By mark rogers
December 31, 2009

I wrote the following in late February...soon after Mike Leach signed his contract extension after a lengthy and public negotiation:

"...right before the contract was finalized, Chancellor Kent Hance and AD Gerald Meyers wanted to put a clause into Leach's contract that said he couldn't interview at another school.

What they finally agreed upon was that Leach would just have to let them know - or notify them - of his intention to interview with another school.

Through all this haggling back and forth, there's a very good chance that some things were said or communicated between Hance and Leach that won't be soon forgotten. Granted, it's all completely speculation on my part, but usually on something like this, it doesn't just go away with a surface-level press conference...

...when Leach leaves Tech, you can be sure that this two week stretch will be brought up or thought of in the process...if he ever leaves, this stalemate will be a factor."

The treatment (or mistreatment...or even perceived mistreatment) of college football players and how it's changd even in the last ten years is an entirely different subject. That's not what this is about.

Just pointing out that any big-time contract dispute like what Tech went through at the beginning of the year never just goes away.

Plus, all the quirky comments in the media (fat-little girlfriends, etc...) weren't just tossed aside by the Tech administrators. The actual meaning of those comments holds little water. It's how they are perceived and reacted to by the media and the public.

Those things add up, too. This was the straw that broke The Pirate's back.

We should have all seen Leach's imminent departure coming from a mile away.


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Rick on December 31, 2009 2:17 PM

While I honestly believe that Adam James wasn't mistreated in any way, shape or form, you really can't blame anyone for Leach's firing but Leach. By all accounts (from the school admin's perspective), he's an arrogant jerk and his behavior borders on insubordination. No matter how many football games you win, you just can't treat your bosses the way that Mike Leach treated them and expect them to have your back when troubles arise. If you're gonna act like that, you need a one national championship under your belt...or at least a few conference championships.

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