By mark rogers
October 19, 2011

This comment was too good to let sit in obscurity...props to chayes:


Enjoyed reading this article.  All Cowboys fans accross the country have been infuriated with Romo's inconsistencies throughout his career, and the media has undoubtedly enjoyed ripping him apart.  They point to the catastrophic turnovers in crunch time, his December record, his A+ laundry list of girlfriends, the way he wears his hat ,... you get the point (FYI - Stafford was wearing his hat backwards on the sideline last Sunday and not one person mentioned it). 

All of this is well documented.  Some relevent, others not so much.   Romo will be Romo, and Jerry Jones has accepted to live with that. 

But does Romo really HAVE to be Romo?  Surely, if everyone in the country knows Romo's short-comings, don't you think his own head coach/offensive coordinator would as well? 

Bill Parcells used to talk about how he had to reel Romo in at times.  How he wouldn't put him in situations where he had a reasonable chance to fail.  How he didn't want Romo to be, well, Romo.

There is not a doubt in my mind that Jason Garrett is a highly educated, well-mannered, likeable personality.  There is also absolutely zero doubt in my mind that he IS what the Cowboys need right now as a head coach. 

But this guy is a TERRIBLE play-caller.  He is predicatable, takes unreasonable risks, has never developed any sort of respectable running game, and lets Tony be Tony.  Which is exactly why we are 2-2 instead of 4-0. 

Whatever happened to calling a good ol' halfback dive and letting the play clock wind down to 1 before snapping the ball?  Why can't our o-line be mean and nasty when it matters most?  A couple first downs, a punt, some decent defense, repeat...  The formula for any coach from pee-wee to professional in preserving a 24 point lead.

IF you must insist on calling a pass play, a simple play action - roll out, high percentage pass out of a 2 or 3 tight end formation will do. 

But not with Garrett. 

Jerry, please make this guy go out and hire an offensive coordinator who doesn't make football too hard.  A guy who can develop a decent running game, a guy who will pull back on Tony's reigns a little, but most of all, a guy that won't let Romo be Romo. 

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