December 13, 2006

Jim Ned Basketball In Full Swing

Now, I know this is a football themed blog. But over that is the fact that it's about Jim Ned. And the Indians' players do more than just football. So I thought I'd keep the blog going with news about the victories @ the house in Tuscola, last night. I missed the first game, but I saw the JV Red and both Varsity take on their opponents and win. Clyde couldn't handle our men and Early fought hard but the Varsity Girls came from behind to win.

Grats girls and boys!

  • Suzie
  • December 13, 2006 1:34 PM

November 18, 2006

6-2A Still Strong x3

Coleman worked overtime to knock out Haskell, Wall drops Anson, and Early mastered Hawley to keep the 6-2A representation alive in the state playoff race.

Here, you can read about the stunning 45-21 victory the Hawks pulled off over Anson, in Sweetwater yesterday.

Here is the story about the 3-OT thriller between the Bluecats and Haskell.

And this is the place to read about Early's dominating victory over the Bearcats.

Jay Jeffrey goes airborne
while carrying the ball in
Early's 41-6 win over Hawley,
Photo by Suzie Hall

  • Suzie
  • November 18, 2006 10:53 AM

November 16, 2006

A Couple of Notes

Two things...

1. Just because Jim Ned is not in the playoffs does not mean there isn't football related news.
I have a camera and time, and I will be writing about the efforts of our 6-2A representatives on here, mostly in the form of a photo series.

2. Basketball is around the corner here, so there is plenty of news that I will be posting here about that.

I'll be doing these two things in an attempt to keep this page updated more often.

  • Suzie
  • November 16, 2006 2:48 AM

November 12, 2006

Coleman Moves On, Leaves Pride in Wake

the Jim Ned Indians Lost the final game of the season, cutting short a valiant attempt at a playoff berth. The game itself could have swept the Indians' way easily, however everything seemed to be in Coleman's favor, with Bangs beating Wall (what was that?!?) and a monster catch from the Bluecats' Dalton Deleon that by scientific calculations shouldn't have been made, the blue team took off with the win, and will be facing the Haskell Indians next week in the first round of playoffs.

In reality, for the Indians and the Bluecats, this game was a playoff game in itself. With Early and Wall securing a spot in the postseason, only one more seat was available, and either Jim Ned or Coleman moved forward and the other team went home. Unfortunately, it didn't go the way the Indians had hoped.

We lost two of our most prolific receivers in Michael Shelton and Kit Lefevere, somewhere in there, but it didn't slow down the offense. It opened the gates for younger talent to do what they could do. For example, Jordon Coffman's abilities may have been stifled by the Coleman defense, this game, but his determination alone shows only a preview of what a team Jim Ned is going to be, next season.

A fan actually told me they didn't think that the Indians will be as good of a team the next few years after this one. From what I have seen they're going to be just as good as they were this season, if not better. We have depth to give away on the lines, as long as growing pains and centers of gravity cease to be an issue. We have a superb set of receivers in the mist and a trio of quarterbacks that are behind Taylor Cain, who will undoubtedly helm the offense in '07.

To the seniors: Jon, Kit, Colt, James, Rance, Garrett, Phillip, Kirk, Dayton, Chance, and Colter:

This was a year to remember. I am proud of your effort on the field and your attitude off. You guys represented your school without question, and your futures will no doubt be very bright, regardless the fields you choose. I had a LOT of fun, this season, and I am already looking forward to see what happens next, in basketball, baseball, tennis, or whatever it is you guys do (debate, even!) do it with all your heart, because you may never get to do it again, but what you do achieve -- those are the things you get to talk about when you're 50 and working at the office. I should know. I hear all about good high school sports a lot where I work! But the memories are the best -- so keep them good.

Thanks again...

November 6, 2006

Need a Whuppin?

I was taking my sisters to the mall, this afternoon, when I saw a bumpersticker in the back window of a truck. It read, in bold white lettering on a green background: "Need a Whuppin'? Call 1-800-WALL-HAWKS" least the truck was red.

October 28, 2006

Whoda Thunkit?

Who would have thought that, who at the beginning of the season was ranked 7th out of eight teams, Jim Ned would be number 2 in District 6-2A? That's right. Jim Ned is tied for second place with Early, due to Coleman losing to the Longhorns and first place Wall.

The matchup that will most likely decide who goes to playoffs between the Indians and the Bluecats is, incidently, the last game of the season for both teams -- and it's in Coleman. Can the Indians go to Bluecat Country and leave as winners? Regardless the score on the board, I say yes.

But that game is two weeks away, and currently, the Indians are focusing entirely on the Wall Hawks.

September 3, 2006

Week Zero: The Preseason Report

Part Two of my preseason report is now in session, albeit a couple of days late. I'm discussing the defense, here.

I don't think defensemen get their glory, especially when it comes to the linemen and ends. I have taken many a picture where the reason a running back made a good run was because one of the linemen found a hole and exploited it. This happens rarely with the Indian defense.
The struggle at the line almost always ends in the Indians' favor.

You'll normally find brothers Payden and Garrett Brown on that line, somewhere. Juniors Trenton Tippett and Brian Schulle beef up the middle, and Will Meiron usually on one of the ends. At first, it looked like Tippett and Schulle would be on one side of the ball, only, but coaching staff saw it better to put both of them together -- which will turn out to be a good move. Garrett is usually on one of the ends, as well, and his quickness has proven poisonous to opposing offensive units. Meiron and Payden are new to the varsity team. Expect them to shine as they mature throughout the season. I'm also going to make a prediction that Joe Mayfield could be one of the ones to make the trip from JV into Varsityland this season. He is really an outstanding player.

In the backfield, Jim Ned lacks experience, but makes up for it with ability. Luke Taylor, Tallen Swanzy, and Jordan Coffman work in the back, and did very well stopping the Merkel receiving game, last night. Whatever makes it past the linebackers, these guys will stop the play before the first down can be achieved.

The seniors, Colt Sansing and Kirk Whitehurst, are carrying over some of their best performances from last season.

Kolby Kelley and Hayden Holson are the roming Mad Maxes of the Defense. With pads that have neckrolls that remind me of Mel Gibson's character from that movie, they roam behind the line somewhere, and without flinching roll up on the unassuming ball carriers, and at times, the quarterback. Holson had at least one last night against Merkel.

Some of the offensive faces may make an apperance in the defensive lineup: Taylor Cain, whose primary role is quarterback; and Kit LeFevre, a receiver both may see some time in the backfield.

  • Suzie
  • September 3, 2006 10:41 AM

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