By mark rogers
July 26, 2010

The good news is the first-round draft pick Dez Bryant is practicing. He had a desire to compete and be on the field so there was minimal contract negotiation. That's great.

He's said all the right things, participated in the Organized Team Activities, and been a total pro in all facets of the term.

But then he goes and gives Roy Williams the now infamous "cold shoulder pad" on Sunday and screws up the whole thing.

Apparently, the veteran receiver told Bryant to carry his pads into the locker room after the team's practice in San Antonio. Bryant denied the request.

Rookies (even first-round pick, super hyped, savior of the franchise rookies) are supposed to carry veterans shoulder pads or get them Gatorade or sing them a song or do anything they say (reasonable things they say that is).

Jason Witten did it.

Tony Romo did it.

Roy Williams did it.

I'm sure Joe Montana, Tom Brady and Ray Lewis did it, too.

It's like Cowboys LB Keith Brooking said today, nobody tried to duct tape Bryant to a water heater and shove something down his throat. No one asked him to happily receive a beating from a pillow case filled with bars of soap.

He was asked to carry 3 pound shoulder pads the length of a 6-man football field.

And he went and caused some big, stupid media story instead of just being a typical NFL rookie and doing something all NFL rookies have done before him - done what the veterans told him to do.

I guarantee you that the Cowboys veterans respect Bryant. They're excited to have him on the team. No one was trying to disrespect him or humiliate him. It's simply a tradition.

And now the attention is on this stupid incident rather than what's happening ON the field. The Cowboys are all saying its a non-issue and that it's been handled internally, but it's turned into an issue where it matters perception.

Ugh...just when you thought it couldn't be going any better with Bryant.

He was absolutely wrong in this case. He said that he's here to play football and not carry anyone's pads.

Well, guess what, Dez? You haven't done JACK SQUAT in the NFL, and until you do? When someone tells you to pick up their pads and carry them...just shut up and do it.

On a more positive note, TE Martellus Bennett has some nude photos of him in the shower  (which he apparently took HIMSELF) surface on the internet. Great.

What's next?

Where's Terrell Owens when you need him to calm all this stuff down?

Can I get a Rangers game, please?


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Tyrrell on July 29, 2010 3:45 AM

Divas, nothing but divas - when you stop drafting divas, trading for divas, acquiring divas - all this will stop. Oh and you have a diva owner.
And can somebody we get a translator for Dez Bryant's interviews - is he speaking english? He dropped a triple negative the other day in an interview.

"I didn't know nothing about no tradition"

What an embarrasment to the Cowboys - Oklahoma State included.

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