November 28, 2006

Thank you

Well it has been a few weeks since the Bulldogs played their last game; for some their last game will be their final game. I guess a person could dwell on the disappointments of this season but why? I want to tell the Coahoma Bulldogs especially the Seniors: THANK YOU. I have had the pleasure of either coaching or watching you young men play football since your third grade. The joy of watching time and time again your being over-sized and supposedly over-matched; and, almost always you either came out on top or left the other team wondering how in the world did you give them the game of their lives. Thank you gentlemen. Thank you for spending so much time in my home; you will be missed. I will always remember so many of you coming over to eat Blaine's fixin's whether it be steaks, beef or deer, on the grill, barbequed anything, or K-bobs of all kinds of good stuff.
Cory Clanton, Justin Cline, Aleec Herrera, Jacob McCain, and Skyler Mundell, you men started out a little on the slow side and some of you out of shape. But, with sheer determination and a lot of self hours of hard work, you did become the force all expected. Talking about a total change; let us look at the blocking of our wide receivers. Colter, Jason, Dakota, Stephen, Justin, Domingo, and Dustin, there were really doubts about your ability to block. Let me tell you: by the end of the season, there were no better blockers on the outside of the tackles. The blocking was good enough for Blaine to have 900 yards in 202 carries, PJ to have 493 yards in 85 carries, Dakota to put together 420 all purpose yards, and Jason Gonzales to catch 28 passes for 302 yard. And we cannot leave out Domingo's 11 catches for 90 yards. Why remember those catches because almost everyone of them was done on a third and long situation.
Who would have guessed that on the first game, we would lose our starting fullback, running back, a receiver that was the go to guy in 7 on 7 this summer, and all three was our staring linebacker core. Well it did happen but we had two sophomores, Corey Roberts and PJ Daylong step in and fill those shoes. Corey wound up leading the team in total tackles plus handling the blocking duties at fullback with PJ staying in the top five defensively and playing fullback, running back, and receiver as needed. If we are talking about sophomores, how about the play at cornerback by Keagan Hunt; totally consistant play and patience earned him a starting cornerback position.
I am sorry if I leave anyone out because I truely want to thank all. How about those guys who maybe did not get as much playing time as some of the others but was always at every practice and every game; these guys definitely had a role on the team, special teams and did their job. Thank you Domingo, Dustin, Blaine, Jeremy, Polar Bear, Xavier, Chris, and Justin. Chris, you definitely became a force to deal with on the kick-off teams; did everyone feel the hit at Stanton by Cory Clanton. Ryan what a contrast going from cornerback to nose guard, but you did it and did it well. Cody and Michael, you got thrown in the fire early, and both proved you have a future on the defensive line.
Last but not least. Blaine Kerby: thank you for being my son. You have grown to be a great young man. A guy that does not turn his back on family or friend. Most only get to see you playing on the field and see a very hard player that can give out the licks with the best of them. Those of us that are around you know you as a person that goes at it just as hard to being a friend, a son.
Thank you Coahoma Bulldogs for not only this year, but for all the years. I have you on film, let the memories roll.

  • Troy Kerby
  • November 28, 2006 12:37 AM

November 9, 2006

Did Anyone Say WOW (Coahoma vs Stanton)

What do you do when it is half time, you have had a punt blocked which led to a TD, had a pass intercepted and run back for a TD, also had a punt run back for a TD, and had your QB running for his life most of the half keeping him from completing any passes? Your only bright moment in the first half was a 60 plus yard run by P J Daylong in a hole up the middle that a truck could go thru which PJ definitely did and then turn on the thrusters after he cleard the line. Coahoma's defense despite being behind 21 - 7 had only allowed 40 yards total offense by Stanton.

What the offensive line, Aleec Herrera, Justin Cline, Cory Clanton, Jacob McCain, Skyler Mundell, for Coahoma did was got busy and started opening holes enough for a ground attack of 318 yards, PJ: 143 yards, Blaine Kerby: 94 yards, Dakota Teaff: 81 yards. They also held d off the Stanton defense enough to allow Blaine to go 8 - 8 in the second half for 125 yards; Jason Gonzales: 3 receptions for 60 yards, Dakota Teaff 3 receptions for 28 yards, Domingo Rodriquez: 1 reception for 28 yards, and PJ: 1 reception for 10 yards. Did I mention that Coahoma won 28 - 27. The defense continued its stinginess in giving up yardage in the second half with Jason and Blaine again having an interception a piece. Dakota, Blaine, Jason, along with Corey Roberts, Cory Clanton, and Colter Morgan would lead the defense in defensive points. Cody Sheppard and Aleec Herrera both would have a recovered fumble.
Stantons lone TD in the second half was set up by the trick play, and then a 2 point conversion who stopped by Jason and Blaine. Dakota would continue his scoring ways, one by the run and one by reception. Cannot say enough about the blocking by the offensive line and the WRs plus the toughest person to go down, Jason Gonzales. (Gonzales with a s; sorry inside joke)
Am I rambling with excitement or what? Way to go Bulldogs from an old Dog who still relives the Coahoma-Stanton rivalry from the old days. Haskel's coming to town Friday; Bring It.

