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February 21, 2011

WHAT NOW? with a Healthy twist...

Now that the Super Bowl is over...Auburn is the champ...the Pro Bowl sufficiently bored us (unless you were there)...and signing day is over...you might just wish there was a "hibernation" pill that you could take and awake again on August 20th, right before the 2011 season.

Since there is no such "hibernation" pill (trust me, I've been searching for it since 2001), we must use our brain capacity for other things and stimulate the pleasure sensors in our brains in different ways.

For those who love football for the competition? Sign up for a marathon or triathlon no more than 3 months away. It doesn't matter what kind of shape you're in, or if you don't have all the right equipment. Signing up will make it real and force you to train and prepare or risk losing your investment.

Training and thinking about a half-marathon, marathon, or triathlon will keep you from trying to memorize the junior verbal commitments your school is getting, reading a play-by-play rundown of your team's spring practices every day, and getting into it with a Texas A&M fan who thinks they will actually have a shot this year.

All those things are unhealthy for even the most die-hard football fan and should be avoided. The only people who should care about those things are the media, the coaching staff, and any single men who don't have families and can afford to waste four hours a day on www.collegefootballismylifewhichisalsowhyIcan'tfindagirlfriend.com (that's not an actual site btw).

Another thing you can do to occupy your mind is start being more intentional about what you eat. Most of us have just come out of a season in which every weekend is filled with bon bons, guacamole, bean dip, bratwurst, nacho cheese, carbonated barley drinks, high fructose corn syrup and bacon grease.

Take 30 days to "detox" by not eating ANY processed foods. Go ahead...thirty days. That's shorter than the number of days between the SEC championship and the National Championship...you survived that span without many good football games. You can do this.

No sugar, fried foods, soft drinks, packaged candy, most cereals, cookies, cakes, ice cream, and on and on and on.

Try eating whole, real foods for 30 days and see how good you feel: whole wheat bread, fresh veggies and fruits (that are in season), lean meats, fish, eggs, walnuts, almonds, pecans...you know, stuff you'd find out in nature.

You don't go out for a walk in the mountains and happen upon a bush growing GoGurt. It's not real...so don't eat it.

Am I starting to sound a little like Oprah? How dare you even think it.

I just want all those crazed, shirtless, body painted football fans to stop jiggling so much when their team scores a touchdown. I want those body-painted Neanderthals to look like they don't belong on the field or in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade attached to a string flying high over 5th Avenue.

That's all I ask.

And if you pick up a healthy habit or two over the next few months of football wasteland...that'd be good, too.

  • mark rogers
  • February 21, 2011 3:35 PM


  • Marion Barber was reportedly cited for being a "disturbance" oustide a Beverly Hills hotel early this morning. For a guy that never says more than two words at a time...he must have been extremely disturbed.
  • Josh Buchanan is a writer for D2football.com and the current owner of JBSscouting.com. He's a member of the FWAA. Anyhoo, he's tweeted the following over the last few days:
    • Most to win/lose at this week's NFL Scouting Combine: Ben Ijalana, Pat Devlin, Edmond Gates, Buster Skrine, and Mark LeGree.
    • If Ben Ijalana doesn't have a good combine and Edmond Gates does don't be surprised if Gates moves to #1 on the Big Board
    • 2 directors, 3 GMs, + 11 area scouts pooled. All told me top 100 grade on Taiwan Jones and Edmond Gates. Interesting to see if they hold up.
    • I call it Edmond Gates TV. I'm really impressed. He is better than Johnny Knox was IMO. I gave Knox a 3rd-4th coming out.
    • Edmond Gates is underrated!! I might be wrong but this guy has 2nd rd talent. Saw him destroy a potential mid-late rd pick for next year.

 ... he's receiving high acclaim in many other publications as well. I'll try to stay updated on how he's doing at the combine.

  • Cooper QB Clayton Nicholas attended junior day at Texas Tech over the weekend. The Raiders are starting to turn up the heat on the junior record-breaker.



  • mark rogers
  • February 21, 2011 3:17 PM

February 9, 2011


When you take over for one of the best QB's in your school's history and throw for 3,000 yards and 30 touchdowns...your recruiting stock tends to rise just a hair.

That's what's happening with junior Cooper QB Clayton Nicholas. He's playing baseball right now but is gaining some major interest from Texas Tech and Texas A&M for his potential on the football field.

Nicholas has said that he is going to focus on baseball for now and start narrowing his choices down in the fall.

I'd be willing to bet that more schools join the Nicholas Fan Club toward the middle of the 2011 season...and it doesn't matter who the new Cooper coach is.


  • mark rogers
  • February 9, 2011 9:23 AM


It's no surprise that the Texas Longhorns' 2011 recruiting class showed up in the rivals.com Top 5 again.

They nabbed, arguably, the nation's #1 RB prospect in Malcolm Brown and had more 4-star commitments than anyone else in the country.

The class couldn't have been more balanced: 10 offensive recruits, 10 defensive, and 1 "athlete" that could end up on either side of the ball.

The obvious needs (according to a horrifying 2010 season) were offensive line and UT grabbed 5 that coule make a big and early impact:

Josh Cochran, Hallsville HS.

Taylor Doyle, Lake Travis HS.

Sedrick Flowers, GP North Shore HS.

Garrett Greenlea, Klein Collins HS.

Marcus Hutchins, DeSoto HS.

They're all amazing specimens, but Greenlea takes the cake (pun intended). At 6'7" and 300 pounds, the 18 year old runs a sub 5.0 40 yard dash.

Only problem with Greenlea is that you probably won't see him on the field in 2011. He injured his knee last year and will spend the next several months rehabbing and getting stronger.

I look at this as a positive because now he'll get some very intimate and effective 1-on-1 time with new strength coach Benny Wiley. 8 or 9 months of Wiley's undivided attention would make MIchael Sera look like Brock Lesnar.

The other big question for 2011 is the QB issue.

Garrett Gilbert had a terrible year. But was it due to his lack of poise or lack of support?

Should the coaches give him another chance with a new cast or should Case McCoy get a shot?

Will Jaxon Shipley stay healthy as he begins his collegiate career (unlike his brother Jordan) and make an immediate impact?

These questions will begin to be answered when spring football starts in a few weeks.

On paper, UT should return to elite status and compete for a conference title...but there's a big emphasis on the "on paper" phrase.

"On paper", last year's defense was "the best defense Mack Brown has ever had."



  • mark rogers
  • February 9, 2011 8:49 AM


Here's a cool link to a timeline on how Texas Tech's 2011 class came together.



  • mark rogers
  • February 9, 2011 8:46 AM