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July 26, 2011


That's right. Taylor Potts NFL dream has pulled into the station, he's on the train, and it just pulled away. 

The day the NFL lockout ended, Potts has agreed in principle to a free agent deal with the St. Louis Rams. 

Originally teams weren't going to be allowed to talk to undrafted rookie free agents until this morning, but there was a rule change yesterday at the last minute which allowed deals to begin going down at 6 PM last night. 

Red Raider Sports tweeted a little after 10 PM that Potts was going to the Rams...and that former Tech and Abilene High WR Lyle Leong was headed to Dallas.

Potts will be competing against last year's #1 overall draft pick Sam Bradford who had one of the best rookie-QB seasons in NFL history. Bradford threw 18 TDs and piled up more than 3,500 yards en route to being the first #1 pick to be named NFL rookie of the year since George Rogers did it in 1981. Rogers also won the Heisman in 1980. Bradford won it in 2008.

Other QBs currently on the Rams' roster are Oregon's AJ Feely and Duke's Thad Lewis. But all that could change here pretty quick. 

Will Potts make the team? Who knows. Will he end up leaving St. Louis and getting picked up by someone else? Possibly. Actually, the possibilities are endless right now especially considering the current state of the NFL.

I'm planning on having a conversation with Taylor later this week to get some more details on his adventure. It's been a memorable month for Potts...he got married on the 9th.
  • mark rogers
  • July 26, 2011 7:29 AM

July 25, 2011


And did anyone really even miss it? Maybe Football Fan who is a little TOO into the off-season had a bad last several months. But for the average to above-average fan, the NFL lockout wasn't any big deal.

We still had the draft, still had the combine, and still had NFL players get arrested and charged with domestic violence...all the usual off-season shenanigans.

And today, 132 days after it started, we have a unanimous decision to end the lockout and get on with our professional football lives.

So who got what and why is it over? Well, the owners and players basically walked away gaining some and giving some. That 9 billion dollars that was such a famous sticking point? Basically split down the middle. And rookies will no longer get anything close to the 50 million GUARANTEED that Sam Bradford got last year as the #1 pick. Good. That was ridiculous and money that should be going to veterans who have EARNED THEIR KEEP!!

Also, the Hall of Fame game was cancelled and the off-season was shortened a bit (yawn). This all ended up being no big deal.

Now it really gets fun though, because teams now have to squeeze in several weeks of free agency into a much smaller time frame. Reports are saying that teams will start signing players and making deals as early as tomorrow so we'll have lots of news to keep up with starting then.

Here are the unrestricted, free agents currently on the Dallas Cowboys' roster:

  • Kyle Kosier
  • Alex Barron
  • Gerald Sensabaugh
  • Marcus Spears
  • Stephen Bowen
  • Jason Hatcher
  • Sam Hurd
  • Doug Free
  • Leon Williams

So those guys will be on the radar pretty quick.

Can't wait to see how the roster shapes up before and during training camp. If Romo and Bryant can stay healthy this year...Cowboys. Will. Win. The. Super. Bowl.


  • mark rogers
  • July 25, 2011 2:47 PM

July 15, 2011


Anytime a Division II team loses a wide receiver to the Miami Dolphins (or any NFL team), the reasonable consensus is that the team may not be as good as they were the previous year.

The ACU Wildcats won 11 games last year before falling to Central Missouri in the playoffs. It marked the third time in four years the Wildcats have posted double digits in the win column...an impressive feat for ANY college team.

But if you think that Edmond Gates (the aforementioned Dolphins draft pick) will take a handful of wins with him to the NFL, you're probably way off.

Here's why...

ACU lost 23 seniors in 2010. A big number and a group which won an ACU record 41 games. No other group of players has ever won more games in a four year span in ACU history. Impressive.

But the 2011 senior class (made up of about 15 guys) has a chance to break that record by the end of this season.

The 2011 class, which by the way is Coach Chris Thomen's first recruiting class, has compiled 31 wins in three years. With 10 wins, they'll tie the record...11, and they'll surpass it.

So the big name guy is gone and ACU is left with no big name guys right?


Aston Whiteside, senior from Vernon, has a great chance of following in Johnny Knox, Bernard Scott, Danieal Manning, and Edmond Gates' footsteps leading to the National Football League. Whiteside is a three-time LSC defensive lineman of the year, and a first-team All-American.

Another name to remember, and this is a shocker, Mithcell Gale. The junior from Alva, Oklahoma wasn't ever supposed to start at ACU.

He wasn't even the for sure starter at the end of the 2010 spring practice, through the summer, or even the start of fall camp.

But when fellow QB Clark Harrell was injured mid-way through fall preparation, Gale started getting more reps...and something clicked.

Something clicked that doesn't click with very many quarterbacks ever in their careers.

That "something" led Gale to throw only three interceptions all of last year in 12 games. An impressive number no matter how many touchdowns you throw.

But Gale threw 38 touchdown passes, more touchdown passes in a single season than ANY OTHER QB IN ACU HISTORY.

That's including Clint Longley, Billy Malone, Colby Freeman, John Frank, Jim Reese and Rex Lamberti.

And he did all that "quietly" without getting a ton of hype. How could he have generated hype? He wasn't named the starter until a few days before the first game!

Another name to watch out for is Jonathan Parker. An incoming freshman tight end who had offers from UNLV and Nevada. He's from Carson City, Nevada and chose ACU over those DI schools in his own backyard. A testament to the recruiting skills of Thomsen and his staff.

Parker should contribute immediately.

So the defense is anchored by Whiteside, a freak of nature who changes opponents' entire offensive game plans. The offense has Gale and a host of other well above average players.

The running back? Bernard Scott's brother. Daryl Richardson.

And by the way, Scott, Whiteside, and Gates are all cousins. Guess football greatness just runs in the family. And it's good to have a head coach from the hometown of that great football family roaming your sidelines. They all have the Vernon connection. And ACU offensive coordinator Ken Collums is from there, too...he's also Coach Thomsen's brother-in-law. It's a small world after all.

ACU is going to be just fine in 2011...and this group of seniors could leave ACU as the all-time winningest group...EVER at ACU.

The start of the season is just weeks away...

  • mark rogers
  • July 15, 2011 8:42 AM