By mark rogers
January 31, 2010

It looks like Florida is going to easily come away with the nation's #1 overall recruiting list. Texas made a mad dash on Friday by signing a couple of 5-star recruits in Jackson Jeffcoat, son of former Dallas Cowboy Jim Jeffcoat, and Jordan Hicks, a big, ridiculously fast LB that the Horns stole right out from under Ohio State.

But it would take some seriously dramatic de-commitments from the Florida list to let anyone catch up.

The Gators nabbed three of the top seven overall recruits in the nation...and they're all defensive lineman (two tackles and an end).

It's tough to put a quantitative value on these kinds of ranking because there will always be players who don't live up to the hype, don't make the grades or get thrown in jail, but it's always fun to look at the players and where they stack up against other players from around the country.

If NSD (National Signing Day) was today, here's the breakdown of the rankings.

Florida at #1: they have four 5-star recruits (only 26 in the entire country), 16 4-stars and four 3-stars for an average of 3.92 stars per player.

You may find it odd that 3.92 is not the highest overall average. The rankings are decided by the total points for the entire class, and UF has the highest total (more points are given out for higher stars).

So who has the #1 overall average? Not surprising...USC at an even and intimidating 4.00.

But the Trojans are listed at #8 right now because they only have three 5-stars (one more than UT), eight 4-stars and only 14 overall commits as of today.

Texas is #2: with two 5-stars and a whopping 19 4-stars (most in the nation), Texas has a higher average than Florida at 3.96 (second only to USC) and could definitely be argued to be the top overall class this year. My vote still goes to UF because of how many of the top 10 they were able to commit.

On Wednesday Texas was a victim of the recent "Great-Texas-Running-Backs-Head-to-the-Northwest" pipeline when Lache Seastrunk of Temple gave Oregon a solid commitment.

He joins fellow Texan LaMichael James (Texarkana) on the Ducks' roster. And if you look across the state at OSU, you'll find former Houston-ites Jacquizz (RB) and James (WR) Rodgers wreaking havoc against Pac10 defenses.

As of today, Auburn is the only school besides UF and USC to have more than two 5-star commits. They're sitting fourth overall right behind in-state rival and defending national champion Alabama.

OU is fifth and are one of only three teams in the top 10 without a 5-star commit (Tennessee at #7 and Penn State at #9 are the other two).

LSU is at #6 and Georgia rounds out the top of today.

On Thursday morning we could all wake up and see these rankings exactly as they are today, or we could have some serious shakeups in the list.

The "stability" of all this rests in the hands of a bunch of 17 and 18 year old kids so anything can still happen.

And unless you're already enrolled at the school, nothing is guaranteed.

10 of the top 50 on the Rivals100 rankings still haven't committed so depending where they end up, we could have some rumbling around in the teams ranked from #3-20.

Other Big 12 schools and where they rank today:
#11 - Texas A&M
#16 - Missouri
#24 - Oklahoma State
#30 - Nebraska
#34 - Texas Tech
#40 - Baylor
#51 - Iowa State
#56 - Colorado
#57 - Kansas State
#58 - Kansas


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Mark Perkins on January 31, 2010 5:36 PM

According to everything I've read about Lache Seastrunk, Texas is no victim by not signing him this year. In fact, it's probably a blessing! Plus, Texas is squarely in the hunt for 3-4 of the best running backs in the state (dare I say nation?), including Abilene's Herschel Sims. I am a Texas fan, so I admit my bias, but I would say UT's recruiting class this year is easily Mack's finest yet. The potentials I've seen in 2011 are no slouch either. Life is good on the 40 acres. Let's hope it just translates into to more BCS Championship games!

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