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November 30, 2008


Well, those who wanted OU to beat OSU got their wish.

I was actually hoping for the other way around, which was the only way UT could've stayed above the Sooners in the BCS poll.

Even though the final regular season BCS won't be out for another seven hours, it's a foregone conclusion which Big 12 team will have the highest BCS ranking. One of the half-dozen or so BCS computer polls has already been released, and OU is above the Longhorns.

That'll put the Sooners up against Missouri in another bloodbath in the Big 12 championship game and assure them they stay at No. 2 and face Florida (who WILL beat Alabama next week) for the national title.

You could hear by the sound bytes that Mack Brown hated that the Big 12 had a conference championship game, and even though he never mentioned it, I got the feeling he didn't care about not playing in it as long as Oklahoma wasn't there.

The comments of Brent Musburger and company last night also foretold an OU victory in the polls. Before OU poured it on the Cowboys (while it was still close) they were all about Texas deserving it, and then once the 60-point level was hit they said they would be shocked if OU wasn't picked ahead of Texas.

Well, one bit of solace Colt McCoy and his team can take after it's all over is that they actually beat the national champion.

I didn't say it was a lot of solace.

P.S. Another thing that chaps my hide is that this probably means Colt won't get the Heisman. That trophy is supposed to be about something that transcends points and victories, but it generally comes down to winning - and Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow get one more chance to win a game ... and pile up the points while doing it.

P.P.S. As you can see, I am trying the double-reverse jinx tactic. Hey, it could work.

November 28, 2008


... to beat the Aggies! Great feeling, huh?

I think Texas did enough to keep its No. 2 ranking in the BCS (and trip to the Big 12 championship) IF Oklahoma has trouble beating OSU this weekend, i.e., just barely wins.

The main thing that happened last night was that Colt McCoy showed the doubters or first-time viewers what he was made out of ... it's called The Right Stuff.

November 25, 2008


Interesting suppositions in the chatroom about the Longhorns' chances of a). winning the Big 12 South or b). making it to the National Championship game.

In a wire story this morning, Mack Brown has heard all this, too, and he says any talk about that is "disrespectful" to the Aggies. Now, I would never be disrespectful to those farmers either (ahem), but I like Mack's point.

Colt McCoy has yet to experience the sweet taste of victory over those crazy guys. But I doubt if he's paying much attention to the talk or the fact that UT is a 34-point favorite going into the game. This is his year to make the Maroon swoon.

It's a toss-up who I "hate" the most - Sooners or Aggies. I guess the latter wins, mainly because of their crotch-grabbing, saber-wielding, drooling cadets - although I would never be disrespectful, of course.

The only dessert I need after turkey dinner Thursday is a nice, sweet can of whoop-(oops, can't say that word).

BTW: At least the game is in Austin. Last year at College Station, there was no ice at any of the concession stands. As you recall, the senior who had the recipe graduated the year before.

Hullabaloo, y'all!

November 24, 2008


Just got my Sporting News magazine, and you should see the spread on our man Colt McCoy!

Pages 18 to 25. I haven't seen such a tribute in a long time ... not even for Michael Phelps.

It's called "The Eyes and the Heart of Texas." I especially liked the graphic comparing Colt and Vince Young.

Do yourself a favor, Burnt Orange Nation ... go get you a copy right now.

_smallUTlogo.gif SPEAKING OF TRIBUTES ...

It was announced today that Colt is one of three finalists for the Maxwell Award, along with Tim Tebow and Graham Harrell.

The Maxwell may not have as cool a trophy (not shabby, though), but most people recognize it as honoring college's top player. The winner will be announced Dec. 11.

My money's on Colt!

November 23, 2008


As much as I dreaded seeing OU humiliate Texas Tech, and enhance the much-hated Sooners' national championship standing, there is good news for Colt McCoy fans.

