Jim Ned trails Idalou with 1:21 left

The Jim Ned boys basketball team trails Idalou 47-44 with 1:17 remaining in their Class 2A Region I title game in Midland.

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Indians battling back

The Jim Ned boys basketall team has battled back to take a 35-34 lead with 2:05 left in the third quarter its Region 1-2A final with Idalou in Midland.

The Indians trailed 28-21 at the break.

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Jim Ned trails Idalou at the break

The Jim Ned boys basketball team trails 28-21 at the break in its Region I-2A final with Idalou at Midland's Chaparral Center.
Forced into 13 first-half turnovers, the Indians have hit just 7 of 26 shots.
Jim Ned's Bo Bryant leads all scorers at this point with 17.
Jim Ned's leading scorer on the season, Blake Allen is scoreless, with an 0-for-4 effort from the floor.

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Eastland fell because of pressure

With 6-foot-9 junior swingman Forrest Robinson in the paint, the Eastland Mavericks had their inside/outside questions answered all year to the tune of 22 points and 10 rebounds per game.

One question left unanswered, however, was whether or not the Mavs could deal with a first-class team delivering a first-class full-court press.

The answer to that question would determine how far the Mavericks would go.

It ended in the Region I-2A semifinals on Friday in a 65-42 loss to Idalou.

Hampered by 28 turnovers, including 15 in the first half, the Mavs trailed by 11 at the break and 20 at the end of three quarters.    

Robinson returns for his senior year in 2011, but the Mavs will lose five valuable seniors in Austin Felts, Jarred Moyland, Cory Howie, Marcus Bartee and Billy Bob Brown.








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Roby playoff run proves one thing

Removed from her position as basketball coach at Nazareth following the 2007-2008 season, Amy Huseman could have played the role of victim.

Afterall, Huseman had won state championships at NHS in 2005 and 2007 before being reassigned.

Instead, she took the head coaching job at Roby -- winning her third state title in her first year with the Lady Lions in 2009.

She didn't rub anyone's nose in it -- though she could have. And there were certainly those detractors who claimed that she won the third title due to an abundance of talent already on hand.

Perhaps, perhaps not.

But after losing the majority of that talent, Huseman guided Roby to the regional final this year, where the Lady Lions fell to Turkey Valley on Saturday.

I'd say the lady has been vindicated -- thoroughly.

See you on the road.









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Short Track Speed Skating

OK, I know it's popular and growing by leaps and bounds. But I don't like short-track speed skating.

Any event in which luck is a common factor, really isn't a sport.

By luck, I mean that a skater can do everything right and have his night ruined by someone who doesn't. 

And it's a common occurrence.

How often have you seen a guy skating along, threating to win a medal, only to get wiped out by someone who failed to keep their feet? How often have you seen the slowest guy in the group win a race because all three of the guys ahead of him crashed into each other?

That's not a sport. 

That's a crapshoot, and frankly, you can keep it.

See you on the road.





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Basketball regions should be seeded

I realize that seeding the entire Texas state basketball playoff bracket is impractical.

If it were seeded, you'd have teams from the Panhandle going against teams from the Gulf Coast in the first round.

Can you imagine a Texarkana/El Paso first-round game? Even meeting halfway would mean a seven or eight-hour bus ride, bare minimum.

But I am in favor of seeding the regions, and let me give you an example of why: Take a look at the Class 2A Region I girls bracket.  Now it's bad enough that Top-10 programs from Wall, Nocona and Shallowater are in the same region ....but here, they're in the same side of the regional bracket!


This means that only one of the region's top three teams can reach the regional final. It cheats the teams, it cheats the fans and it cheats the game.

This could easily be rectified by seeding each region.  Yes, the travel would increase, but it wouldn't be a burden.

What do you think?

See you on the road.








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Who's your pick?

With the UIL State girls basketball playoffs getting underway, no less than 30 area teams are beginning postseason play on Tuesday night.

If one were to ask me which one of them has the best chance of getting to Austin for the Final Four, I'd say the defending state champion Roby girls in Class 1A Division II and Wylie in Class 3A are the most likely area teams to get there.

I would alo list several teams who have a moderate chance, among them: Early, Merkel, Cisco, Bangs and Ballinger in Class 2A. And the Eula girls can't be discounted in Class 1A-Division I.

Longshots would include 3A Brownwood, 2A Jim Ned and Class 1A Division I Strawn.

How do you see it?










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A couple of quick thoughts on realignment.

First off, at the 1A and 2A levels, I like the fact that the UIL has split both classes into two separate divisions at the season's outset.

This has been a long time coming, and it should eventually be used from 3A-5A.

There's some extra travel involved, but the new system will pump life into a multitude of programs which have been buried at the bottom of the enrollment game for decades.

Teams like Baird, Ranger, Cross Plains, Hawley, and many others, too numerous to mention, have just been given a level playing field.

Other schools, who have enjoyed playing the role of "bully on the block," will now be playing teams with a similar enrollment.

This is a terrific idea, which will bring a dash of parity in areas where it is desparately needed.

My second thought is on travel.

Though I like the new system and accept that increased mileage is a natural byproduct, I think it is borderline criminal that San Angelo Central is being shipped to the Panhandle again.

A 610-mile round trip for a district game is insane, and you can't tell me that that there isn't some way of shipping SA Central to its old digs in the little Southwest Conference.  










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Cisco/Clyde II is rapidly approaching

Cisco coach Brent West and Clyde coach David Ritchey don't have the luxury of being able to look ahead.

West has to concern himself with Anson this week, and Ritchey can't afford to take his eye off an underrated Merkel team.

But as fans, we are free to look beyond Friday night, and it doesn't take long to see that these two programs are again on a collision course, with the district title likely to be decided in Week 7.

Last year's game was nothing short of a classic, with Clyde scoring two late touchdowns to win 20-6 on its home field. The venue switches to Cisco this year, but I'm guessing that the majority of the 6,000 people who showed up for last year's matchup will be on hand again -- perhaps even more.

For those of you who are planning on getting a seat for the rematch, don't forget, the bleachers were jam-packed 90 minutes before kickoff last year, so get there early.

See you on the road.


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