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May 2, 2008


You've heard it said football is a game of inches.

It's also a game of roads taken ... or not taken.

Ryan Leaf comes to mind.

What if the Indianapolis Colts had taken him instead of Peyton Manning?
This morning Ryan Perrilloux comes to mind.

Remember that name?

A couple of years ago he was the hottest high school football prospect in the land.

Going to be the next Vince Young.

No, going to be better than Vince Young.

You also remember he had committed to the University of Texas, and in the fall of 2004 everyone with burnt orange for blood was wild with excitement.

However, Perrilloux didn't want to sit behind Young so he decided to go to LSU.

Colt McCoy opted to honor his commitment to UT, he got to start as a redshirt freshman ... and the rest is history.

And as of this morning, Perilloux is history.

He was kicked off the LSU team for various infractions, investigations and academic failings.

The point is, if Perilloux had come to UT, the pressure to start him over McCoy would have been unbearable.

Who knows what he could've done, but if his problems over the last year had surfaced in Austin resulting in a similar dismissal, the Longhorns would be entering the 2008 season with an untested quarterback - a good one, mind you, in McCoy, but probably untested.

Luckily for Longhorn Nation, that's a road they don't have to take.