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November 27, 2007


The good money is now on Texas being in the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl on Dec. 27 against Arizona State (with a $2,200,000 per team pay-out), while Texas Tech will face Penn State in the Dec. 29th Valero Alamo Bowl ($2,225,000 per team pay-out).

holibowllogo.jpg No matter what happens in the OU/Missouri game, there are enough big bowls and BCS at-large spots to make the above scenario just about a done deal.

Oklahoma will face Georgia in the Fiesta Bowl (with a win over Missouri), while Kansas will make the Orange Bowl against Virginia Tech, and Missouri (or OU) faces Tennessee in the Cotton.

And here's the funny (not as in ha-ha) part: The Aggies will probably meet Boston College in the Gator Bowl on New Year's Day, which has a per team pay-out of $2,500,000. That's more than the two teams (UT, Tech) that finished above them in the Big 12 standings.

The national championship game? Well, that same good money is on Ohio State and West Viriginia.

November 26, 2007


By Danny Reagan / Abilene, Texas

Here are my latest guesses on the bowl situation for Colt McCoy and the Longhorns:

mccoytam1123.jpg 1. The Gator Bowl (Jacksonville, FL) Jan. 1 - The Atlantic Coast Conference's No. 3 (Virginia) will go up against the Big 12's No. 4 (that would be Texas), Notre Dame (not this year!) or the Big East's No. 2 (probably Connecticut). This could happen, but with Texas' loss to the Aggies, Connecticut might be more appealing to those bowlsters.

2. Valero Alamo Bowl (San Antonio, TX) Dec. 29 - This will pit the Big 10's No. 4 or 5 against the Big 12's No. 4 or 5. So the Longhorns could very well be in this one again. If not, that would put Texas Tech in the game. The likely opponent there would either be Penn State or Iowa.

3. Pacific Life Holiday Bowl (San Diego, CA) Dec. 27 - There is a chance this could happen. It's supposed to feature the Pac 10's No. 2 against the Big 12's No. 3. However, if Missouri makes it to the national championship game (but I doubt it), then OU and Kansas would most probably go to the Fiesta and Cotton bowls, technically leaving the Holiday for the No. 4 team - again, that would be Texas. The opponent would be Arizona State.

Texas would no doubt rather go to the Holiday Bowl because of the competition, but if the Sooners defeat Missouri, it'll probably be the Alamo or the Gator. Regardless, there will be a team in the Alamodome I want to watch. If there aren't any Longhorns in San Antonio on Dec. 29, there will certainly be some Red Raiders.

November 23, 2007


I thought it might be too much for such a young Longhorns team - those three tough games closing out the regular season.

Sure enough ... it was.

As much as I hate to say it, Texas was outplayed by the Aggies in their 38-30 loss. Maybe some of that had to do with the home team knowing it was Coach Fran's last game ... maybe not.

Colt McCoy's day was below average - 17-of-32 for 229 yards, one TD and one pick. He also rushed for 24 yards on 9 carries, but the telling statistic is that he was sacked 4 times. Chalk that up to a highly emotional and more experienced Aggie defensive line making it tough on the UT O-line.

So, maybe it is back to the Alamo Bowl. We'll see.

November 20, 2007



Colt McCoy (above) takes part in the Hex Pep Rally which precedes the Texas A&M game (photo courtesy of mackbrown-texasfootball.com).

Hex (aka jink) is a good word for this week's game. There could be several of them working ... and not just on the unfortunate holiday turkey.

I appreciate most of Texas A&M's traditions, and I think it gives them an edge at home, but the Aggies take themselves way too seriously because of them, and I think that's why everyone else in the Big 12 wants to beat them so badly - especially at Kyle Field.

It'll be tough this Friday for the Longhorns because the guys in College Station will be playing to keep their coach. If Texas wins, conventional wisdom says Franchione is gone - maybe even if Texas loses. Coach Fran is a good guy, and players play harder for good guys.

Normally, I would say this gives the edge to the farmers, but the 'Horns will be wanting to repay the "favor" of an upset on the home field, while keeping their newly found hopes alive for a spot in the Big 12 title game.

It appears as though Colt is as hungry for this one as he was for a win after the two straight defeats earlier this season.

So, no matter what the turkeys in maroon and white do, I believe this one will be won or lost with Colt's arm.

Man, I hope I didn't jinx him.

