I've seen almost all the bowl games ... or at least portions of most of them.

And I haven't seen any better than what I just witnessed in the Whatever It's Name Was Bowl with Bowling Green and Idaho.

It had everything I like in a post-season football game - sportsmanship, high scoring, 100-percent effort by everyone, not too many inordinate displays of celebration (until the end), quick-pulsed drama and yes ... even a blue playing field.

Idaho won the game 43-42 because of a wild scoring drive with about a half a minute to go in the back-and-forth game, and - more importantly - the coach's decision to go for two and the win instead of one and the tie with 4 seconds left in the game. Not that I would've minded overtime. It's my second favorite thing in college football next to the onside kick.

The Idaho coach took a chance and it paid off.

I bring all this up because after the lackluster showing against the Cornhuskers, the Longhorns will probably need to take a chance or two to beat Alabama and claim the National Championship.

I hope Colt McCoy and a lot of his teammates were watching that game. It was not only exciting and great entertainment, but the sheer joy of the moment for the victors seeped out of the tube and infected me ... someone who doesn't know Idaho from Shinola.

Here's my placard I would hold up if I were going to be in Pasadena: "Remember Idaho!"

There are wins and then there are big wins ... and then there is the biggest WIN of your life.

Just ask the Vandals.

(P.S. Which reminds me of one more thing I like about post-season football games - teams with cool mascot names).