All I read the past couple of weeks was "stop McCoy and you stop the Longhorns."

Unfortunately, that came to pass, and it wasn't a concerted effort by the Alabama defense that did it, either.

It was just one freakish hit that took out Colt before he could even finish the first series of the night.

The game changed instantly. The air went out of the Texas sails and straight into those of Alabama's ship, which was already listing badly early. Then, of course, it went as to be expected after that in the first half.

And you can't blame true freshman Garrett Gilbert. What a stressful way to start your career at quarterback, especially when someone on the coaching staff wasn't content with going into the lockerroom down by 11 points.

Gilbert showed real promise in the second half, and almost pulled off a miracle except for a fumble on a blind-side hit late in the game that made the wheels come off. And the UT defense definitely got its composure back after halftime and showed who was the best team on that side of the ball.

But an important piece of the Burnt Orange Machine just wasn't there.

Colt will recover from his injury and no doubt get picked in the second or third round of the NFL draft later this year. So the story isn't over yet.

But it sure was an unlucky way to finish a great season.

Thanks for that season, Colt, and for all those others as well.

Sorry you didn't get a real shot at the title.


Colt- to God be the glory, and thank you for your profession of your love of the Lord in your interview this evening after the game and your injury. Your words of wisdom and grace did nothing but encourage and inspire others, and thank you! May we all continue to stand on the Rock. Blessings! K. Raymer

I'm heartbroken for Colt. To work so hard and get injured so quick in the game. But I'm very proud of the way he has handled himself, and not just this year. His interview at the end of the game was a classic in my book and I know he will go on to do many good things in his life and be a wonderful example for others. I have so enjoyed these four years of college football and I'm really going to miss watching Colt in burnt orange.

Thanks so much for your great web site, I've really enjoyed following Colt here. Sad to see it come to an end. Is there any way for you to find out how Colt's arm is now? I keep wondering if it's better yet or not.