Even though Texas might lose ground to OU in the BCS today, Colt's position in the Heisman Trophy race has to have been improved by last night's carnage. In fact, I imagine the cool statue will either go to Colt or Tim Tebow.

Graham Harrell is essentially out of the race. When Texas fell behind Tech a few weeks ago, McCoy engineered an amazing comeback. That's Heisman material, folks! When Tech fell behind Oklahoma last night, Harrell looked bumfuzzled. And if you recall, Bradford was still shown up by Colt earlier this year.

BTW, that's a picture of John W. Heisman in his University of Pennsylvania football uniform taken sometime around 1891.

November 20, 2008


A couple of good photos of Colt McCoy in this week's Sports Illustrated.

They accompany a story about which quarterback is going to win the Heisman.

Sounds like the SI'ers have already counted our man out of the race, however, and are leaning toward Tim Tebow.

Even though, as they pointed out, Colt is the only QB in major college football this season with 500 yards rushing and 3,000 yards passing. Also, I don't think they buy into my whole theory of other options for the Longhorns making it to the title game (see previous entry).

The voters didn't give the Heisman to Vince Young a few years ago when he deserved it over the other candidates - including Reggie Bush.

I still can't figure that out.

The Heisman is handed out a month before the National Championship game is played, and I guess those voters back in 2005 didn't think Texas was really that good ... and USC was better. Oops.

Colt is also up for the Walter Camp Player of the Year Award, as well as the Davey O'Brien and Maxwell awards. There is no greater validation of a season played than being mentioned for those four awards.

Colt is a team guy, of course, and I imagine the only reason those individual awards would be important to him at all is because they would make his mother proud. And we ALL want to make our mothers proud.

But even if he won all four, I'm sure he'd trade them all in for a crystal football just like the one Mack Brown and others held aloft after that Rose Bowl game.

P.S. - My wife, who is a huge Longhorn fan and NFL expert, reminded me that most Heisman winners - especially recently - are busts in the pros, and the award is almost like a kiss of death. But she can see my point about making your mother proud. ;-)

November 17, 2008


Just put the slideshow up from the Kansas game. Some nice photos.

OK, now that we have some time before the Aggie game, let's review one more time how Colt McCoy and the Longhorns can make the National Championship game.

_smallUTlogo.gif 1. As No. 1 BCS seed - Tech loses to OU but beats Baylor. UT takes out two years of frustration on the Aggies and murderlizes them. OU then loses to OSU, so Tech still goes to the Big 12 game where they are upset by Missouri.

In the meantime, "back East," Florida is upset by Florida State but then barely beats Alabama. That gives the 'Horns the No. 1 spot, probably followed by USC or Alabama.

_smallUTlogo.gif 2. As No. 2 BCS seed - Tech wins out and becomes No. 1 in the BCS. UT beats the Aggies, Florida beats Alabama but loses to Florida State. Alabama also loses to long-time rival Auburn. Even if USC wins out, Texas gets No. 2 because of strength of schedule.

That means an all-Big 12 South championship game.

_smallUTlogo.gif 3. As No. 2 BCS seed (and Big 12 champion) - OU beats Tech, but not by much, and everything works out for a three-way tie. Texas edges out the other two in the BCS rankings and advances to the Big 12 championship game where they beat Missouri again.

They'd be up against Alabama or Florida for the championship.

It's all going to become a little clearer after Saturday night. If Tech wins, the Longhorns need to hope for Option No. 2 above. If OU wins, then UT's chances are a little better for either No. 1 or No. 3.

The way he's played this season, Colt definitely deserves a shot at the title.

November 15, 2008


If you weren't convinced the success of the University of Texas this season is due to our man wearing No. 12, then the 35-7 victory on the frigid road over Kansas should make you a believer.

He was 24-of-34 for 255 yards and 2 TDs, while rushing for another 80 or so and another touchdown.

Not that the offensive and defensive lines didn't have something to do with the "W" as well. But leadership is what won that game.

