Holiday Commercial Vomit

I'm so weary of jewelry commercials in December. There is a new one out with a couple by a window with a storm raging outside. Lightening flashes and it gets dark. She jumps surprised and her handsome man is right there. 

"I'm here. And I always will be. Now, here is some jewelry for you."

She says, "Don't let go. Ever."

Oh, vomit. 

The one that's been running for years is the sign language one. "Hey, my sign language is rusty...blah, blah, blah. Here's some jewelry."

And then she loves him. The formula is the same. Man says something that a woman watching a commercial clearly would love to hear. Then he delivers some sweet jewelry. And then she delivers subtle innuendo that intercourse may come later. 

Hey lady, I'm trying to be romantic. Oooh, I love romantic. Yeah? Well here is your jewelry. Oooh, I love you and jewelry! And so on and so forth.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm officially tired of it. 

And those dumb cars with bows on them. I mean, who gives cars for Christmas, anyway?


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Mayo writes:
Gav, another homerun. I'm sick of them too. Aw this diamond heart pennant we made millions of in 1992 hasn't sold out yet, so give her the gift we miscalculated on.

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