By mark rogers
November 29, 2009


Really the only word that came to mind when I heard the Abilene High/Cedar Hill score on Friday night.


The word that came to mind when I read the game story and saw Herschel Sims' stats.

That's right. Nothing. I could think of no words.

After a couple of days of reflection, I think I'll be able to try.

What the Abilene High Eagles were able to do on Friday against the #1 team in the state was nothing short of spectacular.

Not a surprise at all, I'm sure, to anyone directly linked to the team (players, coaches, family members, etc..)

But when the state-wide stigma is that the Eagles played in a "terrible" district, then defeated "average" teams to advance to the Third Round, and then they go out and beat...no, destroy #1 Cedar Hill?

Kind of like Abilene High saying, "you know what everybody? Shut up. We're better than you. Period. Don't believe us? Let's play and see what happens."

I love it.

I was in Georgetown, Texas for the holiday and the word around the Austin area is that if Sims wants a free ride to the University of Texas, he's got it. All he has to do is verbally commit.

I'll be honest, watching Sims as a sophomore, I thought he was maybe Oklahoma State, Nebraska, TCU material.

But after what he's done this year? Nearly 2,000 yards, 28 TDs and 9.8 yards every time he carries the football? Not to mention what he's done returning kicks. That boy will go wherever he wants to go. Just name the school.

Texas, Alabama, Florida, Ohio State...anywhere he wants.

It's playoff performances like he had on Friday that make it easy for scouts to make up their minds. Maybe a few were on the bubble...hadn't seem him play...think he's too short...whatever.

But when #23 takes a direct snap in the fourth quarter from his own 5 yard line in a ten point game against one of the best defenses in a state with the best high school football teams and outruns everybody 95 yards to the house? 95 yards??? Are you KIDDING me???

Forget about it.

The scouts that were there watching probably just got up and left with their cell phones to their ears.

Decision made.

Make that kid an offer and make it quick.

Let's not forget what an incredible job of blocking took place by the other 10 players on the offense on that 95 yarder...but this post-season is all about Herschel Sims.

There's just no other way around it.

The only problem this week is that Southlake Carroll lost.

Yes, that they lost.

If they'd won, it's "ok, we know what we're up against. Our nemesis. Let's get up and get ready. We own them now."

But now it could be something like, "Southlake lost? To who? Bowie? Sweet! Free ride to the Semis!"

And that's when you get beat.

I don't think Steve Warren will let that happen. But I think it's the only way the Eagles lose on Friday.

This is the Eagles' best shot at a State Championship in fifty years. The next few weeks should be an extremely fun ride.

Especially with Herschel Sims in the drivers' seat.


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B-Lev on November 30, 2009 4:41 PM

I have watched just about as much AHS football over the last 11 years as anyone out there, and I can honestly say that this is by far and away the most talented and best coached team I have seen.

The amazing thing to me is that Abilene High has lost two of its top players in Parker McCay and Darius Joseph and they are still able to make teams run home crying. I think that says a lot about how much talent is on this team and also how much time and effort these coaches are putting in.

AHS has three RB's that could start for about 95% of the teams in the state. Make that the nation. The coaches have done a great job in finding ways for all of them to contribute.

With the slew of talented Juniors and the amazing Senior leadership on this team I have never been more excited come game time. Each week they step on the field ready to play, and I have no doubt they will do the same this week.


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