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June 21, 2007


Look at this photo of Colt McCoy by Ralph Barrera of the Austin American-Statesman.

mccoy062107.jpgMcCoy and some of his teammates are doing resistance training during a voluntary practice as they await the start of official fall training camp on Aug. 5.

Today's Statesman story by Suzanne Halliburton about these unsupervised practices is interesting for fans of McCoy. She talks about how he gained 15 pounds (eating 6 "mini-meals") and how he is having a easier time this summer getting taken seriously by the rest of the squad.

And who wouldn't after a year like he had in 2006? Just in case you forgot what he did, see his statistics here.

bradmccoy.jpgI saw Colt's dad Brad today at the GoFridayNight.com Champions Classic press conference. His Graham Steers will be playing the Midland Greenwood Rangers again on opening weekend.

"It's a completely different animal," said Brad comparing this summer to last summer as his son starts becoming a true leader for his team a la Young.

As far as these volunteer practice sessions, Colt calls the shots, according to his father.

"He decides when they will work out and when they won't. He runs all the drills, determines the 7 on 7. It's just something expected from the quarterback."

Colt has had the sort of work ethic epitomized in the above photo since he was a young lad, and it has to be contagious.

Some people have already started talking about a "sophomore jinx." That does happen to some athletes, of course, but I can't imagine it happening to Colt.

He is much too hungry, and I'm not just talking about the "mini-meals," either.

The "woulda," "coulda," "shoulda" of those late-season injuries will just motivate him more.

And the leadership he is showing this summer will no doubt pay big dividends when crucial Big 12 play starts this season.