The four-touchdown margin of victory should be good enough for the 'Horns to keep their No. 3 BCS ranking, and that nice 11-day rest before hosting the Turkeys for their final regular season game should be just what the doctor ordered.

SECOND HALF (First Drive)

That's more like it for our man Colt! Take the ball on your own 39, go 10 plays, throwing for three completions and running it yourself three times.

A Superman impression by Jordan Shipley on a fake field goal didn't hurt either.

21-0, Burnt Orange!


Man, talk about book-end drives for the first half against Kansas.

Colt McCoy looked unstoppable on the opening drive against the Jayhawks, leading the Longhorns to paydirt on 10 plays.

Then a fumble, a sack, an incompletion and turnover-on-downs ended the next four drives for UT.

But ... the last drive of the half (not counting the final 14 seconds), Colt took it in himself on a 4-yard run to cap an 8-play drive. He finished the first half 14-of-19 for 122 yards, and rushed for about 20 yards.

The game should be more than 14-0, but Colt appears to be adapting to the cold, and he gets the ball back first after intermission, so everything should return to normal.

I enjoyed seeing Colt and buddy Jordan Shipley discussing strategy right before half. Expect those two to connect a bunch more in the second half, hopefully for a TD or two.

November 14, 2008


Bevo, I don't think we're in Texas anymore.

This Saturday morning at 11:30 is when the Longhorns will show the world (or at least the part of it that receives Fox Sports Southwest) what they're made of.

By his own admission Colt McCoy took some time in the first half of the Baylor game to get the taste of defeat out of his mouth and start playing like the Heisman contender he is.

But still, that was Baylor, and this is Kansas - on the road - with flying footballs and houses and a quarterback named Todd Reesing from Lake Travis in Austin who has gotten the short end of the stick when pundits talk about all the great signal callers in the Big 12.

Reesing isn't as big and strong as Colt, but he has impressive numbers so far with 240-of-359 completions for 2,942 yards and 23 TDs. You don't think he's jazzed to show what he can do against a team that "ignored" him?

The Jayhawks will play a very good, inspired game, and UT's impressive victory in such a spirited contest will go a long way in proving that they still are worthy of National Championship consideration.

I see Colt and company taking the starch out of the Jayhawks like flying monkeys taking the stuffing out of a scarecrow.

Sorry 'bout that visual. Here's the game capsule:

Line: Texas by 14.

Series Record: Texas leads 6-2.

Last meeting: 2004, Texas 27-23.

_smallUTlogo.gif What's at Stake

Texas must avoid an upset to stay in contention for the Big 12 South title and the national championship hunt. Kansas, which finishes the regular season next week against No. 12 Missouri, needs to win at least one of these last two to secure a decent bowl bid and avoid falling too much further from last year's 12-1 campaign.

_smallUTlogo.gif Key Matchup

Texas DE Brian Orakpo and Kansas' freshmen tackles Jeremiah Hatch and Jeff Spikes. Hatch and Spikes have switched sides since conference play began but both have had their troubles. Orakpo did not play last week after hurting his knee against Texas Tech. But he was expected to return.

_smallUTlogo.gif Players to Watch

Texas: QB Colt McCoy and WR/KR Jordan Shipley. McCoy bounced right back from the Texas Tech loss by throwing five touchdown passes in the victory over Baylor. Shipley has two returns for touchdowns and Kansas has been hurting in kick coverage.

Kansas: QB Todd Reesing. A native of Austin who was ignored by the Longhorns, Reesing will be as motivated as he's been in any game of his career. But the undersized junior also had the worst game of his life last week in Kansas' loss at Nebraska.

_smallUTlogo.gif Facts & Figures

Kansas has started the same 22 players on both offense and defense the past two games. ... The game is a sellout and the Jayhawks are on pace to set a stadium attendance record for the fourth consecutive year. ... The last time Texas visited Kansas, in 2004, the Longhorns rallied for a 27-23 win, and Kansas coach Mark Mangino had to apologize for remarks he made about officiating in a heated postgame news conference.