November 16, 2007


I know Colt McCoy remembers Kellen Heard.

With everyone taking a weekend off, I thought I would make sure the Texas offensive line doesn't forget him and will be watching out for him.

BTW: Happy pre-Thanksgiving footballing. See you at the Tech game! Boom them Sooners!

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November 14, 2007


Here are the excerpted comments Colt McCoy made during the players press conference. You can see them all at mackbrown-texasfootball.com:

_smallUTlogo.gif On his thoughts going into the game: Our focus is about us. We know what is at stake for us; we know that ever since the Oklahoma game we have talked about finishing, we’ve talked about being committed to one another and fighting to the end. I think that we have showed that throughout all the games since then.

_smallUTlogo.gif On if there is extra motivation going into this game: I think for this team we have a bad taste in our mouth. We lost the opportunity to be able to play for the Big 12 championship and who knows what happens after that. I think it’s big for us to go down there to finish this season.

coltpointing1114.jpg _smallUTlogo.gif On not being able to finish the game last year how he wanted: It was a challenge last year to play, and this year I feel healthy, I feel strong and I feel confident. I think that will be big for us as a team.

_smallUTlogo.gif On if he had spoken to Kellen Heard: He actually wrote a letter to the school. I never talked to him. I don’t even really remember what it said. I think he was just competing and fighting for his team. Both teams wanted to win and he was doing what he thought was best for them to win. I wouldn’t really consider it a cheap shot. I know it looked like one, but it’s not any motivation in itself. I have enough motivation knowing that we lost the game last year 12-7 at home and that is big enough for us to go down there. That was big enough to put a bad taste in our mouth.

_smallUTlogo.gif On the bye week: I think the bye week will be a big advantage. It will give our bodies time to heal. We have played 11 straight games and that is tough in itself. I’m not sure very many other people do that. I think it’s coming at a crucial time for us.

_smallUTlogo.gif On what he’s going to do this weekend: I think I’m going to go home. I think I’m just going to relax. I may watch a little bit of football and probably do a little bit of hunting. Obviously, I’ll watch some A&M tape to kind of start to get an edge on them.

_smallUTlogo.gif On how this game affects the state: Even as a little kid I can remember waking up the day after Thanksgiving and being with the family, I have a lot of family that are A&M fans, so it was a big deal growing up and I’m sure it still is today.

_smallUTlogo.gif On the atmosphere at Kyle field: I think the noise can be tough. I think that you have to handle the noise and be sound in your audibles and hand signals and the team has to be.

_smallUTlogo.gif On being able to look back and see how far the team has come: I think you can look back a little bit, but at this point, all of our focus is looking forward. I think there is a time for looking back, but right now we started yesterday strong on A&M. We are going to be prepared, we’ve watched film, we’re having team meetings, we’re staying in the same routine that we would if we were playing this week.

_smallUTlogo.gif On QB Stephen McGee: I have known him in high school. We went to some camps together. Obviously, I knew him through Jordan (Shipley). Jordan and I were friends. He is a great guy, a great friend and it’s always fun to compete against him. He played tremendous last year and I give him a lot of credit for that. We have a good relationship.

_smallUTlogo.gif On both quarterbacks being able to play for the team they grew up rooting for: Guys who grew up loving a school, watching a school as kids and dreaming someday of playing there; we were lucky enough and God blessed us enough to be able to play quarterback at those respective schools. It’s fun and it’s exciting. It will be a great Thanksgiving treat for a lot of families; especially mine.

November 12, 2007


By Danny Reagan / Abilene, Texas

I'm sure glad I'm not a guy sitting in a BCS office somewhere.

But as you can see by the accompanying logo, I am predicting the Texas Longhorns (if they beat Texas A&M) will play in the New Year's Day Sugar Bowl in the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans at 7:30 p.m. against Louisiana State.

That's some guess, huh? Especially since I don't have a BCS computer at my desk and since LSU is currently sitting at No. 1 in the BCS.

Long story short, I think LSU will lose another game (probably against Arkansas), but the Tigers will be the SEC champion - which automatically puts them in the Sugar if they're not in the National Title Game on Jan. 7, 2008. I believe that game will feature Oregon and Kansas - making all the other four BCS bowls even more worth watching.

Most of the teams higher than UT in the polls have 2 or 3 games remaining. The Longhorns only have one - over the aforementioned pesky Aggies.

