By mark rogers
November 19, 2010

I know last week I wrote that Jason Garrett was just a band-aid...something to keep the Cowboys from bleeding out all over the NFL, and that he shouldn't be the next Cowboys coach.

I mentioned that Garrett being named coach would be like turning your hat around - it wouldn't be real change.

I'm not ready to strike those comments from the record, and I don't think one win is reason enough to name Garrett the next Tom Landry...but after watching the Cowboys beat the Giants in New York, I believe that Garrett has at least earned the chance to make a case for himself.

Make sense?

If Garrett goes 5-3, I believe he should be heavily considered for the job.

If he goes 6-2, I'd say he should be the front running candidate.

If he goes 7-1, he should get the job.

8-0? See my thoughts below...

Being a Cowboys fan lately has made me cynical, negative, cranky, irritable and a bit ornery, but that 10 year old boy who wept when the starting lineup was announced at the beginning of Super Bowl 27 is still down in there somewhere. And he wants out.

That little, weeping, naive boy with a girlish high-pitched scream had a thought after last week's win...

He thought, "hey, we could beat the Lions and be 3-7. That would make us 2-0 since the regime change and owners of the NFL's best record over that stretch. We could get hot and beat the Saints who've lost 2 of their 3 games to 3-6 teams. Then we get 10 days to rest up for Indy. Then it's Philly and the Redskins at home. Then Arizona on the road. Then we close it out like we did last year...with a win against Philly." That dream would make us 9-7 and most likely earn us a trip to the playoffs.

A pipe dream? Yes.

Impossible? No.

Lest we forget that 41 point underdogs have won games. Boise State beat OU once upon a time. The Red Sox came back from 0-3. Barry Switzer won a Super Bowl...

Crazier things have happened.

Am I officially predicting the Cowboys are going to win the next 7 games and win the Super Bowl? No.

Do I think it could happen? Depends on how you define the word "think".

If it does happen, do I want to be able to point back to November 19, 2010 and say that I mentioned that it could happen to make myself look smart? Absolutely.

Garrett is saying and doing all the right things to make a culture change at Valley Ranch. Whether or not the players keep responding is something we'll just have to wait and see.

Having the talent he has to work with will make it much easier for the change to take place.

The possibilities for what will happen during the remainder of the season are many. But there is one thing that has already taken place:

The Cowboys are interesting again all because of an Ivy League, third string QB.

Go Cowboys...


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Urban Rogers on November 19, 2010 8:43 PM

The disappointment that the Cowboys have laden us with this season pales in comparison in tenure and level to the Rangers; and look what THEY did. I hope that the Cowboys don't pull a "Ross Perot"; win just enough games to ruin it for everyone. They need a high draft pick and winning 6 or 7 games is only going to push us down the picking order. Go Mavs.

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