Turnovers Cost Ranger Season Opener!

By Ronny Powell
September 2, 2007

Ranger had 6 fumble giveaways and two interceptions that help spoil the season opener at O.C. Warden stadium here Friday night. To be fair Hawley's defense also rose to the occasion on several key plays en route to a frustrating to watch 13-8 loss.

Senior Jake Wells had a solid night on offense and defense while rushing for 148 yards on 28 carries. Juan Merlan gained 28 yards on 4 carries. Wells scored the lone TD for Ranger on a 16 yard run. Earlier in the game Wells had a beautiful 60 plus yard run for pay dirt but at about the 2 yard line a Hawley defender managed to strip the ball and recover it spoiling a Ranger score. It was that kind of night!

Freshman QB Ryan Draper went 0 for 5 with two INTs. One turnover occurred during an impressive Bulldog drive deep in Hawley territory. Ryan deserves credit for keeping his composure through most of the game. Despite one sack for a 20 plus yard loss and a botched exchange with the Center leading to another Ranger turnover, the freshman bounced right back and continued to fight. In my humble opinion it takes a lot of guts to get out there in your “first? Friday night under the lights and lead players with tons more experience than you. Still Draper needs to take a few more looks at the defense before attempting a pass and get more comfortable with his receivers. That will come with more time and more snaps. Maybe Ryan needs to take his receivers to Dairy Queen, have a steak finger basket and talk over pass patterns. After all it seemed to work for Terry Bradshaw when he played for the Steelers. Don’t think he took his guys to DQ though!

The defense was all about “TCB? Friday night. My hats off to the guys on that side of the ball. The Bulldog “D? held Hawley to 136 total yards including just 2 scores (penalties also helped). Making standout plays for Ranger were Casey Hudson, Dennie Crossan, Greg Martinez, Jake Wells, Cory Smith and Cecil Fuentes. Not trying to leave anyone out as I said the “entire? defense was great.

Finally how about the 56 yard TD run by Michael Espinoza! Mike scooped up a Hawley fumble (thanks to a jaw jarring hit by All State defensive lineman Casey Hudson on the Hawley QB) and off he went. It was so exciting I almost jumped out the press box window. I’m just glad I had the PA turned off! Sadly it “was? called back on a questionable chop block penalty. Again it was just that kind of night.

Time to Move on...

Ranger will play Albany Saturday night September 8th at 7:30 PM in Cisco. Most of you will remember Ranger “upset? Albany last year. Same case scenario this time around as Albany comes in 1-0 after pounding Eastland and Ranger will arrive 0-1 after a close loss to Hawley. No doubt Albany will come with something to prove after being beaten last year. Pass the word on and let’s get the Ranger side filled with fans and back the Dawgs!

I'm going to have cataract surgery on the old left eye this coming Wednesday. It's been something I've been putting off for way too long. I hope you'll keep me in your prayers that day and I will look forward to seeing better to be sure.

Thanks for your support!
Ron Powell


September 19, 2007 8:21 PM

Hahaha...well at least you guys think you could beat hawley. Hawley just had a really bad game. Hawley had just as many turnovers so I am sure that it wasn't the turnovers that won the game for hawley

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