November 12, 2008

Gauntlet No. 2

"I feel like every week we have something to prove."

Guess who said that? No, not Colt McCoy ... although since the Tech loss, I have a feeling that's what he's thinking.

Everyone's made a big deal out of the "gauntlet" of four tough games that Texas came within one second of navigating sucessfully.

But upcoming is a two-game gauntlet that takes on even more importance than that previous stretch.

Kansas is not going to go quietly into that good night. At home, pride wounded, the Jayhawks could salvage a bit of their season by beating UT.

And the Aggies, of course, would gladly lose every other game if they could just beat the Longhorns. Injuries and bad luck have prevented Colt from experiencing the sweet smell of success over those malodorous farmers, but third time is the charm.

And just in case the stars align so that Texas is in the Big 12 Championship game, guess who's going to be there waiting for them? An improved Missouri team that is now much better than the 56-31 whipping they got from Colt and company. And no surprise that the Tigers would have revenge on their minds if that meeting takes place.

So the gauntlet is not over, and judging by what Colt said earlier in the week, he knows that and he's ready:

_smallUTlogo.gif "We have to put the whole game together. I feel like we were up and down in the first half (against Baylor). We had some things go wrong. We didn't execute like we should have. I felt like we played really well the second half, across the board, offensively and defensively. We are going to come out strong and play both halves like we did the second half last Saturday."

Oh ... and who said the quote at the top of this entry? That was Michael Crabtree, probably one of the most despised players by Burnt Orange Nation right now. He continued that train of thought with, "Week after week, they seem to come up with something about us not having a this or a that."

Sounds like what Texas has been through most of the season - they don't have a running back, secondary is too young, etc., etc.

The best news for Texas fans this week is that Colt will indeed play like he has something to prove even though by this point he really doesn't.

November 10, 2008


Bear with me on this one.

My wife, who is still seriously smarting over the Tech win over Texas, wants another crack at the Red Raiders.

She thinks Tech and Texas can finish as the top two teams in the BCS standings after the regular season finishes on Dec. 6.

I say no way, but here's her scenario (in order of team's current BCS ranking), and it doesn't include Tech losing anymore games until the national championship:

1. Alabama loses to either Mississippi State or Auburn and then to Florida on Dec. 6. Two losses.

2. Tech wins out, including the Big 12 championship game. No losses.

3. Texas beats Kansas and A&M convincingly. One loss.

4. Florida loses to Florida State the week before beating Alabama. Two losses.

5. Oklahoma loses to Tech. Two losses.

6. USC - make that whiny USC - loses to Stanford, Notre Dame or UCLA. Two losses.

7. Utah loses to San Diego State or BYU. One loss.

8. Penn State loses to Michigan State. Two losses.

9. Boise State loses to Idaho, Nevada or Fresno State. One loss.

10. Georgia already has two losses.

See her thinking? Texas with one loss trumps everyone else with two losses, plus no way will the BCS dare rank Utah or Boise State ahead of the Longhorns.

There you have it on January 8, 2009, in Miami, Florida - No. 1-ranked Texas Tech against No. 2-ranked Texas for all the marbles.

Technically, I guess it could happen, but the odds have to be astronomical.

Conventional wisdom has Texas and Oklahoma winning out, meaning Tech falls to OU. There's that horrible three-way tie in the Big 12 South, and who knows what the BCS would do with the rankings. Texas beat OU by 10 points when it was ranked No. 1, and Tech beat Texas by six points when it was No. 1. But if OU beats Tech, they will probably still be ranked No. 2.

I don't know, but I will just puke if somehow Oklahoma and USC are in the title game.

BTW: Great game against Baylor, Colt!

November 6, 2008


As you can see by the resolute expression on Colt McCoy's face from the player's press conference earlier in the week, he may be battered (notice the lip), but he's not broken.

These comments from the press conference tell it all. Time to saddle up again.

