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May 22, 2007

What Off-Season?

There is a great story on mackbrown-texasfootball.com about Colt McCoy and his so-called "off-season." Needless to say he's still a very popular guy.

For the complete story, click here, or see McCoy's quotes from the story below.

_smallUTlogo.gif "I feel honored for people to ask me to do things like this and speak at certain events and be part of certain things, so I'm excited about that," McCoy said. "At the same time, it's tough to cram it into your schedule when you have a tough schedule during finals and during school. But I feel like being able to do that is part of being a quarterback, it's part of being a Longhorn. It's giving back to the people who support you. It's really important."

_smallUTlogo.gif "I hadn't really been involved with (The Ministry of Challenge) much before, but I knew what it was about, and I knew of the work they do," McCoy said. "In the future, I will be involved with it. It just shows you how supportive (coach Brown and coach Barnes) are of people who strive to make Austin a better place and to help people who are in need.

_smallUTlogo.gif "Coach Brown and coach Barnes are always there for us. Their doors are constantly open for us when we have struggles to go and talk to them and work things out. For them, to see Pastor Tony (Johnson) and all the work he does and want to help, it's no wonder we have the best coaches in the nation. The Ministry is a great thing, and it just shows the spirit of everyone."

_smallUTlogo.gif "I just try to get up there and be myself and talk to them and be a person they can look up to -- a role model," McCoy said. "I'm not perfect, but at the same time, I know they watch the Longhorns play on TV, and they know who all of us are. They look up to us whether we would want them to or not. Being able to be that positive influence, that positive person that can be an example for them, I enjoy that. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is important. There are a lot of good kids, a lot of young kids who are great Christians and great athletes. Being able to go talk to them and help them is a lot of fun."

_smallUTlogo.gif "It can be hard because I get asked to do so many things," McCoy admitted. "When I have time and I can fit something in, I usually do it. It's so hard to turn people down, because I hate doing that. I would love to do everything for everybody. When there is an opportunity to do things, especially talking to kids and giving them encouragement and helping them out with problems they're facing, I feel like that's part of giving back and part of what God has blessed me with in order to be able to give back to them."


May 2, 2007


As of this writing there are 122 days and three hours before the kickoff of the Longhorns' game with Arkansas State University in Austin (Sept. 1).

Sorry, can't help you with your burnt orange impatience except to share a link with you I found on mackbrown-texasfootball.com.

It's Colt McCoy's 2006 video highlight package. CLICK HERE