August 25, 2008

Let the Longhorn Stampede Begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In just 6 short days, the most talked about game in 2A Football will take place in Cisco, TX. Lots of folks are saying that this game is really the State Championship for 2A, just 15 weeks early. #1 ranked Cisco against #3 ranked Early! Wow, what a matchup, what an incredible night for High School Football, regardless of the outcome, this is what HS Football in Texas is all about. If you want to watch the game sitting down, you better get there early..., wait, nevermind, no one at this game is going to be seated, just wear comfortable shoes!

The Longhorns have over 100 boys out for High School football again this year, over 25% of the HS Student Body - AMAZING! My gut tells me that this is a group that is going to be playing a lot of football this fall, so do not, I repeat, DO NOT, make plans for Friday nights that don't involve Early Longhorn Football!

I will try to do a better job keeping this blog up for 2008, and always appreciate your comments and feedback. Look forward to seeing you in Cisco.As usual, Longhorn Football can be heard on Magic 1380AM KBWD. Remember, you can hear the Longhorn Radio broadcast on an in-stadium FM frequency at out of town games, so be sure and bring your portable radios. Plus, this year Longhorn Broadcasts will go out live via the internet all across the globe! Just go to and click on the link for Early Sports, this will be great for friends and relatives from all over who can't make it to the games, but want to be a part of the Longhorn Nation.

Come Early and wear Purple! See ya Friday!

  • Tracy Ebarb
  • August 25, 2008 2:31 PM

October 7, 2007

Longhorns "puff" the Dragons 34 - 22

Like Coach Tindol said, "when these two teams get together you can throw out the rankings and the records and get ready for a dogfight". If you were at Memorial Stadium in Bangs last Friday, you got to experience the legend of the 'Friday Night Lights' first hand. Lots of talented kids on the field from the Bands to the Drill Teams to the Cheerleaders to the Stampede and of course the Football Players, from Bangs and Early alike.

I'd like to think some of the readers of this blog were responsible for the incredible turnout of PURPLE in the stands on Friday. You looked great, Purple Nation, just great!

  • Tracy Ebarb
  • October 7, 2007 12:01 AM

September 29, 2007

Just when the opponents thought it was safe to go back to McDonald Field... Longhorns 21 Indians 6

First of all, sorry this blog has been silent for the last few weeks. The truth is - there has been plenty of talk about. Sure the Longhorns weren't able to pick up a win in the pre-District games, and it's hard to brag much when you're 0-3, but winning football games is not the only reason I write this thing anyway. And so, I regret allowing my 'losing induced depression' to stifle the ramblings that go on here. I'll try to do better over the next few weeks. By the way, 'thank you' to those of you who've mentioned that you miss reading this blog. Now, moving on...

The JimNed Indians are a good football team, up until last night they were unbeaten even though Merkel, Breckenridge and Eastland all tried to find a way to stop them. Their QB, Coffman, aside from being a nice kid, is a heck of an athlete, and tough as shoe leather. Their fans are always extremely gracious, whether we go there or they come here. In years past, the Indians have fielded some incredibly good teams. In fact, one of their former players is making Central Texas football look very good as he plays on Saturdays for the other Longhorn team in Texas(you remember Colt McCoy, he was intercepted 3 times by Tim Chandler the last time the Indians came to McDonald Field). Truth is, I can't help but like the Indians. I don't know if you noticed, but there were purple jerseys helping up red jerseys, and vice-versa all night long. Great sportsmanship by both teams all night long, and at the end of the game, even a half hour after the game was over, the JimNed boys were still on the field visiting with their fans and coaches. I've seen lots of times when as soon as the final buzzer sounded, the losing team would run to the busses and 'get out of Dodge'! So, all in all, best wishes to the Indians, good luck against the Bearcats next week, oh, and thanks for a well played game. AND...

Congratulations Longhorns!!!!
I've known it, you've known it, there has really been no mystery - this team, the 2007 Early Longhorns, is like America - they've got talent! We've all been waiting for "it" to come together, and frankly, I think we are still a couple of weeks away from seeing what this group can really do, but last night we were treated to a pretty good 'preview of coming attractions'!

First off, the offensive line: Hopson, Rosales, Kesee, Beene, Thompson and Moore were the ones that really stood out to me last night. After faltering a little on that first possession of the 2nd half, you guys took over the game! Rome and Ross must have been smiling on every carry because you guys were kicking tail and taking names. On one play, Kaleb blocked his guy about 20 yards past the 8-9yds that Collin picked up, and the guy was like - "what was that for, I wasn't even thinking about getting in on the tackle!". Jose was another one with some incredible blocks, really all the front line guys did a great job. Coach Pierce would be proud, and Coach Sharp has got to be excited.

Second, Collin Rome hurts people when he runs the football! Teams like JimNed who are fundamentally sound know how to tackle runners like Rome, but boy do they pay the price. Plus, when Collin needs a breather, Bo Ross comes in and runs very strong, but with a completely different style than Collin, and just makes people miss. Then look at Nick Lyle, I think he could dove hunt with a football, and if no one is open, that's fine, he's got places to go anyway. Cochran and Bullard are going to catch a lot of passes this season, but if you watch them, you'll realize they are a big part of the running game as well, selling routes and taking out defensive backs. Overall, our offense wasn't great last night, but we are getting better with every snap of the ball.

