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March 23, 2011


I know it's old news by now, but the Jim Tressel stuff was pretty jaw dropping.

That's why I've come to the realization that nothing should EVER surprise me. Tressel, the epitome of honesty, upstanding coach, straight-laced, integrity, by the book...makes an unbelievably grotesque and flagrant rule violation.

Not a "well, that's a tricky part of the NCAA rulebook and could've been an honest mistake" type thing.


This was a blatant "I know exactly what I'm doing, this is completely against the rules, horribly wrong" act.

Go to espn.com and read the emails between him and the ex-player/lawyer who tipped him off on the illegal goings on. Pretty crazy that he KNEW what was going on. KNEW it was a violation. KNEW what he was supposed to do about it. And did absolutely nothing. Why? Because disclosing the information would have meant a suspension of his best player and would have ultimately cost him a Rose Bowl win.

I know we all make mistakes, but this one really surprised me (even though I KNOW not to be surprised by anything anymore). I just thought Tressel was different.

I also thought Charlie Sheen was normal.

  • mark rogers
  • March 23, 2011 9:09 AM


Sorry for the long absence...dealt with flu, Spring Break and following Charlie Sheen news over the last two weeks...

Cowboys WR Dez Bryant (whom I follow on twitter) apparently doesn't get along too well with the security team at Northpark Mall in Dallas. He's had a few run-ins and got into it with an off duty security guy a few days ago when he was asked to pull his pants up to cover his under garments.

Another time he was confronted while trying to cut in line at the Apple store at the same mall. Not a big deal...but we're all grasping at straws for some football news.

There is some football news that will affect him in a good way. The NFL has changed its kickoff rules. Kickers will now get to place the ball at the 35 (instead of the 30) and the touchback line will still be the 20. This means that (in the Cowboys case) David Buehler will be able to rack up touchbacks at will and the Cowboys will probably not use Bryant as a kickoff returner since kickoffs will have a smaller importance due to the change.

This is good for Bryant since he missed a few games with an injury he sustained during a kickoff return.

He'll hopefully still return punts though.

The Cowboys are also hearing from some other teams about getting our #9 pick in next month's draft. It doesn't mean anything until Dallas is on the clock (right after the 8th pick is made). Dallas has the highest payroll in the league (somewhere in the 135 million range) which is over the "agreed" upon limit, but Stephen Jackson was recently quoted as saying that won't mean anything for the draft since we have no idea what system the NFL will be under when play resumes...if it does next season. Stupid lockout.

Bryan McCann (the rookie from SMU who scored a couple of non-offensive TDs last season) was arrested and put in the drunk tank a few days ago. He claims he wasn't drunk and has hired a lawyer. At least he didn't beat up his girlfriend then break a window in his dressing room.

Other than the two arrests and the lockout...the draft is the next big thing on the horizon for the Cowboys. All we can do now is hurry up and wait.

  • mark rogers
  • March 23, 2011 8:58 AM

March 4, 2011


It's too perfect to not happen.

The McCoy-to-Shipley connection that ripped opposing defenses and wowed UT fans from 2006-2009, setting records and winning championships along the way, was stuff of legend.

Longhorn fans will look back on those years like Dallas Cowboys fans look at 1992-1995. A time of glory, winning, seemingly unstoppable offenses, impenetrable defenses, and pure, utter happiness.

What a Dallas Cowboys fan would give to relive those glory years. Oh how the Chicago Bulls fan daydreams about somehow recreating the Jordan/Pippen years, or a Rangers fan daydreams about .... well.... LAST year.

That same longing for the past is just starting to settle in to UT nation. Especially after last year's "No Bowl Debacle".

But it doesn't have to settle in for long. We have a chance to see the McCoy-to-Shipley connection live on...if only for a few more short glorious years.

That is, only if Case McCoy and Jaxon Shipley can live up to their huge expectations and become the cream of the college football crop over the next few years.

And what expectations are we talking about?

Only 7.5 miles of passing yards, 112 touchdowns for Case.

And nearly 250 receptions and almost 2 miles of receiving yards for Jaxon.

That's what their older brothers were able to do in burnt orange.

Standing in their paths?

For Case - returning starter Garrett Gilbert. The much maligned junior is a polarizing figure in Austin. One side says he can't cut it at this level. They cite his 10:17 TD to INT ratio. An absolutely terrible mark.

The other side says that it wasn't his fault. He has the pedigree. The know how. But he didn't have the benefit of a running game or a good offensive line to help him out. And we all know that if you don't have those things, you're going to have terrible numbers. Right? Don't we?

Needless to say (so why am I saying it?), but with a new Offensive Coordinator and new scheme, the QB position will be wide open. Gilbert, McCoy and sophomore Connor Wood will renew the competition they held at this time last year...throw in freshman David Ash to the mix and it should be a very interesting and controversial QB battle.

Standing in Jaxon's way? His inexperience and the other receivers' experience.

Jaxon does have the benefit of training with and spending gobs of time with his NFL receiver brother, but how will his dominance of Class 3A translate to Austin? It may take him a couple of years, but make no mistake, the kid is a superstar in the making.

Some say the McCoy-to-Shipley scenario can't happen. They say Case isn't what his brother was. They say Jaxon is too young to make an impact right now. That's just wishful thinking.

But you know what? They said the same thing about Colt and Jordan, too. And look where they ended up: holding some of the most coveted records in UT football history and playing on Sundays. Not too bad for a couple of small-time Texas prep stars.

So I'm calling right here..today on March 4, 2011.

The McCoy-to-Shipley connection will live on. Maybe not next year. But it will live on...oh yes, it will....live on.

It's just too perfect not to happen.

  • mark rogers
  • March 4, 2011 3:19 PM