By mark rogers
November 11, 2010

I don't get a chance to toot my own horn very often. So when the chance arises, I become a master tootist (some may argue that I take on that role far too often....ahem, Jenn).

When the Cowboys were 0-1, on September 13, I wrote this:

The mistakes that cost Dallas the game are culture problems. And you don't fix those in the film fix those in the Human Resources department.

One month later, on October 13, I wrote this:

The Dallas Cowboys do not have a player personnel problem.
They have a culture problem.

And what was the language used by Jerrah Jones during his "Wade Phillips is Outta Here" press conference? CULTURE change.


I've said from week 1 that we need a major culture change. Why? Because Jerrah brought in Granpuh Wade to manage the best roster in the NFL. Wade was set up to fail from the beginning. He had no chance to succeed. I feel horribly sorry for him. I want to pat his head and give him some peaches and cottage cheese.

Oh, but he won a playoff game and had winning records, you say? Right. But you can credit those things to Jerrah's check book. Period.

Pure talent was masking the fact that our team was becoming more and more about great players and less and less about the biggest factor in winning a Super Bowl: being a TEAM.

Since I'm not a Cowboys executive, I can only speculate about Jason Garrett, but my thought is that he is just a band-aid. A short-term solution that will get us through the rest of the season without bleeding out all over the place while Jerrah plots out his next dark and evil plan.

And while we're on the subject, let's remember something: Jerrah is a successful football exeutive and manager.

The entire city of Dallas and many across the nation wanted to murder him when he fired Tom Landry and allowed Landry's replacement, Jimmy Johnson, to trade Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker.

What outcome did those decisions have? Oh, just 3 Super Bowls, some Hall of Famers, and a place in NFL history forever.

Also remember that Emmitt Smith was "Plan C" in the 1990 NFL draft. He only ended up the NFL's leading rusher and face of the franchise.

Those weren't lucky decisions either. Those were genius moves.

Now, has he made some ridiculous decisions since then? Sure. But lest we forget what Jerrah is capapble of.

OK, back on track.

Jerrah (hopefully) has heard the disgruntled fan base loud and clear. Surely (and stop calling me "surely") he knows that Jason Garrett is not the answer.

Garrett (whom I hold in a dear place in my heart and absolutely love) being named the permanent coach would be like someone flipping their hat around backwards. It wouldn't be a real change. It would be like adding ice to a milk shake. Like spraying air freshener in a dumpster.

A real change would be taking the hat off, lighting it on fire, pouring acid over it, burying it 6-feet deep and building a Pontiac dealership over it.

Jerrah needs to make a statement. He needs to show the fans that he knows he messed up and is going to make everything all better.

He needs to put us all in our jammy-jams, read us a story, tuck us in, tussle our hair, sing us a song, and make us feel all warm and cozy so we can get a good night's sleep.

He can do that one of four ways...and that's it. Four decisions:

(in no particular order)

1. Bill Cowher

2. Jon Gruden

3. John Fox

4. Tony Dungy


If anyone other than one of those four men is named head coach, get ready for 3-5 years of the same old, under-achieving Cowboys.

I don't know much, but if I know my Jerrah. He will make this right. He's spent too much time, worked too hard, built too big a stadium, played second fiddle to too many other Dallas franchises, and been too embarrassed to not make a big time move that will shake up the NFL. That's what I love about Jerrah.

But if it's anyone other than the aforementioned chop-busters, it may be time for Jerrah to move one.

Either way, I'll continue my master tootism for as long as I can.

Thanks for reading.


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Chris Hayes on November 23, 2010 11:54 AM


Just a thought here...

Recently developing tensions regarding this whole Vince Young vs Jeff Fisher vs Bud Adams feud...

In your opinion, is Fisher a good fit for the Cowboys? I know that before his last contract extension with Tennessee, it was speculated that he was on Jerry's wish list.

Always enjoy reading your opinions and good sports conversation. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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