Since I'm out on a limb already, OU will probably go to the Fiesta since Kansas will be in the title game.

I guess Texas could wind up in the Orange Bowl against the ACC champ - BC, Virginia, Virginia Tech or Clemson, but that wouldn't be nearly as "sexy" as a UT/LSU battle.

November 10, 2007


102 points scored! Whew.

It wasn't the instant classic I thought it would be, and it wasn't as close as I thought it would be, but it sure was a lot of fun to watch - even though my alma mater was on the small end of a 59-43 score.

Colt McCoy had an outstanding game, maybe his best of the season ... considering the stakes.

Unofficially, he finished 21-of-30 for 268 yards, 4 TDs and only one pick, while rushing for another 51 yards on 11 totes, carrying it into the endzone twice.

November 8, 2007


By Danny Reagan / Abilene, Texas

Texas vs. Texas Tech 2007 - one team with my favorite college quarterback and one team that is my alma mater - should be an instant classic.

It'll be close, and if it's not, something went horribly wrong for one of the teams.

harrellleach.jpg Except for the "game of inches" football is notorious for (think Oklahoma State), the Longhorns (8-2, 4-2) and the Red Raiders (7-3, 3-3), could have each other's records. If you recall, Tech lost to the Cowboys 49-45, while UT pulled out a 38-35 victory in Stillwater with 0:00 left on the clock. Both of those games could've easily gone the other way.

Over the past month UT is 4-0 and Tech is 2-2. During that same stretch, Tech QB Graham Harrell has put up these numbers: 157-of-214 (73.4%) for 1,686 yards, 11 TDs and 8 picks, while Colt McCoy is 80-of-119 (67.2%) for 1,054 yards, 6 TDs and 6 picks.

I wouldn't put too much stock in those numbers to determine a winner. Passing is what Tech does, and Colt has found his legs, so to speak.

coltmack07.jpg On "paper," it is a toss-up: Texas has the home-field advantage and a multi-purpose offense which tends to thwart Tech, while Tech has their passing machine going up against a depleted secondary and has a pass-rush defense which will give Colt fits (especially with Dallas Griffin gone for the rest of the season).

I'm going to pick Tech to win - not out of school loyalty, but because there is less pressure on the Red Raiders, and the 'Horns may be caught thinking ahead about the Aggies. And I always saw Texas going 10-3 this year ... so that means a W against A&M and a bowl victory.

Of course, the thought of a BCS at-large bowl bid could have Texas extra movtivated. Who knows?

Whatever happens, I sure hope one of those teams is in the Alamo Bowl this year - upping my chances of seeing them live again.

November 6, 2007


Here are the Colt McCoy quotes from the players' press conference held Monday. You can see quotes from Mack Brown and another players at mackbrown-texasfootball.com.

_smallUTlogo.gif On finishing out the season without Dallas Griffin: Yeah, it’s tough. I think Dallas has a great relationship on the team, so it’s tough for us just because how much we enjoy being around him and we enjoy playing with him. He’s a fifth-year guy, so he’s been here for a long time and waited his turn. We definitely feel for him and for his family. But I think he’ll be pretty successful because he’s in the business school, so he’ll be all right. But we’ve got Buck (Burnette) and Chris (Hall) who are going to step up and play in there, and they both did a good job on Saturday. So we’ll be all right, but we’re definitely going to miss Dallas.

coltpointing.jpg _smallUTlogo.gif On receiving the ball from other guys: It’s just different because we haven’t practiced as much with the second and third-team guys because Dallas and I are always together at practice. It will be fine once we work on it a little bit. We had a couple boggled snaps during the game, which I bet made some people nervous, but it will work out. Everybody snaps a little different, everybody has a different way and you know the ball comes in different, so we’ll just have to work on that and practice and it will be fine.

_smallUTlogo.gif On being especially excited for the Texas Tech game: Every game is a big game in the Big 12, but it is fun to play Texas Tech because I have a lot of friends who go there and most of my high school (class) went to school there. So being able to see those guys and play against those guys is pretty fun.

