August 28, 2009

It Has Finally Arrived!

The 2009 football season is finally here! I have been counting down since the abrupt end of our season last year. I still have a bitter taste in my mouth from that shocking 1st round exit. But I know that it will soon disappear once the defending 3-5A District Champion War Birds hit the field to take on FW Dunbar for the season opener on Saturday.

We have many talented athletes on offense gearing up for a long season. The explosive Herschel Sims returns after a great Sophomore campaign. The Offensive Line is anchored by returning starters Drew Carroll, Brad Evans, and Chris Seballos. We will have no problems giving QB Ronnell Sims time to throw to a dangerous group of receivers including Darius Joseph and Jarvis Hunter. A new threat to the offense will be TE Parker McCay. We have a very talented offense, and I am expecting an even better year than last year.

Defensively we will be extremely stingy. Veterans Hunter Cooke, Karsten Goodman, Josh Brooks, and Kyler Gideon will be the leaders for the Black Shirts. "When you've got a guy like a Karsten Goodman, who's a two-year starter, the safety that wins the job next to him will certainly benefit. When you've got a Hunter Cooke, who's a two-year starter, the guys that play next to him are going to benefit from that," said Coach Warren. "Those two guys had a really good spring. They're veterans and I see them helping out the guys and providing leadership. It's very important to have those kind of guys."

This year will be a great year. I am very excited to see what is in store for the Eagles. We have an extremely good amount of talent, and I know that Coach Warren and his staff will harness that. I know that we will make noise throughout the state. Quoting Hunter Cooke, "It's going to be fun."

I am ready to see all of the familiar faces out at Shotwell on Saturday to watch the Warbirds take on Dunbar. They have an extremely talented football team. I know that they are upset about last year, and they are looking for revenge. Darius White and Dominique Sanders are wanting to get back at the Black Shirts for shutting them down last year. It is going to be a hard physical game for both teams, but I know that we will be more than prepared for this game. I know our boys are excited to finally get out on the field, and I am ready to see all of them make the plays they need to in order to win in fashion. Let's go out there, fly high, and knock some heads around. GO EAGLES!!!

  • David Craghead
  • August 28, 2009 1:10 PM

November 7, 2008

Eagles Look To Win 4th Outright 3-5A District Championship In 5 Years

The District 3-5A playoff race is a crazy one. There are so many of the 'if this team wins or loses by this', or 'wins at all', well, there are just too many to name. It is way to confusing, just like the BCS.

This week we travel to North Crowley. The Panthers are looking to pull an upset to force a 3-way tie for 1st place. They may very well be the toughest, most physical team we have faced all year, but they will be no match for the Warbirds. The Black Shirts are more than prepared to face the North Crowley offense. Last week, we gave up a season high 28 points and I am sure the Birds are wanting to make up for that. I know Coach Fullen will make sure our boys keep a high intensity and stay focused throughout the game. Also last week against Richland Hills, Herschel Sims racked up 279 total yards and 3 touchdowns. Zach Bass accounted for 178 rushing yards and 1 touchdown. The Offensive Line did an outstanding job last week, and I look forward to seeing that continue tonight against the Panthers. I know that Bass and Sims will have big gaps to run through, and Stephen will have more than enough time to throw to a variety of receivers. I am excited to see our boys walk up and down the field and score at will. Let's go out there, fly high, and knock some heads around. GO EAGLES!!!

  • David Craghead
  • November 7, 2008 10:52 PM

October 30, 2008

Tough Test Against Richland Hills

This week the Warbirds face off against a tough Rebel team. I am excited about this matchup and have been since the season started. Richland won the 7 on 7 tournament this past summer while Abilene High won the consolation bracket.

The Eagle secondary has been labeled the weak part of the Black Shirts. That is not true. There are no weak links to the Eagle D. We have not faced a team that passes the ball as much as they run or more in a very long time, which of course takes away from the stats. Richland's offense will have nothing going for them all night because our D will take care of business. Nothing will get past them. I am confident that Coach Fullen has our boys prepared for anything that the Rebels throw at them.

Richland has not faced a team as well balanced on offense as ours. No matter what the Rebels do on defense, the Eagles will expose a weakness and take advantage of it. Once the Rebels take care of that weakness, there will be another exposed. I know that Stephen and the rest of the Eagle O will drive up and down the field and put points on the board. Richland will be scratching their heads, not knowing what to do.

This will be a very exciting game. I am looking forward to seeing thousands of fans supporting the Eagles as we set our eyes on the District 3-5A Championship. Let's go out there, fly high, and knock some heads around. GO EAGLES!!!

  • David Craghead
  • October 30, 2008 11:16 PM

October 23, 2008

Ready To Play After The Bye Week

First off, I'm sorry for not having any blogs up in a while. My computer crashed, and well, you know that is a bad thing.

The Warbirds have a chance to clinch a playoff spot tonight as we face Haltom City. Much like our offense, they are very balanced. They have a talented quarterback that can spread the ball around or hand off to a quick running back. But Haltom has not faced a D that is a stellar as ours. The Black Shirts will certainly give Haltom troubles all night long. I expect more turnovers to occur, and one or two returned back for touchdowns.

