Brownwood and Sweetwater snapshots

By mark rogers
September 14, 2012

Sweetwater ready for versatile Bucks

Lots to keep straight if you're going to the Sweetwater/Breckenridge game tonight in Breckenridge. The Mustangs first road game...

  • John Ward is the defensive coordinator in Sweetwater. He coached for nine years in Brownwood with current Bucks coach Steve Freeman.
  • Jake Freeman (Steve's nephew) is the Mustangs secondary coach.
  • Steve Freeman's defensive coordinator is Zane Guy who did his student teaching under Mustang coach Shane Mobley.
Got all that?

So it's not just a game between Sweetwater and Breckenridge...there are lots of connections to be considered which can make things much more interesting.

Aside from off the field connections, Sweetwater lost another key starter against Andrews in JD Davis, the right tackle. Alex Garcia (MLB) tore his ACL in Week 0.

If there is such a thing as a moral victory, Sweetwater got one last week nearly pulling off the win against a huge Andrews team. They had 4th and Goal from the 5 with a few ticks left and came up about a half yard short of winning that game.

Coach Mobley said there were lots of positive things they took away from the game last week.

Breckenridge is 0-2 but they're a versatile group and play hard.

They will try and play smash mouth football, then can bring in 5 wide receivers and try to spread it out. Sweetwater will have to be ready for anything the Bucks will throw at them.

Brownwood not panicking

If Brownwood beats Snyder tonight, they'll be 1-2 on the year...not good, right? Well, the last time the Lions started 1-2, they played four playoff games (2006) so no one is panicking just yet.

The Lions are currently 0-2 and haven't started that slow since 2005. These Lions are young and the defense is playing well which is a good sign for a young team. It all starts with defense.

Braxton Kilgo looked better last week than he did in Week 0 (coming off a shoulder and virus), and in my opinion, will only keep getting better as the season wears on.

Snyder gave up 70 points in Week 0 so you would think Brownwood would like to score lots of points and get the offense some momentum. But Snyder can score, too.

I think this one will be more of a "who has the ball last" type of game. But those games usually end up something like 3-0 so I'm not holding my breath for a barn burner.

Colton Guidery (backup RB for Brownwood) broke his femur last week and will obviously miss the rest of the year.

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