Great thing about sports ... it helps you remember where you were at any given time.
I happen to remember Aug. 31, 2006. I was watching the opening game of the GoFridayNight.com Champions Classic in Abilene.

It was between Graham and Midland Greenwood. Coach Brad McCoy, new to coaching Graham, was starting his son at quarterback in his freshman year.

Case McCoy was skinnier than I ever remember Colt being. I prowled the sidelines during that game taking pictures and hearing comments about how Case was going to get pounded, he was no Colt, etc.

Well, the Steers - who wear the exact same logo on their helmets (only blue) as UT - lost 25-15 and Case didn't have the debut he wanted, despite throwing for 251 yards and a TD. Some fans were already writing him off.

Two days after that game I was still prowling the sidelines of the Classic during another game, while Case's older brother Colt was starting his first game as a freshman for the University of Texas.

Colt McCoy had already been written off before he took a single snap - "He's no Vince Young ... Why couldn't we get (fill in the blank here) ... Kiss this season goodbye." I remember all those comments on the web and in sports publications.

Even though the Longhorns pounded North Texas, 56-7, in Colt's first game, his doubters weren't impressed.

Not until the following week when Ohio State beat UT, 24-7, did some people think Colt might have a future. That's the best I remember someone looking in a loss.

After that game, I even remember one ruggedly-handsome guy who said to himself - "Dude, this guy has it; maybe you should do a blog."

Fast forward through all the victories and pounds of muscle gained during the years in between then and now, and the bottom line is both the McCoy brothers will soon be playing for championships.

Case and the Steers, 14-1, play for the Texas 3A Division II state championship this Saturday.

And we all know what championship Colt and the 13-0 Longhorns will be playing for in early January.

Not bad senior years for either guys, huh? And, oh, I almost forgot ... Colt is the winningest quarterback in the history of college football. Ta-da to you people who wrote him off way back when!

Case, of course, has already committed to Texas and will make it official in February, and Colt will hopefully land somewhere in the NFL where he can watch how it's done (as he did that redshirt year with Vince Young), and then go for future championships one of these days.

This blog will officially come to an end sometime in early 2010, and it's been a great ride. Hopefully, the recollections, stats and photos archived here will be around for a long time and remind those in the future about that ride the Real McCoy enjoyed.

P.S. That's it from me until after the holidays. Merry Christmas!