_smallUTlogo.gif On how hard it is to move on and shake it off: You have to shake it off, because all of the coaches and teammates are looking to you and the way you handle and carry yourself. You just have to walk in with a smile, be happy, encourage everybody and not hang your head. We fought until the end. We didn't play well at all, we didn't play our best game, or even near our best game, and we were able to still give ourselves a chance at the end. You just have to be happy, move on and prepare the best we can for Baylor.

_smallUTlogo.gif On if their goals have changed at all after the loss: No, our goals are still there. Like I said, the only thing we can control now are ourselves and winning out. That starts this week. We definitely feel like we can and we are going to rally around our coaches and ourselves. We're not going to do anything different. We are going to prepare like we have and come out strong on Saturday.

_smallUTlogo.gif On what the key is on turning bad execution back into good execution: We had poor execution in the first half, for sure. But I think the mark of a good team is how you respond to that. I kept coming off the sideline saying that it's going to happen. They're doing everything right and matching up against us well, but we just have to keep fighting and eventually something will spark and we will be able to get some things going. We did, and that's a positive for us. We definitely have to be able to start faster. I felt like they played with a ton of energy in the first half. They played so hard. We have to be able to match that every week, because we're going to get that from everybody. We didn't do a good job of handling that, but I was proud of the way we came back in the second half. In the end, ultimately, we gave ourselves a chance to win.

And speaking of the next game (11 a.m. Saturday, FSN), here's the Baylor game capsule:

Line: Texas by 27½.

Series Record: Texas leads 71-22-4.

Last meeting: 2007, Texas 31-10.

_smallUTlogo.gif What's at Stake

Texas no longer controls its destiny in the Big 12 South and needs style points with a big win to keep up in the BCS standings. Colt McCoy's Heisman Trophy bid also took a hit with last week's loss at Texas Tech and a big game should bring back some of the shine.

_smallUTlogo.gif Key Matchup

Texas RB Chris Ogbonnaya vs. Baylor LB Joe Pawelek. The Longhorns' running game was nonexistent in last week's loss and Pawelek is the Big 12's leading tackler.

_smallUTlogo.gif Players to Watch

Texas: WR receiver Jordan Shipley. If receiver Quan Cosby can't return from a back injury this week, Shipley must take even more of the load of Texas' passing game while also returning punts and kickoffs. Shipley has two returns for touchdowns this season.

Baylor: Freshman QB Robert Griffin. A dazzling player who can run or throw, Griffin's ability to make big plays has made Baylor a dangerous opponent. And he's taking care of the ball, with 11 touchdown passes and only one interception.

_smallUTlogo.gif Facts & Figures

It's the first game in a month for Texas against an unranked opponent. The Longhorns were just the ninth team in the history of the AP poll to play four consecutive teams ranked No. 11 or higher. ... One more loss ensures Baylor's 13th consecutive losing season. ... Griffin set a major college record for consecutive passes without an interception to start a career (209).

November 5, 2008


OK, let's take a look at the next 4 weeks and some BCS teams.

Two of the top 9 teams in the standings (but not USC or Utah) will be playing in the National Championship game, so let's see what the rest of their schedules are (in order of what I think is the hardest remaining schedule):

  • Oklahoma (6th in BCS): The Sooners have the toughest schedule left, with three road games against A&M, Baylor and Oklahoma State, plus a home date with the Red Raiders. And even if they win out they might not make it to the Big 12 Championship game and then on to the "Big 'Un."
  • Texas Tech (2nd in BCS): Double-T has Oklahoma State and then OU on the road before finishing with Baylor. I've seen both OU and the Cowboys play many times and they're the main reason Texas is ranked so high. They are tough as anyone, and the Red Raiders will have trouble beating both. But if they do and win out, they can't drop in the standings.
  • Oklahoma State (9th in BCS): Cowpokes are at Tech and Colorado before finishing up at home against the Sooners. That last game is going to be a classic. I see them losing to OU, but I could be wrong.
  • Alabama (1st in BCS): The Tide has LSU on the road this week, then Mississippi State on the road before finishing up at home against Auburn. They could lose to one of those teams.

