By mark rogers
September 21, 2012

If your first name is have no choice but to be a great football player.

And a quick look at ACU middle linebacker Thor Woerner's season stats would lead you to believe that he's doing his job well...but just looking at the numbers will give you no indication of what kind of performance Thor made last Saturday at the biggest NFL stadium on the planet.

Down 20-10 with time winding down in the 2nd quarter, Tarleton State was driving, and it didn't look like they were going to be stopped. A touchdown on that drive would have made it 27-10 at the half and the game would have practically been over.

But Thor came through and intercepted a pass. It turned the momentum of the game, and as many big plays just before the half do, it completely changed the dynamic of the entire second half.

That was big play #1...easy to see in the box score.

Big play #2 didn't show up in the stats.

It happened two series before the interception.

Tarleton kicks off after kicking a field goal which made it 20-7. The ball was a pooch kick and hung up in the air for a while. There was some confusion as to who was going to catch it. The ball bounced on the turf. The Texans were closing in. That's a live ball. Here comes Thor. He reached up with one hand while being hit on all sides and somehow, someway, brought the ball in and secured it. The drive resulted in a FG for ACU.

If Thor doesn't grab the ball there...TSU gets a short field. Let's say they score a would have been 27-7.


Big play #3 also didn't show up in the stats.

It was a recovered on-side kick with 1:02 left in the game with ACU holding a slim 3-point lead. Thor recovered it.

Three plays that a MLB doesn't usually make, but if he doesn't make those plays...ACU loses, period.

And he also had 10 tackles in the game and was a big reason ACU held Tarleton to 50 yards of total offense in the third quarter and allowed them to possess the ball for 4.5 minutes the entire 4th quarter.

Thor. That's all you need to know. Thor.........

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