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September 30, 2006


I am sorry to announce that my computer has crashed and burned. I have borrowed a friend's to get this message out. Maybe next week I will be up and running.

Isaw the Jayton / Patton Springs game last week. It was a very good game with Jayton scoring in the last minute of the game for a close victory.

Last night I went to see Highland play Jayton. No last minute heroics for Jayton this time as they fell to Highland. Both teams were playing with backup QB's.

I am not sure about today if I will watch Throckmorton / ACHS or go to Rule to watch Richland Springs and Petersburg. I don't expect either game to go the distance. Too bad ACHS and Throckmorton couldn't have met a year ago. Those two teams would have made for an interesting game. This season is not a good match at all.

Until I can get my computer back, this is probably it for awhile. Sorry.

BTW, Good Football To You.

Don Hardin

  • September 30, 2006 10:30 AM

September 19, 2006



CAPS are my picks to win.

GARDEN CITY vs. Abilene Christian High School
RANKIN vs. Sanderson
FORT DAVIS vs. Sierra Blanca
MEADOW @ Happy
Silverton vs. VALLEY
Ropesville Ropes vs. WHITHARRAL
Chillicothe vs. WF NOTRE DAME
Paducah @ RULE
KNOX CITY @ Gold-Burg
Aspermont @ WOODSON
CROWELL vs. Harrold
Strawn @ MAY
GORDON @ Rising Star
Bryson @ BLUM
TRINIDAD vs. Calvert
PENELOPE vs. Oglesby
KOPPERL @ Jonesboro
Panther Creek @ WATER VALLEY
RICHLAND SPRINGS @ Greenville Christian
Buckholts @ GUSTINE
Lometa @ IREDELL
Veribest vs. PAINT ROCK
KLONDIKE vs., Wilson
Loop vs. SANDS
JAYTON @ Patton Springs ****GAME OF THE WEEK****
Trent @ GRADY
LORAINE vs. Westbrook
SOUTHLAND @ Lazbuddie
Motley County vs. GUTHRIE
MCLAIN vs. Lefors
Groom @ MIAMI
Benjamin vs. LUEDERS-AVOCA
MORAN vs. Novice
MILFORD @ Aquilla
Lohn vs. MULLIN

Don Hardin

  • September 19, 2006 10:48 PM


Good Day, Mates! It is TUESDAY September 19th



1. Richland Springs
2. Trinidad
3. Garden City
4. Meadow
5. Rule
6. Blum
7. Throckmorton
8. Abbott
9. Lorenzo
10. Rankin

Note: The top seven teams remained unchanged from last week. Abbott moved up a couple of slots from 10th to 8th this week while Lorenzo and Rankin both cracked the TOP TEN at # 9 and #10 respectively. Lorenzo played an “outlaw� schedule last season and Rankin is new to Six-Man this season. Congratulations to the head coaches Kyle Hauk and Danny Davis for their early season successes.

Games to watch this week are Calvert (2-1) at # 2Trinidad (3-0) and # 4 Meadow (3-0) playing at Happy (2-1).


1. Vernon Northside
2. Whitharral
3. Patton Springs
4. Jayton
5. Gustine
6. Dell City
7. Guthrie
8. Woodson
9. Grandfalls-Royalty
10. Iredell

Note: Division 2 teams make the most moves on the Top Ten list from week to week. We had a change at the top this week with Vernon Northside and Whitharral swapping positions. Whitharral dropped a game to Meadow last week while Vernon Northside remained unbeaten for the season. Gustine and Grandfalls-Royalty both slipped a bit with their losses. Patton Springs and Jayton made big moves up to # 3 and #4. They face off this week. Both Guthrie and Iredell cracked the TOP TEN this week with Guthrie coming in at # 7 and Iredell at # 10.

Enjoy the game of your choice this week. I will have my weekly picks posted Wednesday.

Don Hardin

  • September 19, 2006 6:15 AM

September 18, 2006


Before we look at scores I want to give just a little more information on the Whitharral and Meadow game which not only had I picked the Game of the Week but also Dairy Queen. Fox Sports Network had a film crew at the game. These are two of the better teams in their respective divisions and former district rivals. I picked Whitharral to win the game. Meadow won that game 99-60.