_smallUTlogo.gif On this team’s resiliency: I think that really starts with the coaches, the program and what you entrust in yourself when you decide to come here. You’re going to get everybody’s best shot and you’ve got to win football games. You’re expected to win and that’s why we came to play here, but I think it starts with the coaches. And for us to be able to come through with a win in tough times and at the end just shows the determination, the character of this football team and the ability to finish. It’s not just one person, it’s not just the coaches, I think we all come together and expect to win in the end.

coltmackosu.jpg _smallUTlogo.gif On coming from behind to win at Oklahoma State: Well it was really tough for me early on because things weren’t going right. I mean the ball slips out of my hands on the first play of the game, and so just being able to come back to the sideline and have everybody say it was all right and to just keep playing really helped. And then when things aren’t going well at the end of the third quarter and then it was 35-14 at the start of the fourth and still something hadn’t happened, I just went over to the sideline and told everybody, “We just have to make something happen and give the defense something to believe in. Let’s go score. We’re going to win this thing.? And everybody just believed, and that’s what it’s all about. And once we could finally get in groove and get on a roll, those guys started lighting up and it ended up being a lot of fun.

_smallUTlogo.gif On how he personally overcomes adversity on the field: I just tell myself to not to give up and to stay confident. Honestly the whole game I had a good handle on what (Oklahoma State) was doing and I had studied enough and knowing enough of what they were doing that I felt comfortable out there. I just told myself to keep fighting and make something happen but don’t try to do something spectacular. Once we got on a roll and we got in a groove, those things started happening. It was just a matter of staying confident and believing in myself.

coltrunsosu.jpg _smallUTlogo.gif On Coach Brown’s demeanor when the team is behind: I think Coach Brown is one of the most positive coaches that I know. He’s always lifting us up and telling us to keep our heads up even in times like that. I think that’s a prime example of us believing in our coach and him believing in us, and that’s why this team is doing some good things right now.

_smallUTlogo.gif On RB Jamaal Charles: Jamaal has been big for us offensively, especially in the end (of games). We ran a lot of no-huddle offense (at Oklahoma State) and they kind of got tired in the end and Jamaal stayed strong and made some big runs. He played really well for us and he’s got to continue to do that. I think he’s gotten a lot of confidence back for himself and the offensive line is blocking really well, so he’s going to have to continue to play well for us and I believe he will.

_smallUTlogo.gif On the Texas Tech team: It’s all about in-state; everybody wants to win the state football games whether it’s (Texas) A&M, Texas Tech, or whoever we play, it’s going to be a battle and it’s going to be a fight. With Texas Tech coming here, they’re explosive and they make a lot of plays, so we’re just going to have to counter that and come out and play strong from the beginning.

_smallUTlogo.gif On running more: I think the zone-read has helped us a lot. I think it put (Oklahoma State) in a bind a little bit because they had to respect that and respect Jamaal (Charles), and then it opened up the play-action for us in the shotgun. I think we were 8-for-8 off of play-action, and even though one (pass) went to the other team, it was still pretty good. It worked well for us.

_smallUTlogo.gif On Senior Day: When I think of Senior Day, I think of Nate (Jones), I think of Tony (Hills), I think of all the guys on offense that are going to be gone next year like Billy (Pittman). We all want to go out as a team and fight for them because they’ve contributed so much to this football team, not just this year, but also the past few years. And to know that it is their last home game, I think it is really special and really important to them that we come out and play hard and play well and come out with a win for them. It will be pretty emotional, but that’s what it is all about, so for us to come out there and play with them, play hard and do our best for them is important.

_smallUTlogo.gif On his relationship with Chris Hall: Chris Hall will light anybody’s day up. He’s such a positive person, he’s always got a smile on and you know you’re going to get his best effort in anything he does whether it’s school, on the field or whatever. And he’s also a great friend to me and to a lot of our teammates.

_smallUTlogo.gif On his rushing over 100 yards against Oklahoma State: I think it starts with the offensive line; I think they give me a good pocket. And I think a lot of teams have put a lot of effort into putting pressure on us up front, and when I can break through the line of scrimmage and keep my eyes downfield and nobody is open, Coach Brown is always telling me to go make some yards and get some first downs. He’s been kind of telling me to do that kind of stuff and telling me to run the ball instead of always looking downfield, and when I can make a first down with my feet, I should just go ahead and do it. Whatever it’s going to take to move the chains and keep the offense on the field, that’s what he wants me to do. Obviously it worked out pretty well last week because I’ve never rushed for 100 yards in my life, so that was pretty cool.