October 29, 2006

3 - 1 Coahoma wins

The score was 34 - 27, but it was Coahoma quarters 1, 2, and 4; Stamfore quarter 3. Coahoma was ahead 7-0 in the 1st quarter and 21 - 7 at the half. Stamford definitely did not roll over because they were ahead 28 - 21 at the end of the third quarter. But, it was Coahoma's turn to dig in and run off two touchdowns to take the win.

The offensive line of center Cory Clanton, guards Justin Cline and Jacob McCain, and tackles Aleec Herrera and Skyler Mundell was awesome; plus Justin Rau made his presence known relieving some in the tackle position. The line was able to clear lanes for QB Blaine Kerby to run 27 times for 85 yards and scoring 2 touchdowns plus RB PJ Daylong 9 times for 83 yards. Blaine would also complete 15 of 27 passes for 184 yards with no interceptions. Dakota Teaff would catch 7 passes for 118 yards, 3 of those passes would go for touchdowns. Jason Gonzalez caught 4 passes for 36 yards; one of those passes Jason was pushed down then he jumped up and dove to make the catch. I cannot even forget to mention the passes caught by Domingo Rodriquez; he caught 3 passes for 21 yards all when it was 3rd down in a pressure situation.

Corey Roberts and Cory Clanton from their linebacker positions led the defense; Corey R. had 1 unassisted tackle but had 16 assist with 1 recovered fumble while Cory C. had an unassisted tackle with 12 assist. Blaine would come up with 2 interceptions and Keagan Hunt added another recovered fumble to his total, 1 unassited tackle, and 8 assist. Dakota's total tackles were down this week, but almost each was in a clutch situation that put Stamford in a hole. The Special Teams were led by the play of Junior Chris Mault; Chris was in on every tackle on the special teams including causing a fumble.

Throw out the third quarter, and the Bulldogs had a perfect game. Next Friday is Stanton in Stanton, let the battle begin.

  • Troy Kerby
  • October 29, 2006 1:05 AM

October 27, 2006

C VS CC = win #1

Someone had to win, and I am glad to say it was Coahoma 21 - 14. The game was everything a Coahoma-CCity game should be. It started out to be a Coahoma runaway with Dakota Teaff scoring two times, Blaine Kerby rushing for almost 50 yards, there being 3 interceptions, Keagan Hunt, Blaine, Jason Gonzalez, and Coahoma making the red zone 4 times behind a strong performance by the Coahoma offensive line of tackles Aleec Herrera, Skyler Mundell, guards Justin Cline and Jacob McCain plus center Cory Clanton, all in the first quarter. But, the C-City Wolves did not tuck and run; instead, they bowed up and played some hard nosed football. Both teams played even up in the 2nd quarter; neither could get much done. Coahoma would get in scoring position once but get turned away on 4th and goal.

In the third quarter, it was C-City's offensive and defensive lines turn to dominate not to mention the running of Jerrod Ward; all I can say is where in the world have you been. Mr. Ward you are a hoss; how can this young man not carry the ball 30 plus time a game. Anyway, C-City would score 14 points in the third quarter to tie the game. Coahoma's Dakota Teaff would manage Coahoma's 4th interception of the game.

The 4th quarter was pretty well even until Coahoma's defense led by linebacker David Rodriquez, nose guard Ryan Kennedy, and cornerback Keagan Hunt would turn away C-City in the red zone with only 4 minutes left in the game. It was then that P J Daylong would run 70 plus yards in a 2 minute drive before Blaine would carry the ball in between J. Cline and Aleec on the 1. Corey Roberts recovered a fumble on the kick off to seal the win.

Hats off to both teams. You gave the crowd their monies worth keeping us on the edge of our seats almost the entire game. Now it is on to play the new and improved Stamford Friday night in Coahoma.

  • Troy Kerby
  • October 27, 2006 2:59 AM

October 19, 2006

21-19 and what a game

Last night was definitely a crowd pleaser. Both teams gave us our monies worth. Go back to in the trenches, the whomever was wrong. Overall, tackles Skyler Mundell and Eric Herrera, Guards Jacob McCain and Justin Cline, and Center Cory Clanton won their battle, and with only a few battle losses, our defensive line won their war. The wide receiver blocking of Senior Stephen Ewing, Senior Domingo Rodriquez, Senior Jason Gonzalez, Junior Colter Morgan, Senior Dakota Teaff, and Senior Dustin Wright was there best effort of the year.

