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I'll be putting more photos up a little later this morning.

There are a couple of good comments from last night's post and someone sent a link to Colt McCoy's very classy post-game interview: http://geekettebits.com/information/colt-mccoys-post-2010-bcs-game-interview/

You know his heart was breaking, but he maintained an even strain. We always knew he had the Right Stuff. Here's part of the transcription:
"I love this game, I have a passion for this game, I've done everything I can to contribute to my team and we made it this far and it's unfortunate that I didn't get to play. I would have given everything I had to be out there with my team. Congratulations to Alabama, I love the way our team fought...Garrett Gilbert played as well as he could play, he did a tremendous job. I always give God the glory, I'd never question why things happen the way they do. God is in control of my life and if nothing else I know I'm standing on The Rock."
He went on to answer about his arm and congratulate Alabama again.

A class act until the end, that's Colt McCoy.


Thank you so much for doing this blog of gocoltgo for these 4 years that Colt has played for UT. We Horn fans are heartbroken that Colt got hurt last night and couldn't fulfill his dream of winning a national championship. We are so proud of Colt for the awesome person that he is and the fact that he never fails to give God the glory. I know that great things await him.


colt, it was great watching you for the years that you played. You are a true pro and thus we will see you in the pros. The lord givith and the lord taketh. You will get your due and it will be great. Good luck and I look forward to watching you in the pros. a fellow Texan, Odie

Please continue to keep this blog going. I love reading your comments about Colt. It would be nice to to hear about Colt's NFL career from a person who likes to focus on the positive aspects of our favorite player.