  • Florida (5th in BCS): The Gators have 4 games left as well, but three are "laughers" against Vanderbilt, S. Carolina and The Citadel. They finish on the road against Florida State, and that could be their only other loss.
  • Penn State (3rd in BCS): At Iowa and then hosting Indiana and Michigan State, I really don't see them losing, except maybe the one to the Spartans.
  • Texas (4th in BCS): Hosting Baylor, then to Kansas and finishing up the turkey with A&M, the Horns shouldn't lose another one.
So, what does that all mean?

Well, for Longhorn fans it means (on paper, at least) there's still a chance for a Texas national championship game against probably Penn State, but maybe Alabama or even Florida.

But taking the remaining schedules in mind, who knows.

One thing I do know is that if there is not a Big 12 team in the national championship game, then that will be a travesty of such magnitude that it might mean the death of the BCS as we know it today.

Texas, Tech, Oklahoma and OSU will have all played each other, and no other team in the nation has had such a tough schedule to overcome as they have.

November 4, 2008


While I was down in San Antonio yesterday, in the chatroom Kris from Austin graciously expounded upon the Big 12 tie-breaker situation.

Since I'm way behind on stats and slideshows, I'll just use his post word-for-word. Thanks, Kris.

You need math... you have a geek right here... OK, Danny is right, you do not need for Tech to lose twice for Texas to go to the Conference Title. The tie breaker rules are as follows: 1) Number of conference wins 2) if tied for # 1 then head to head wins 3) if tied for #2 as well then BCS ranking.......

OK, so based on this, if OSU defeats Tech next week at Lubbock, this will most likely mean that we go to the Conference Title. Why? Because, then Tech plays Oklahoma at Norman, and they have to beat Oklahoma, and if OSU defeats Oklahoma in Stillwater, we should hold on to our highest BCS rank and go to play for Conference Title.

The path of least resistance is that OSU defeats Tech, and Oklahoma Defeats Tech, and we have head-to-head since all teams are one loss and Texas still goes to the Conference Title.

Here are the circumstances where Texas does not go to the Conference Title: 1) If Tech Wins out; 2) If Tech loses to OSU, But somehow beats OU and then OSU loses to OU. Here we get head-to-head with Tech ... Tech since both OSU and OU are now two losses and are out of Conference Title Contention. Tech goes to the conference title.

Suffice it to say that Tech holds its destiny in its own hands and how they play Oklahoma and OSU will determine if they have a chance to go to the conference title.

November 1, 2008


Burnt Orange Nation can take a bit of comfort tonight in the fact that Colt McCoy didn't really hurt his Heisman chances all that much.

Mind you, that's no solace at all for Colt, because he couldn't care less about that cool-looking trophy. It's all about leading his team to victory ... which he almost did.

In the fourth quarter Colt showed remarkable leadership as he overcame adversity and brought his team back to within one second of a win.

With Heisman voters, it's not all about numbers.

It's also about character and heart.


Was in the stands last night to see a quarterback named McCoy play - Colt's little brother Case.

Unfortunately, Case was only 15-of-30 with two picks as the Graham Steers lost to district 2-3A foe Abilene Wylie, 34-7.

I was going to ask Case's coach/father Brad about his other son's temperature the night before another Big Game, but he never would stop talking to his troops after the game, and I had to get back to my "real" job - GoFridayNight.com.

Earlier in the week when I talked to Brad he asked me how I was handling this week knowing I was a Tech alumni and a big fan of Colt's before that was cool.

"No matter who loses, I guess I won't be too disappointed," I told him.

Unlike Texas Fred (see prior comments), Brad seemed to understand.

Good, because I'm not sure I do.

Only seven hours to go!