The game started out with QB Blaine Kerby hitting Jason Gonzalez with a 10 yard post, but 60 yards later with a great block from Dakota, Jason dove across the end zone. Dakota himself would catch a 30 yard TD. Defensively he was also outstanding; Dakota wound up being in on 16 tackles, had 2 sacks, and broke up a pass. Also on the defensive side was nose guard Ryan Kennedy. Remember Ryan is about 155 to 160 in the weight department, but he still managed to be in on 11 tackles, 4 pressures, and had 3 sacks. I definitely cannot leave out Middle Linebacker - Defensive Lineman Cory Clanton who was everywhere; he was in on 17 tackles. Blaine Kerby from left cornerback had 5 unassisted tackles and 12 assist with a 1/2 sack.

Offensively, the Bulldogs would put up 128 yards in the air with Jason Gonzalez owning 76 yards and Dakota Teaff 39 yards. Blaine would carry the ball 26 times for 142 yards.

The game was won by Hawley's kicker pulling himself together after missing 3 extra points and putting a field goal down the middle of the uprights. The game was everything you would expect from a Coahoma-Hawley competition.

Continue reading "21-19 and what a game" »

  • Troy Kerby
  • October 19, 2006 12:03 AM

October 9, 2006

Anson wins

Not a lot to say about the 36 - 8 loss. It was 21 - 0 before Coahoma could get anything going. Anson had it going all their way on the ground but could only complete one pass against Coahoma's stingy secondary of Senior Stephen Ewing, Junior Blaine Henderson, Senior Jason Gonzalez, Junior Colter Morgan and Sophomre Keagan Hunt; also in the action was Senior Dakota Teaff. It is still a huge improvement over the way the season started with the secondary. Senior's right tackle Aleec Herrera and center Cory Clanton did really well on the offensive line. Defensive back senior Dakota Teaff and Sophomore linebacker Corey Roberts led the defense getting in on 36 tackles between the two. Senior defensive back Jason Gonzalez had his second interception in back to back games. Sophomore running back P J Daylong led the rushing with 45 yards in 8 carries, Senior QB Blaine Kerby ran for 44 yards in 12 carries, and Senior Dakota Teaff carried the ball 8 times for 35 yards. Teaff would score Coahoma's only TD and Kerby ran in the 2 pt. conversion.

  • Troy Kerby
  • October 9, 2006 12:15 AM

October 5, 2006

Good start, bad finish

A night that started so good went all bad. Coahoma would get the ball first with P J Daylong taking the kickoff at the 10 yard line and carrying up to the 40. Sophomore P J who was converted from from FB to RB this game carried the ball for 3 yards behind the blocking of guards Jacob McCain and Justin Cline, center Cory Clanton, and tackles Skyler Mundell and Eric Herrera. On the next play, the offensive line would clear the path for QB Blaine Kerby to go 45 yards. After a face mask penalty, P J then would go 5 yards to pay dirt. Cory C. kicked the extra point. Merkel's first possession was short as Coahoma recovered a fumble. The offensive line started where it left off creating hole after hole, but Coahoma would run out of downs short of a TD. Merkel's first two possesions would be in the wrong direction. With third and long, Merkel's QB would dodge a tackler and go up the field 91 yards for a TD. Another bright spot for Coahoma would be a 48 yard pass from Kerby to JR WR Colter Morgan for a TD. Merkel would answer again on a busted defensive play.

In the second half, Coahoma would move up and down the field but just could not get in the end zone. Merkel would score twice in the second half. Coahoma's defensive would hold then give up the one long play. You know when it is not your night when you are backed up on your on 9 yard line with third and 8, and your WR runs the perfect 10 yard out on a timing pattern drawing the DB in, but the play was suppose to be a timing post. Of course the out pattern drew the DB exactly where the ball was thrown and the DB walks into the end zone.

Well, Coahoma lost 26 - 14 but on the brighter side: the offensive line played their best game since Reagan County in the first half and allowed Merkel to sack Kerby only one time, the secondary did not allow a completed pass, P J's running was a brighter moment in the game, 15 carries for 53 yards with SR RB Dakota Teaff carrying the ball 4 times for 46 yards and catching 2 passes for 36 yards, QB Blaine Kerby carried the ball 19 times for 83 yards plus completed 9 passes out of 15 attempts to 6 different receivers: FB Corey Roberts, RB P J Daylong, Teaff, WR Jason Gonzalez, WR Morgan, and WR Domingo Rodriquez.

Defensively, Teaff would be the stand out with an interception, causing a Merkel fumble, and recovering a fumble. Jason Gonzalez also had a interception. Right behind Teaff, Coahoma a very good performance by Daylong, Corey Roberts, and Cory Clanton at linebacker.

It was just a night when there was a Coahoma mistake, it paid off big for Merkel.

  • Troy Kerby
  • October 5, 2006 11:47 PM

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