By mark rogers
August 24, 2012


I chatted with new Sweetwater coach Shane Mobley (pronounced "MOB-lee") yesterday.
2 reasons I like Mobley in Sweetwater: 1) he's a Sweetwater guy-- coached there before, his wife is from there...and 2) the guy has been around championship teams -- Sonora in 2000 and Prosper in 2008.

He also played for Sam Harrell at Reagan County. The one thing that has really stood out to Mobley during this fall camp is the consistency of his players. From the seniors down to the younger guys...they're showing up to work. And do you know what the first step in getting better is? Showing up.

They're picked next to last in the district which they share with Big Spring, Wylie, Snyder, Monahans, and Midland Greenwood. But they have 9 of their defensive starters back which could translate into some early season wins which could translate into some early season confidence.


I have several good friends in Brownwood, and I played at ACU with the current Lions OC, so I try to keep a good gauge on how things are going down there.

All sources are saying that this year's team has the biggest, strongest OL and DL of any Lion team since the late 90s...and that's saying something. Cody Skains is the headlining big man at 6-3, 295, and he's an athlete...pretty rare for a guy that big to be able to move around like he can.

The former Ballinger HC is now on Brownwood's staff and his son is a QB. And he won the job towards the end of 7-on-7. Chris Keesee is his name (pronounced "kuh-SEE").
Braxton Kilgo is a name you should remember. Running back. Fast. And should be able to take advantage of running behind the behemoths up front.
Kaimon Ontiveros is also a name to remembers. He's a safety and has been compared to the Vacarro boys.


Aubrey Sims takes over for city-legend Chad Rogers (no relation although I wish there were). Tough times for Snyder. They lose Coach, Keenan Ward at QB, and they're switching from the wishbone to the spread. The GOOD news is they have 19 letterman coming back and games aren't played on paper or who you lost in the off-season...


Of all the changes in Class 3A in our area, Hugh Sandifer is the constant. His 1,000th year at Wylie...well, maybe not that many, but he's a legend.

Wylie hasn't won district in 2 years which is unheard of for them. The seniors haven't won a championship since they were freshman - so before any of them were getting significant playing time. They want that to change.

Can't wait to see how the season unfolds....3...2.....1.....GO!

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