By mark rogers
October 6, 2009

Brett Favre has taken a lot of heat in recent years about his indecisiveness regarding the future of his NFL career.

He's retiring? No, he signed with the Jets. He had surgery and is done? No, someone saw him getting on a plane headed for Minnesota. He's through. He's back. He's gone. He's here!

I wept at his very first retirement press conference when it happened a few years ago for crying out loud.

I've heard and read people calling him a liar, an attention hound, immature, inconsiderate and even a phony.

But you know what 100% of all the Favre-haters out there have in common?

They aren't the greatest QB in NFL history. So shut your cake holes and leave the man alone.

I could rattle off all the career numbers that we've all heard over and over...all-time TD leader, all-time passing yards leader, (most impressively) most consecutive starts in NFL history and on and on and on...

By the way...his consecutive starts streak makes Cal Ripken's look like the fourth grader who never missed a single day of fourth grade the whole year.

We all know the great numbers. We know he's won a Super Bowl. We know he's delivered some of the most memorable performances in league history (like the Monday Night game he played the day his dad died...just got chills thinking about it).

So why does anyone care if he can't make up his mind about when to end, arguably, the greatest career in professional sports history?

Who does it inconvenience? Whose life does it alter in any way?

His family. OK. They obviously count, but they obviously give him the green light to do whatever it is he feels like he should do. They support him.

No one else matters one iota.

Oh, I can hear them now..."Well it effects the teams he's considering because they can't gameplan and prepare until they know one way or another."

Give me a break.

The teams that he's considering are only getting that much more attention and are put in the national spotlight that much more which leads to just one thing: more money.

Sounds like a raw deal.

I haven't looked at the ratings from last night's Vikings/Packers game, but I would bet they are way off the charts.

It was one of the most interesting and dramatic story lines in recent years. In any sport. It would be like if Derek Jeter played for the Red Sox and led Boston to a pivotal regular season series sweep over the Yankees at Fenway. Now that's drama.

And last night Favre not only became the only QB in the history of the league to beat all 32 teams, he was absolutely brilliant.

271 yards passing on 24 completions, three TDs, no picks, seven receivers had more than one catch, no one had more than six, and he looked like he was 28 again.

He had touch when he needed it and that blazing, frozen rope, break-your-fingers, Favre velocity when he needed it, too.

Not to mention he didn't get sacked.

He's the most interesting professional athlete in the world right now.

So why in the world would we not want him making headlines? Either on the field or off of it with his "flip-flops"?

You know the league absolutely loves it. You can't make this stuff up. He's a ratings magnet. Like keeping Spencer Pratt on "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" even after he tries to quit like three times.

People can't not watch him. He is absolutely great television, and the NFL is just that - a television show. And they know it.

You say he's an egomaniac and only wants the attention?? SO WHAT?!?!

So would YOU if you had the physical and mental skills to be the best in the world at something.

And not just like the best fake-plant gardner or something...the best at the most popular position in the most popular sport in the most popular league ever known to man.

I'm not exaggerating...look it up.

No sport has ever been as popular as the NFL is today. Look at TV ratings, fantasy football, attendance, etc...

I don't want Favre to ever retire. I hope he keeps the millions of people watching his every move guessing for many years to come.

The guy turns 40 on Saturday.

I wonder if Favre daydreams about how he'll leave the game.

I wonder if that daydream is of him in 30 years throwing a touchdown pass to some kid who isn't even alive today, then celebrating with his offensive line, blowing a kiss to his wife, children and grand-children, kneeling down at midfield, laying his head on the soft, spongy grass, closing his eyes...and never waking up.

Morbid? Yes. Fitting? Absolutely.

I love me some Brett Favre.

We should want him to hang around as long as possible because there will never be another one quite like him. Soak him in while you still can because I heard he's retiring at the end of the season.



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Special K on October 6, 2009 1:30 PM

Mark give me a break. No wait, break off your man crush b/c we're all getting sick. You sound like Opra watching some African orphans or something and it's distrubing. Yes he's had a great career. Yes he's set some of the most difficult records to break. Yes he played after his dad died. Yes he loves some Wrangler jeans and graying facial hair. Here's the reason he hasn't retired....he's an addict and you can't change being an addict. Hello!! He's still playing b/c he can't quit. It's not an itch, it's a piece of his life he can't let go b/c he doesn't know any different and that kind of crap scares addicts. FYI I would take him over Romo even if he was old enough for Medicare.

Ryan Bradley on October 6, 2009 1:33 PM

Great read!!

mark rogers Author Profile Page on October 6, 2009 1:36 PM

Great! He's an addict! Who cares! It only makes you sick because you're watching, which is exactly why the NFL will do whatever it takes to keep him in the league. It doesn't make the people who don't watch sick because they could care less and don't watch - I think there's three of them out there.

That's the whole point. He's interesting. He's dramatic. So who cares if he can't make up his mind?

Plus, I wasn't giving reasons why he's not retired. I was telling everyone who thinks less of him now because of his indecisiveness to shut their faces and enjoy him while they can.

And yes, I would cut Romo and sign Favre to a 5-year deal if I were Jerry Jones.

Special K on October 14, 2009 9:42 AM

Hey how about write another freaking article sometime this week!

Rick Bentley on October 15, 2009 2:19 AM

I miss Quincy.

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