The game of six-man, as fans of the sport know, is usually a high scoring game. This was an exceptional game. Meadow I know is happy to win and Whitharral should not be too distraught in their loss. The fact of the matter is Whitharral will learn from this game. Meadow is a very good team and has great players. The game resulted in something like 1250 yards of offense! Whitharral had nine young men suited for this game. They are in shape otherwise they would not have been standing at the end of the game.

Meadow QB, Adrian Sanchez, completed 7 of 7 passes for 189 yards and 3 TD’s. The night belonged to Meadow’s Zach Morrow who rushed for 221 yards on 16 tries and scored 6 TD’s. The score at the half was 50-30 in favor of Meadow.

I shot video of the game. Check out this catch.

It is a long way to Whitharral from Abilene. It was a great game and I am truly glad to have been there. Now, on to the other scores for WEEK TWO!

GARDEN CITY 46 @ Midland Christian 0
FORT DAVIS 58 @ Sanderson 18
Grady 55 @ NEW HOME 22
HIGHLAND 54 @ Trent 6
IRA 60 @ Aspermont 47
Robert Lee 50 @ SANTA ANNA 48
Westbrook 52@ SANDS 8
WELLMAN-UNION 29 @ Borden County 8
ROPESVILLE ROPES 32 @ Cotton Center 39
Meadow 99 @ WHITHARRAL 60 ***GAME OF THE WEEK***
HAPPY 66 @ Amarillo Bible Heritage 26
PETERSBURG 62 @ Whiteface 30
SILVERTON 6 @ Paducah 52
LORENZO 59 @ Abilene Christian 22
Hedley 14 @ MCLAIN 59
Crowell 0 @ THROCKMORTON 53
Spur 21 @ JAYTON 64
Newcastle 68 @ KNOX CITY 22
Gold-Burg 21 @ CHILLICOTHE 24
PENELOPE 38 @ Bynum 56
ABBOTT 54 @ Gordon 8
MAY 49 @ Bryson 0
Rochelle 48 @ BLANKET 20
LOMETA 26 @ Rising Star 28
BUCKHOLTS 45 @ Aquilla 0
Cherokee 22 @ ZEPHYR 62
Balmorhea 29 @ EL PASO JESUS CHAPEL 28
Sierra Blanca 6 @ EP FAITH CHRISTIAN 56
KLONDIKE 60 @ Hermleigh 12
Dawson 44 @ AMHERST 25
Loraine 0 @ WATER VALLEY 45
LOOP 36 @ Southland 81
Samnorwood 26 @ PATTON SPRINGS 50
LazbUddie 8 @ LEFORS 58
Miami 47 @ HIGGINS 0
Follett 6 @ VALLEY 54
BENJAMIN 60 @ Paint Creek 12
WOODSON 62 @ Groom 59
Moran 14 @ RULE 68
Milford 58 @ AVALON 54
Paint Rock 6 @ EDEN 54
Blackwell 25 @ LUEDERS-AVOCA 62
IREDELL 44 @ Morgan 0
Sidney 42 @ PANTHER CREEK 62
STAR 42 @ Novice 54
Jonesboro 22 @ MULLIN 44
Granbury Happy Hills Academy 8 @ BLUM 58
Humble Christian Life Center 13@ TRINIDAD 53
I got 33 out of 50 this week for 66%.
Week 0: 33 Correct 18 Wrong = 65%
Week 1: 43 Correct 7 Wrong = 86%
Week 2: 33 Correct 17 Wrong = 66%
For the Year, Correct 109 Wrong 42 = 72%

TUESDAY is POLL DAY!!!!!!!!!

Don Hardin

  • September 18, 2006 12:45 AM

September 16, 2006

Good Saturday morning to you


Hope things went well with your team last night. I just got in from Whitharral where I watch their game with Meadow. Meadow won the game 99 to 60. I will try to do that justice later on. The game did not start until 9:00 PM as they were waiting for refs to finish up at another game them come and ref this one. I don’t know what happened at their first game but they certainly got a work out in Whitharral.

I met some really nice people there. Seems like just about everyone there is name Avery.

Don Hardin

  • September 16, 2006 4:24 AM

September 14, 2006


A good thing happened last Friday night to a good guy. Guthrie coach Larry Reid won his 100th career victory. There are coaches with more wins, lots more wins. There are also lots of coaches with less wins. Regular readers of SMC may remember that I went to the Texas 6-Man Coaches Association coaching clinic back in July held up in Lubbock. I heard lots of speakers and visited with coaches from all over the state. One of the speakers I heard was Coach Reid. He spoke that day about running a “3-2� defense. He said he was just a simple guy and if it was simple for him, it was simple for the kids. The 3-2 is just like any defense, it has strengths and weaknesses. Coach Reid knows how to make it work. His speech was entertaining and productive. One could easily say that he is very productive with his coaching skills. Good job Larry.