_smallUTlogo.gif On the offensive line: They’ve grown a lot and they’ve grown every week because every week different teams try to do different blitzes and (our opponents) look at the film from our previous games and they try some of the same stuff, and we’ve been handling them better every time. Every week they’re growing and getting better and every week I feel more comfortable with them up front and being able to stand in the pocket. Last week (at Oklahoma State), I was able to stand in the pocket a lot on third downs and make some big plays.

November 5, 2007


By Danny Reagan / Abilene, Texas

OK, I wanted to see the real numbers for come-from-behind victories in the fourth quarter for Texas during Colt McCoy's career.

nose-pencil-sharpener.jpg Seems that out of the 23 games that Colt has played in (winning 18, losing 5 for a 78.2% winning percentage), the Longhorns have been behind going into the 4th quarter on 9 occassions - four last year and five this year.

The Longhorns are 5-4 in those games, losing to Kansas State twice, Ohio State and Oklahoma. The other loss on Colt's record is last year's Aggie game. Texas was ahead, 7-6, going into the final quarter but lost 12-7.

Saturday's C-F-B win over the Cowboys was the biggest deficit (21 points at 35-14) made up by UT.

Just FYI: Last season's Alamo Bowl was the "squeakiest" of the C-F-Bs. Texas was down by one (21-20) going into the fourth quarter and only won by a nose - or two points (26-24).

November 3, 2007


By Danny Reagan / Abilene, Texas

When I came in from seeing my daughter lead her team to the championship in her soccer division, the Longhorns were already behind, 21-0, early in the second quarter.

My immediate thought was "not another one" - meaning Colt McCoy loves these kinds of games, and they usually aren't decided until there's a football flying through the air as the final second ticks off the clock.

ryanbailey110307.jpg Ryan Bailey (shown celebrating his winning kick with Trevor Gerland in this AP photo) has ice water in his veins, and Jamaal Charles wore his magic 4th quarter shoes again. But I have to hand it to McCoy, who finished 20-of-27 for 282 yards and a TD through the air, and another 105 on the ground.

Colt showed a lot of poise and brains in that final drive. That third-down scramble for a first down with just seconds remaining was just one of several key moments late in the game. Despite his three picks, he found a way to do it with his own feet as much as that powerful right arm of his. 38-35! Whew!

I got in touch with Brad McCoy as he was headed to the parking lot after the game and asked him about Colt's sudden running expertise. He has more than 250 yards rushing in the last four games.

"I think he's always been good in that part of his game," said Brad. "But that's not what they wanted him to do, and just be the passer that he can be. But with some setbacks, things haven't worked out that way and they need him to run when he can."

Neither Brad nor I could remember how many come-from-behind victories Colt has had at UT, but Texas set the NCAA record for C-F-B victories in the fourth quarter in a season with the win.

It was a bitter-sweet football weekend for Brad. His oldest son won, but his youngest, Case, tasted defeat for the first time this season as Graham fell to Vernon, 17-10. The upset might have been the biggest shocker in Texas preps football this week.

"We just didn't play well," said Brad. His Steers had two key turnovers in the second half - a pick in the endzone squelching a drive to tie the score, and then later a fumble on the three as the runner was headed for the endzone - which would've also tied the game.

November 1, 2007


By Danny Reagan / Abilene, Texas

I've seen Oklahoma State play often enough to know that those Cowboys are just crazy enough to win when they shouldn't.

mackbthuphoto.jpg Despite the fact that they're tied for the Big 12 South lead and have a potent offense, some observers feel they should lose because of Texas' ranking or the fact that OSU's defense is giving up almost 4 touchdowns a game.

Just throw all that baloney out the window.

This game in Stillwater - which pits the shades or orange against each other - will be the toughest the 'Horns will face to date. It starts a three-game stretch which will determine the Longhorns' season - more or less. The way the Red Raiders are playing, that game against Tech isn't looking as potent as it did earlier in the season, and UT will be looking for payback against the Aggies.

So this game at Boone Pickens Stadium Saturday takes on a new importance. Good timing, because Colt McCoy, Jamaal Charles and the rest of the Horns appear to have some momentum after escaping the 'Huskers last week. Same thing can be said for the Cowboys who edge Kansas State, 41-39.

Sorry, but this is a long way around of saying that Texas better play like this is for all the marbles, because that's the way the Cowboys will cinch it up.