Third, the Defense. This group allowed less than 200yds of total offense on the night and really stood up when we needed a stop. Lots of standouts in this group, but the most important thing about last night's defensive game, in my opinion, was the fact that we played hard for 4 full quarters!

Not long ago, I heard Cowboy's QB Tony Romo attribute this quote to Bill Parcells - "Don't let 'good enough', be good enough." The Longhorns are 1-0 in the season that counts, we were good enough to beat a solid JimNed Indian team, we're tied for 1st in the District now with Coleman, Ballinger and Wall, we've got a little momentum and some of the confidence that winning brings, but, we can't let 'good enough' be good enough! As fans, we can't afford to allow ourselves the luxury of assuming that 'the boys are back', this is a team that, according to Coach Tindol, has yet to find it's real identity. And I might add, a team that has incredible depth and talent that could do incredible things when they do find that identity. The Homecoming crowd was super last night, but we need more than that over in Bangs next Friday. Personally, I saw way too many 'odd colors' in the stands last night, we need PURPLE, people. Purple shirts, purple hats, purple towels, purple faces, you get the idea. If we come and support these guys the way we should, even the Dragons will be purple by the end of the game! See you there!

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September 4, 2007

Crawford game begins at 7:30!

Please note: The Longhorns game in Crawford this Friday night will begin at 7:30pm, not 8pm as published on some schedules and as announced earlier.

Tailgate Cooks have BBQ on the menu!!!!!!!! See you there!

  • Tracy Ebarb
  • September 4, 2007 8:54 AM

September 3, 2007

Congratulations Cisco! Great Game! (be grateful you won't meet the Longhorns again in '07!)

The Longhorn faithful showed up in large/capacity numbers on Friday night, to see the 'Horns fall to the #4 State ranked Cisco Loboes. Final score Cisco 20 Longhorns 9. This game has been a great rivalry for the last 4 years and continues to provide an incredible 'measuring stick' for both teams. Last year, the Longhorns came in with a top ten ranking and beat a very talented Cisco team that didn't lose again until they met the Mart Panthers in the State Championship. The year before that, the Loboes got by the Longhorns, then the 'Horns ran off 12 straight victories before falling in the State semi-Final game against Argyle. All in all, when you seen these two teams play over the last few years, you've had the privilege of watching two teams that you know will be in the hunt for a championship. Quality kids playing quality kids, with great coaching staffs on both sides of the field. So, if history is an indicator, the 'Horns will advance further in the post-season this year than the Loboes! So, congratulations to Cisco, and thanks for the motivation to keep this pattern alive!

Seriously, the game was well played by both teams, and as far as I know, no serious injuries sustained by either team. For Longhorn fans, it's good to see our team perform so well against the #4 team in the state. Coach Tindol always says that "you get better by 'playing up'", and the road doesn't get any easier this week as we travel to Crawford to exact a little revenge on the Pirates. Please note ----- Coach Tindol told me after the game Friday night that the Crawford game will start at 7:30pm, not 8pm as listed on the schedule, and as we announced on the radio. 7:30 kick-off in Crawford on Friday!

If last year is any indication, we will be treated well at Crawford. At the sub-varsity games in '06, the Crawford folks were extremely gracious and hospitable. Their Booster Club was selling 'home-made" ice cream, and it was great. Who knows, maybe we'll even have a special guest from the Crawford area in the press-box like last year. The broadcast will be available on an FM station 'in stadium', so bring your portable radios.

Longhorn's Freshman Team will play Brownwood this Thursday at 5pm, and the JV will face Crawford at 6:30 at McDonald Field. Make plans to be there if you can, it's time for the PURPLE NATION to arise!

Also, mark your calendars - LONGHORN PURPLE DAY is September 8th, beginning at 5pm! Games, silent auction, prizes, excellent Burgers and lots of fun, along with on-field introductions of the Purple Royalty! Don't miss it!

  • Tracy Ebarb
  • September 3, 2007 10:45 AM

August 29, 2007

About 24 Hours until High School Football '07

Yeah, maybe 50 hours until Varsity kick-off, but, for those of us who just plain LOVE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL in Early, TX - the Fresman kick off at 5 pm tomorrow in Cisco! Should be two very good games on the sport turf over in Cisco, with the JV following at 6:30. So, if you possibly can, let's make a statement tomorrow evening by showing up loud and proud for the sub-Varsity squads.


Get ready for a battle Friday night at McDonald Field! Feel free to send in your predictions and opinions for the season opener. Looks like the Longhorns are the underdog against Cisco, personally, I kind of like that. Seems like we've done well in that position in years past, and so I expect the Longhorns will do just fine against the #7 State-ranked Loboes. Coach Tindol says, and has proven, that you get better by playing good teams. Join me Friday night as we watch this 'edition' of the Early Longhorns develop!

August 24, 2007

Longhorns scrimmage vs Comanche

The Horns looked solid on offense tonight against 3A Comanche, winning the scrimmage 2 scores to 0, and then 14-0 in two live quarters. Early had 4 drives in the live quarter, 2 scores, one turnover on downs at the Comanche 5yd line, and one punt. And that with a sophomore quarterback at the helm most of the time! The defense looked really tough at times, but gave up some runs up the middle due to poor tackling. All in all, the 2007 Edition of the Early Longhorns is looking very much like a group that has yet to really find its identity. I think they'll take a huge step toward discovering who they are on August 31st.

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