Don Hardin

  • September 14, 2006 5:23 AM

September 13, 2006

Wednesday 9-13-2006. Here are this weeks picks.

Wednesday 9-13-2006. Here are this weeks picks. Projected winners in CAPS.
Week 0: 33 Correct 18 Wrong = 65%
Week 1: 43 Correct 7 Wrong = 86% For the year 76 Correct-25 Wrong = 75%
WEEK 2 HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GARDEN CITY @ Midland Christian
FORT DAVIS @ Sanderson
Grady @ NEW HOME
IRA @ Aspermont
Robert Lee @ SANTA ANNA
Westbrook @ SANDS
WELLMAN-UNION @ Borden County
HAPPY @ Amarillo Bible Heritage
PETERSBURG @ Whiteface
LORENZO @ Abilene Christian
Hedley @ MCLAIN
Newcastle @ KNOX CITY
ABBOTT @ Gordon
MAY # Bryson
Rochelle @ BLANKET
LOMETA @ Rising Star
Cherokee @ ZEPHYR
KLONDIKE @ Hermleigh
Dawson @ AMHERST
LOOP @ Southland
LazbUddie @ LEFORS
Follett @ VALLEY
BENJAMIN @ Paint Creek
Moran @ RULE
Milford @ AVALON
Paint Rock @ EDEN
IREDELL @ Morgan
STAR @ Novice
Jonesboro @ MULLIN
Granbury Happy Hills Academy @ BLUM
Humble Christian Life Center @ TRINIDAD

Good Football To You!!

Don Hardin

  • September 13, 2006 6:07 AM

September 11, 2006

It is Tuesday 9/12/2006. POLL DAY!!!

Here are the SMC TOP 10 Rankings for Division 1 and Division 2.

Division 1
1. Richland Springs
2. Trinidad
3. Garden City
4. Meadow
5. Rule
6. Blum
7. Throckmorton
8. Valley
9. Calvert
10. Abbott

Division 2
1. Whitharral
2. Northside
3. Gustine
4. Grandfalls-Royalty
5. Patton Springs
6. Dell City
7. Jayton
8. Sanderson
9. Woodson
10. Borden County

WEEK TWO games of note. If you want to try your hand at picking games, here are ten games to work with this week. All of these are great matches. I would love to see them all. Which game would you go to?

Rankin @ Grandfalls-Royalty
Highland @ Trent
Meadow @ Whitharral
Lorenzo @ Abilene Christian
Knox City @ Newcastle
Blum @ Granbury Happy Hills Academy
Richland Springs vs. Gustine
Sanderson vs. Fort Davis
Jayton vs. Spur
Patton Springs vs. Samnorwood

Be sure and check out Wednesday's BLOG! I will be making my picks on these and others right here tomorrow.

Don Hardin

  • September 11, 2006 10:54 PM


Looking back over the weekend here are your WEEK ONE SCORES. Hope your team did well!

Division 1 Region 1 District 1

Ackerly Sands 52 Wilson 7
Fort Davis 46 Balmorhea 0
Garden City 68 Grandfalls Royalty 22
Lenorah Grady 63 Whiteface 14
Rankin 50 Midland Trinity 13

Division 1 Region 1 District 3

Ira 62 vs. Haskell Paint Creek 6
Robert Lee 53 Gail Borden County 28
Roscoe Highland 54 Aspermont 45
Water Valley 42 vs. Sanderson 44
Westbrook 0 Guthrie 45

Division 1 Region 1 District 4

Meadow 52 Petersburg 6
New Home 56 Southland 8
Ropesville Ropes 20 Jayton 44
Wellman-Union 46 Loop 0
Whiteface 14 Lenorah Grady 63

Division 1 Region 2 District 5
Happy 52 Paducah 6
Kress 19 Whitharral 67
Lorenzo 46 vs. Follett 0
Petersburg 6 Meadow 52
Silverton 42 Cotton Center 27

Division 1 Region 2 District 6

Chillicothe 62 Harrold 40
Crowell 25 Newcastle 34
Hedley 20 Samnorwood 44
Paducah 6 Happy 52
Turkey Valley 15 Rule 39 Game of the Week

