By mark rogers
October 3, 2012

I was able to get out and see a high school football team for the first time this season last Friday (September 28). Wylie was hosting Lub. Estacado.

And that game was over before it even began. The rain is supposed to neutralize the passing game and turn the contest into a clashing of speed, rushing, and turnovers.

Wylie threw all that out the window and scored its first three TDs and 4th down plays...two of which were 4th and 10+ to go). And they were all passes.

They didn't turn the ball over while I was there (1st half)...and were basically flawless in every aspect.

When Garrett Martin went out to get a breather...Tye Calhoun would come in and pick up big yards.

Wylie is every bit as good as their top 5 ranking. It'll be another fun post season for them.

Other thoughts from Friday...

Stamford beating Cisco is the equivalent of a really good non-BCS team beating a really good BCS team...something like Louisiana-Monroe beating Oregon or USC. A huge win for Stamford, and to be surprised me that they one. Guess they showed me.

Baird hasn't scored a point since August 27. They've been shutout 44-0, 41-0, and 14-0. That'll hopefully change for the Bears on Friday against on 0-4 Roby team. Something to keep an eye on...

Abilene High and Cooper are good. This week's game should be a lot of fun. Defense and turnovers are going to be the difference on Friday.

Last year at this time, Big Spring was 0-5. This year they're 5-0. Amazing what returning 11 defensive starters will do for you.

Things I'm not used to seeing: Anson and Ballinger are 5-0. Brady is 0-5.

Halfway through the regular season with another great Friday coming up in a couple of days...whatever takes the focus off the stinkin' Cowboys.

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