By mark rogers
October 28, 2009

As much as I hate to say it...I may be slowing my dead sprint away from the Cowboys' band wagon.

Didn't say I was headed back towards it...just that I may be slowing down.

In case you forgot, after years of dedicated and passionate following, I had begun to take on my father's hyperbolic pessism in regards to America's Team.

and then again...

My father's pessimism leads one to utter things like "Welp, here goes a pick-six the other way" before every Cowboys snap - or - "Oh we'll score here, but they'll give up a TD on the kickoff." Makes for an unappealing viewing experience for all others in the room.

In that last article I linked to above, "Newsflash: Cowboys Aren't Contenders", I referenced the fact that we don't have any "it" guys on the team. And the only ones that were close were on defense: Bradie James and Keith Brooking.

I know that Brooking is an "it" guy but didn't know what kind of influence he could have on a locker room in such a short time.

I'm not ready to say it yet...BUT...Brooking's craziness and fire may be infiltrating the blahsay attitude of the Dallas locker room.

Look at the standings...we're 4-2. A half-game out of first. Two plays away from being 6-0. We DO NOT deserve to be 6-0. We deserve to be 4-2...just sayin'.

After the first five games, we'd only beat teams who hadn't won and lost to teams who hadn't lost. But that's changed after Sunday.

We beat a pretty good Atlanta team pretty good.

Miles Austin followed up his 250-yard receiving performance in KC with another 150+ yard day. He is finally showing everybody what the Cowboys scouts saw from him at Monmouth many years ago.

But it wasn't our offense that impressed me the most. It was our defense.

Finally showing signs of life. Getting to the QB. Causing fumbles. Picking off passes. That's more like it.

And behind every big defensive play (or special teams and offensive play for that matter) is a crazy-eyed Keith Brooking head-butting an innocent ball boy or yelling and spitting all over the wire-carrer guy.

I love it.

I can't say for sure, but I don't know if Mike Jenkins and Terrence Newman make the hits they made on Sunday if Brooking wasn't on the team.

His presence breeds violence. If there was just some way we could convince him that he played 10+ years with every team we play for the rest of the season....hmmmm......

Again, I'm not ready to believe the Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders. Or that they're even going to win a playoff game.

I am ready to say that someone has to make it to the NFC Championship this year. Who's it going to be?

New Orleans has shown they're for real. But the only other team that has lost fewer games than Dallas is Minnesota, and they're a Brett Favre arm-falling-off away from being mediocre.

The Giants have shown major weaknesses. Brandon Jacobs hasn't run for 100+ yards in an eternity.

The Eagles may be without Brian Westbrook for the rest of the season.

The Redskins haven't scored 100 points yet this year.

Hope for winning the division or at least making the playoffs and maybe winning a Wild Card game has begun to emerge it's bruised and battered head from the depths of the goo, guts and mayhem left over from the Sunday night Giants loss.

It's not all the way out yet. But at least it's alive.

And if anyone can snap it back to life by spitting and screaming nonsensical obscenities at it and head-butting it in the chest until the blood starts flowing and the strength to stand (and run for its life) is's Keith "Crazy-Eyes" Brooking.


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Rick on October 28, 2009 2:56 PM

Mike Jenkins used to look completely lost on the field, but on Sunday he looked like he finally is figuring out where he needs to be and how he needs to play certain receivers.

Also, guys named "Roy Williams" apparently suck at playing football. At what point in time is that player going to realize that his incessant goofing off and lack of pride/work ethic is costing him reps/pro bowls/money/respect? Who wants to go to the NFL to be a spare part? By all accounts, Miles Austin SHOULD be that guy who's the 3rd receiver lucky to be clinging to a roster spot, but because he wants it more, he's zooming up the depth chart while Roy zooms up the "Players Everyone Thinks Suck" chart. If Jerry EVER gets another player named "Roy Williams," I'm going to punch him in his old face and watch his skull turn to dust.

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