Division 1 Region 2 District 7

Aspermont 45 Roscoe Highland 54
Knox City 19 Vernon Northside 64
Rule 39 Turkey Valley 15
Spur 39 Matador Motley County 48
Throckmorton 70 Woodson 22

Division 1 Region 3 District 9

Bowie Gold-Burg 59 Fort Worth Hill 13
Bryson 22 Wichita Falls Notre Dame 24
Gordon 52 Rule JV 12
Newcastle34 Crowell 25
Strawn 6 Abbott 53

Division 1 Region 3 District 11

Avalon 70 Temple Central Texas Christian 61
Coolidge 0 Calvert 50
Dallas Gateway CHARTER 39 Waxahachie Fellowship CHARTER 65
Penelope 54 Cranfills Gap 6
Trinidad 58 Greenville Christian 8

Division 1 Region 3 District 12

Abbott 53 vs. Strawn 6
Aquilla 32 New Braunfels Christian 45
Blum 58 Milford 0
Bynum 69 Granbury Happy Hill Academy 98
Kopperl 50 Iredell 51
Walnut Springs 53 Oglesby 8

Division 1 Region 4 District 13

Blanket 63 Brookesmith 50
May 52 Cherokee 0
Rising Star 45 Rochelle 52
Santa Anna 63 Eden 30
Valera Panther Creek 54 Paint Rock 42

Division 1 Region 4 District 15

Brrokesmith 50 Blanket 63
Eden 30 @ Santa Anna 63
Richland Springs 54 Amarillo Bible Heritage 6
Rochelle 52 Rising Star 45
Veribest 24 Lohn 34

Division 1 Region 4 District 16

Buckholts 38 Star 20
Calvert 50 Coolidge 0
Cherokee 0 May 52
Lometa 36 Zephyr 22


DIVISION 2 Region 1 District 1

Balmorhea 0 Fort Davis 46
Dell City 46 El Paso Faith Christian 54
Marathon OPEN
Sanderson 44 Water Valley 42
Sierra Blanca 18 vs. El Paso Jesus Chapel 34

Division 2 Region 1 District 3

Grandfalls Royalty 22 Garden City 68
Imperial Buena Vista 28 San Angelo TLC Academy 40
Lamesa Klondike 36 Loraine 69
Welch Dawson 54 Hermleigh 8
Loop 0 Wellman-Union 46

Division 2 Region 1 District 4

Gail Borden County 28 Robert Lee 53
Herm Leigh 8 Welch Dawson 54
Jayton 44 Ropesville Ropes 20
Loraine 69 Lamesa Klondike 36
Trent 54 Blackwell 6

Division 2 Region 2 District 5

Amherst 54 Humble Christian Life Center 6
Cotton Center 27 Silverton 42
Southland 8 New Home 56
Whitharral 67 Kress 19
Wilson 7 Ackerly Sands 52

Division 2 Region 2 District 7

Groom 34 Lefors 46
Lazbuddie 6 Afton Patton Springs 46
Matador Motley County 48 Spur 39
McLean 56 Higgins 0
Samnorwood 44 Hedley 20

Division 2 Region 2 District 8

Briscoe Fort Elliott 51 Amarillo Holy Cross 6
Follett 0 Lorenzo 46
Higgins 0 McLean 56
Lefors 46 Groom 34
Miami 24 Amarillo Arbor 62

Division 2 Region 3 District 9

Afton Patton Springs 46 Lazbuddie 6
Benjamin 25 Lubbock Christ the King 36
Guthrie 45 Westbrook 0
Harrold 40 Chillicothe 62
Vernon Northside 64 Knox City 19

Division 2 Region 3 District 10

Haskell Paint Creek 6 Ira 62
Lueders-Avoca 23 Novice 16
Moran 55 Mullin 22
Woodson 22 Throckmorton 70

Division 2 Region 3 District 12
Apple Springs 0 Bryan BVCHEA Homeschool 49
Landonia-Fannindel 14 Leverett’s Chapel 46
Milford 0 Blum 58
Morgan 0 Gustine 52

Division 2 Region 4 District 14
Blackwell 6 Trent 54
Lohn 34 Veribest 24
Novice 16 Lueders-Avoca 23
Paint Rock 42 Valera Panther Creek 54
Zephyr 22 Lometa 36

Division 2 Region 4 District 15

Cranfills Gap 6 Penelope 54
Gustine 52 Morgan 0
Iredell 51 Kopperl 50
Mullin 22 Moran 55
Sidney 50 Jonesboro 21

Division 2 Region 4 District 16

Jonesboro 21 Sidney 50
Oglesby 8 Walnut Springs 53
Prairie Lea 49 vs. Marble Falls Faith Academy 47
Star 20 Buckholts 38

Tomorrow we will have the new Top 10 polls for Division 1 and 2. We will also look at the schedule for the next week. Wednesday I will have the “picks� for week two.

