I mean I have attended the Pro Bowl game 8 times and have not actually been selected to play."

Shaun on October 15, 2009 8:58 PM

I agree, this team simply sucks! The offense is pitiful, fire Wade Phillips AND Jason Garrett, fine FLozell Adams for more than 3 penalties per game... hire Bill Cower and get this franchise back to where it belongs.


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