Thanks to the Black Shirts taking care of business, the Eagle O has had outstanding field position throughout District play. I expect the same tonight. I am confident that the O will march down the field and score on almost every possession we have for the game. The Haltom defense will be picked apart all night long.

Thanks to our bye week, the Warbirds had a chance to rest and heal up. And it was needed after the Weatherford game. I am certain that the Eagles will be at full tilt for this game as well as our fans. I expect a massive crowd cheering on our boys. Let's go out there, fly high, and knock some heads around. GO EAGLES!!!

  • David Craghead
  • October 23, 2008 9:55 AM

September 26, 2008

Starting Off The New District 3-5A

It's the start of District play and a bunch of new faces are around. It just doesn't seem right not traveling to Midland or Odessa. But we will still play our hardest.

To start off 3-5A play, we take on the Burleson Elks. The only game they have won so far this season was their opener against Arlington Seguin 16-14. But as we all know, things are different once District starts.

The past couple of weeks the Abilene High O has not played to their full potential. We have played against some good defenses, and that has made our offense much better for District. I know that we will be able to find weak spots in the Elk defense and take advantage of them and put points up on the board. I know that we will get after it and play like the Eagle O from the beginning of the season.

The Black Shirts will once again have a great week. Burleson is a run heavy team and I know that we will have no problem shutting them down. I have a feeling that they will be like Lubbock Monterey of years past when they kept running and then one play they pass for a big gain. Our Secondary can't give up that big play. We will have to stay home and take care of business. I know that Coach Fullen has the Warbirds prepared to have another great showing.

I am looking forward to seeing a big crowd supporting the Black and Gold as we start off the new District 3-5A. I know that the Warbirds will walk out with that all important first District win to go 5-0 on the season. Let's go out there, fly high, and knock some heads around. GO EAGLES!!!

  • David Craghead
  • September 26, 2008 12:38 AM

September 12, 2008

Showdown At Shotwell

Here it is just the 3rd game of the season and the game against Cooper is already upon us. It is strange not having it Week 9. Most of the people think this is nothing more than a 5A vs. 4A, much like the game against F.W. Dunbar, and to a certain extent, that is true. It is still the Crosstown Showdown, and there are bragging rights to have, but since there are no district titles on the line or playoff spots to be won, the game's intensity is brought down a little bit. Yes this game has significance, but nowhere near as the most recent 2001 and 2002 bouts when the District Bell was up for grabs.

All week long I have heard that Cooper's defense is so fast and so physical that they will shut us down and shut us out. They may be fast and physical, but there is no way that they can shut us off. We have so many weapons that we will be able to pick apart their defense and have long sustained drives resulting in points on the board. The Eagle O is also fast and physical, much more than Cooper's defense. I know that the Warbirds will have no problem walking up and down the field and putting more points on the board.

I have also heard that their offense is fast and physical, and the Black Shirts will not be able to stop them. It is obvious that those guys that say that have never seen us play. Our Offense and Defense are on a higher level than Cooper. I see us having no problems shutting down their offense. The Eagle D has played well the first two games, and I know that we will continue that tonight.

I know that we will have a huge crowd on the East side of Shotwell cheering on the Warbirds. I know that once the dust has settled from opening kickoff, the Eagles will fly away with this game and walk out with a 3-0 record. Let's go out there, fly high, and knock some heads around. GO EAGLES!!!

  • David Craghead
  • September 12, 2008 10:13 AM

September 5, 2008

Looking To Make It 2-0!!

This week Abilene High travels to take on Plano East. This is one of three out of town games in the regular season. Most people think that is a bad thing further down the road during playoffs. But we have always traveled well and had a big group of fans right there too. I know that we will have no problems this week.

Last week there were so many questions about the Offense. Well, those were written off in a hurry. We had no problems completing drives. The O Line was almost perfect. I was impressed with the way they worked together and handled everything. I expect another great showing. East's defensive line is a strong point and they play physical. But, we will be very well prepared, and we will play even harder. I see us having no problems driving the field and putting points on the board against a defense that gave up almost 400 yards and 40 points last week.

I know that our Warbird D will have an outstanding game. Last week for a small moment in time, we had a hard time keeping up the intensity. This week will be different. I know that Coach Fullen will have the Black Shirts flying high throughout the game. Plano East had very small numbers last week against Flower Mound. They had a little over 100 yards on the ground, but most of that was a 78 yard run by Toben Opurum in the 1st Quarter. They only had 6 first downs. I am sure that Coach Ringo has made improvements from last week, but it will not be enough to get past our D. I am sure that East will start off the game running the ball, but that will soon be abandoned for the passing game. But they will be in a world of hurt once they realize that they won't be able to pass on us either. I know that we will once again have a great game on Defense.

I am looking forward to this game. I know that we will do great. I am hoping that the Eagle fans outnumber the fans from Plano. I wish all that are going to the game to have a safe trip there and back. I am looking forward to seeing the Eagles walk out 2-0. Let's go out there, fly high, and knock some heads around. GO EAGLES!!!

  • David Craghead
  • September 5, 2008 12:30 AM

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