Don Hardin

  • September 11, 2006 6:09 AM

September 10, 2006

Valley / Rule

The game of the week as picked by SMC was a contest between Valley, ranked # 4 in last weeks SMC Top Ten poll and the # 5 ranked Rule Bobcats. The game was played at Valley. Don’t try to find that on the map. It isn’t there. The school is actually located about half way between Turkey and Quitaque. It is 180 plus miles North from Abilene.

Some folks recognize the school as Turkey Valley. That upsets some people. Well at least one. I told that person that I would honor their wish and refer to the school as only Valley. The same person invited me to come to the game and to see all of the trophies the school has won over the years. I accepted the invitation. Actually, I was going even without the kind invitation. Very impressive athletic record. I have some pictures you can look at if you wish located at .

Regardless of what Valley has done in the past, Friday night’s game belonged to Rule. The Bobcats received the opening kickoff. After a penalty, Rule began their first drive of the season from their own 10 yard line. The results were a 70 yard drive for a TD. Most of the yardage on that drive came through the air.. The TD came with 7:30 left in the first quarter. Rule missed their point after try and led 6-0. The teams then traded a couple of possessions.

Valley got its first score on a 4 yard run with 4:47 left in the second quarter and converted on a pass to take the lead 7-6. It appeared this game would be a defensive battle all night long. Valley scored again with only 35 seconds left in the half and kicked on the pat to lead 15-6. Rule managed to come back with a score of their own on the final play of the first half but again failed to convert and still trailed by the score of 15-12. It was a great first half of Six-Man football..

Rule kicked off to start the third quarter by successfully recovering an onside kick. The ball was mishandled by Valley and Rule gained possession at their on 38 yard line. Just a couple of plays later, Rule was in the end zone again and converted the kick on the point after try and led 20-15.. Rule would go on to score three additional times but failing to convert the point after tries twice and successfully converting one on a pass. Valley was shut out the second half of play and the final score was 39 15. With the win, Rule is now 1-0 and Valley is now 1-1 after beating Calvert last week 36-34 at Hico.

Coach Reed of Rule felt like he saw some good things but also felt his team failed to play up to their potential. Overall he was happy and was glad to “take the win against a good Valley team“.

My observation is that even though the season is early, these two teams could very well meet again in the playoffs. Good Football to both teams. Valley plays their next game at home against Follett. That game will serve as the Patriot’s homecoming game. Rule will play Division II Moran for the Bobcats next game at Rule.

We will look at other scores on Monday.

Don Hardin

  • September 10, 2006 1:04 AM

September 6, 2006


It is Wednesday which means it is time for me to make my Week One picks. Last week I picked 51 games of which I got 33 right and 18 wrong. Some were real wrong. That gives me 65% for the year. Brace yourself, here we go again. Same as last week, teams in ALL CAPS are my pick to win this week’s contest.

Westbrook @ GUTHRIE
MEADOW @ Petersburg
Whiteface @ GRADY
Happy vs. PADUCAH
RULE @ Valley *******Game of the Week***********
Aspermont @ HIGHLAND
Strawn @ ABBOTT
PENELOPE @ Cransfill Gap
Coolidge @ CALVERT
BLUM @ Milford
Walnut Springs @ OGLESBY
Kopperl @ IREDELL
Rising Star @ ROCHELLE
Veribest @ LOHN
Buckholts @ STAR
Cherokee @ MAY
Sanderson @ WATER VALLEY
Balmorhea @ FORT DAVIS
Grandfalls-Royalty @ GARDEN CITY
Klondike @ LORAINE
JAYTON @ Ropesville Ropes
Borden County @ ROBERT LEE
Herm Leigh @ DAWSON
Wilson @ Sands
Southland @ NEW HOME
Cotton Center @ SILVERTON
GROOM @ Lefors
MCLEAN @ Higgins
Motley County @ SPUR
FORT ELLIOT @ Amarillo Holy Cross
Follett @ LORENZO
Paint Creek @ IRA
Morgan @ GUSTINE
Zephyr @ LOMETA
Blackwell @ TRENT
Mullin @ MORAN
Jonesboro @ SIDNEY

