By mark rogers
January 5, 2012

The 2011 Stamford Bulldog football team won't be getting state championship rings. They won't be able to pass the State Championship trophy in the halls when they come home in future years to visit. They won't get to tell their grandkids they were state champs.

And that's going to hurt. I was one game away from the state championship game my senior year and it took years to get over fact, when my friends and I get together, now 14 years later, we discover that we're STILL not over just how close we were.

And we were a GAME AWAY...not even IN THE GAME, which will hurt so much worse.

Despite the pain and the thoughts of what might have been, the Bulldogs have nothing to be sad or ashamed about.

I don't know the exact percentage, but it is a miniscule figure, the number of high school kids who were as good as Stamford was this year.

They went out there when nobody else thought they would, and played the very best the state had to offer down to the final 12 minutes of the entire season. An accomplishment none of those kids will soon forget.

An accomplishment those kid will share together for the rest of their lives.

Something they can be proud of.
Something they can dream about.
Something they can brag to their grandkids about...and it's not some made up grandpa brag (like the ones I'll be sharing)...this one will be for real.

I'm a little more in tune with the Stamford team this year thanks to a close personal friend and ex-Bulldog who has kept me in the loop.

He has shared some pictures with me which I've included above. He was at the game, cheering like he'd never cheered before...hoping like he'd never hoped...and at the end of the game, prouder than he'd ever been.

Thanks for a great run Bulldogs. The 2011 edition will never be forgotten.

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