By mark rogers
August 20, 2012

I spent some time on the ACU practice field a little bit everyday last week. Here are some observations...keep in mind, just because they stand out to me doesn't mean there aren't other standouts or that they are actually doing better than anyone else (I have seen a small glimpse of the overall picture):

  • Noticed a rather large human being not practicing on Monday, standing with the OL. Turns out it was Will Latu. Kid from Florida who is supposed to be at Oklahoma right now but had some academic issues (not certain exactly what) and is in Abilene. He. Is. A. Beast. I'll put a pic of him at the end of this post. He can move, too. He'll be our starting left tackle. Everyone I've talked to says he's a super nice guy off the field, but based on what I'm seeing that changes once the ball is snapped. It'll be fun watching him play.
  • With Latu and Spears anchoring the OL, Logan Hoppenrath at guard (6-5, 310, but I think he's taller than that)...we should have one of the bigger OL's in the conference.
  • Taylor Gabriel wears black wind pants every day to practice. Must be incredibly hot, but it doesn't seem to be effecting his speed...guy can fly.
  • John Parker (TE/HB) is looking good. Soft hands, quick feet.
  • Chris Summers (LB) has also impressed me.
  • Lots of depth at LB with Summers, Justin Stephens, Cy Wilson, Thor Woerner, Jesse Harper, Chuck Oputa being the guys that have stood out to me.
  • LBs are also loaded with good leadership. During an individual drill, Coach Ribaudo had to go check on something and Stephens just kept the drill going immediately without being asked...stuff like that is critical...you need players like that on your team.
  • Freshmen Cameron Briscoe and Mason Thom have stood at out as well from an effort, attitude standpoint.
  • DL looks good, too with Rob Boyd, Ryan Smith and Brandon Dornak standing out at DE. Apparently Dornak has a mean streak...
  • George Woods is a big body at DT. He intercepted a pass and ran it back for a TD during team drills early in the week...everyone went crazy.
  • Zach Agnew (converted TE) has the softest hands on the team, in my opinion.
  • Cade Stone (WR) has been impressive. True freshman, he can really move and makes the most of his opportunities...been running with the 2s and 3s but could see significant time if he keeps doing what he's doing.
  • No major injuries in the first week...just a lot of hamstring tightness from several guys.
  • Practices are upbeat and high energy...good sign.


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