Lots of photos coming out of Pasadena of Colt McCoy at practice. As it gets closer to game time, his expression gets more determined.

I hate to be like a TV talking head and utter the over-used phrase "Keys to the Game," but ...

We need to talk about Keys to the Game. In my mind there is only one ... Time. Colt will need more of it than his counterpart since the Longhorns will no doubt throw more often. And if there's one group on the field wanting to "redeem" itself and give him that time, it's the offensive line, who allowed their QB to be sacked nine times in the last game.

For that reason, I think Colt will have enough time to find Jordan Shipley ... who will need additional time to get open since he will no doubt be double-teamed.

And then there's hang time. I bet both teams place those ticks of the clock at a premium during practice time since both have good special teams. But with all this time to study, coaches on both sides will no doubt have a suitable answer for Shipley and others. Think fair catch.

The Texas defense can be just as good as the Alabama defense, but it is time for them to be better than they've ever been this season. They need to shine.

I believe they will, so I'm revising my earlier prediction to: Texas 30, Alabama 20.