By mark rogers
October 26, 2009

Funny how Florida comes-from-behind to beat a 3-4 Arkansas team at home, then has to pull out all the stops against 3-5 Mississippi State, and it's pegged as "just a good team playing against great SEC defenses...an old-fashioned slug fest."

And then Alabama squeaks past a Tennessee team that's still a year away from being an SEC contender? Same thing...a great SEC slug fest.

But when Texas pulls out a close win against biggest rival OU on a neutral field, it's an "ugly win" and "Texas isn't as good as everyone thought."

Why? Because they struggled in the first half against Colorado?? UT won that game 38-14 and showed that it wasn't a one-dimensional team by overpowering the Buffs on defense and special teams.

I'm not taking anything away from Florida or Alabama - they're great teams - but all this talk about Texas not being able to compete should be thrown right out the window.

They're all legitimate title contenders but could all lose very easily in the next few weeks.

Florida has Georgia on Saturday. Bama still has to play LSU and at Auburn.

The Gators could all but clinch the East with a win on Saturday, but the West is still up for grabs between the Tide and LSU Tigers.

And if those two teams do win their respective divisions, they'll have to play in the SEC title game.

If Texas is still unbeaten, there will not be an SEC Championship rematch in the BCS Title Game.

All that aside, Texas has the #1 scoring offense in the nation.
UT is #2 in total defense.
The Longhorns have the largest point differential than any other team in college football.
The last five games? Texas has given up a total (TOTAL) of 103 rush yards on 128 attempts including -16 to OU.
And to top it all off...Colt McCoy needs just four more wins to break the all-time FBS win record by a starting QB.

Texas went on the road and played its first complete game on Saturday in a huge win over Missouri.

They dominated in all three facets of the game.

Next up is an OSU football team that has regrouped since an embarrassing home loss to Houston, and despite not having Dez Bryant or Kendall Hunter in the lineup (although Hunter may try to play a limited role on Saturday), the Cowboys would take over the South lead with a win this weekend.

Doesn't help that OSU has beaten Texas twice...all-time.

Texas is just as dangerous as any team in the nation right now. And just like every other team in the nation, could lose any of their remaining games if they don't come to play.


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Steve E on October 27, 2009 10:19 PM

Completely agree. There needs to be a reckoning Saturday night. Let there be no doubt left that Texas is the team in the Big 12 and can play with anyone. HOOK 'EM!

Troy Oliver on October 27, 2009 11:26 PM

I profoundly agree with this.

Randy on October 29, 2009 2:47 PM

I'm expecting the most complete game (so far) of the season for Texas. Mack Brown knows how to prepare his teams for tough road games, which is the biggest factor in OSU's favor in my opinion.

mark rogers Author Profile Page on October 29, 2009 4:00 PM

There are a few things that scare me (for UT) about this game...it's Halloween, in Stillwater, then you have all the injuries and Robinson's grandma (or grandpa) just passed away. Those are the kinds of things that lead to a "memorable" win for a team. Like when Brett Favre's dad passed away on a Monday morning and he played the game of his life on Monday Night Football that night...

Everything on paper and talent-wise says UT should win this game and cover (which I think is 9 points?)...but you never know about those "off-the-field" factors. Spooky.

Austin Sherwood on November 1, 2009 7:07 PM

I was glad to see Mack Brown take a stand to after the OU game. He was totally right when he said if Texas played in the SEC they would have been praised for their style of play. Let’s be real, Colt McCoy would also be leading the Heisman race. But because they are in the Big 12 they win “despite” the QB position according to people like Todd McShay. Texas had a dominating performance Saturday against OSU. I think they just might pull it off this year despite playing in a “sloppy” big 12 Conference.

Tyrrell on November 3, 2009 9:53 AM

Mark I felt the same way about the OkSt game. But Texas's defense will not let them lose - they are dominant and have probably the best secondary in the country and maybe the best secondary that Texas has ever had in my opinion. Earl Thomas will probably be a first rounder in whatever draft he decides to go in. Texas will walk into the National Championship game. The only way they lose is if someone kidnaps Colt and the secondary. Even then they just put John Chiles at QB, run the Wildcat and put all the receivers in the secondary. The BIG 12 Championship game will be a laugher.

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