  • September 6, 2006 7:06 AM

September 5, 2006



SIX-MAN CENTRAL DIVISION ONE TOP TEN Tuesday September 5th, 2006

1. Richland Springs
2. Trinidad
3. Garden City
4. Turkey Valley
5. Rule
6. Meadow
7. Blum
8. Throckmorton
9. Calvert
10. May

SIX-MAN CENTRAL DIVISION TWO TOP TEN Tuesday September 5th, 2006

1. Whitharral
2 Grandfalls-Royalty
3. Dell City
4. Borden County
5. Patton Springs
6. Jayton
7. Northside
8. Gustine
9. Woodson
10. Zephyr

  • September 5, 2006 7:08 AM

September 4, 2006

Name Changes of Schools

I do not want to hurt any feelings but I am going with a few name changes. Understand that I am making these changes for my own personal use when reporting on the following schools Turkey Valley will now be Valley. Roscoe Highland will now be Highland. Lenorah Grady becomes Grady. Gail Borden County becomes Borden County. Ackerly Sands now becomes Sands. Vernon Northside becomes Northside. Matador Motley County becomes Motley County. Bowie Gold-Burg become Gold-Burg. Valera Panther Creek becomes Panther Creek. Lamesa Klondike becomes Klondike. Welch Dawson becomes Dawson. Imperial Buena Vista becomes Buena Vista. Afton Patton Springs become Patton Springs. Haskell Paint Creek becomes Paint Creek.

Thank you for your indulgence.

  • September 4, 2006 8:16 PM

September 3, 2006


Week ZERO in the books!

I saw SEVEN Six-Man games in three days over the weekend. As a fan, I have watched myself into shape for the rest of the season. I traveled just over 700 miles Thursday Friday and Saturday watching those seven games. You as a reader will need to be in shape to finish reading this blog because it is long. I have a recap of the games I saw and a recap of all the scores I could find as well as a list of next weeks games. My wish is that you enjoy and not be bored.

Week Zero is under our belt. There were some great games played. I went to Richland Springs on Thursday night, August 3, to watch Richland Springs and Abilene Christian High School. I had seen the scrimmage between Rule and ACHS the week before and I feared for ACHS going against the likes of RS. There is good news and bad news. OK, the good news first? ACHS played a way better game against RS than what they showed in the scrimmage against Rule. I truly mean that. They were way better. Yeah, the bad news is they got 45’d anyway. 70 - 24. What does that say about a # 1 ranked public school going against a # 1 ranked Private school? Are Publics that much better than Privates?

It is 116.9 miles from my house to the Richland Springs football stadium. Speaking of which, the field in Richland Springs is awesome. The facility at RS is very nice. The hospitality shown by the town folks is unbelievable. What I am saying concerning all that is if your team is invited to go to next year’s Coyote Kick Off Classic, do not hesitate to accept the invitation. You will be most pleased to be there. Trust me. After each game played there this classic, the teams were treated to a meal and fellowship. The fellowship was wonderful and the meal was completely off the chart GOOD! Richland Springs people want to do everything right! It is difficult for me to figure out how they will make it better next year but I bet you they will find a way.

Friday night, I found by way back to Richland Springs to watch two more games. The first game was Arlington St. Albans against Cherokee. Cherokee failed to score and the game ended at the half. Two things I will say about that game. The twins from Arlington carried the team. The second thing is although Cherokee only suited 9 boys, they suited much more determination than that. The Cherokee Nine never stopped giving it their all. I admire that in a team. Early on it was apparent what the outcome would be but the Indians didn’t seem to find a reason to give up. They have one kid who will drill a hole in you and you better be ready for him. I am not giving his name or number but you May boys will find out soon enough when you get on the field with him.

The second game was another 45’er. Abbott beat Eden in that one. Eden has a ways to go being that was their first “live� Six-Man game. They will improve and by season end they may well be making the playoffs their first season in THE game. I want to congratulate #30. The program says he is Chris Ogle, a 5’ 11’’ 160 pounder that is a sophomore. He scored their first TD of the regular season and thus the first TD for Eden since they came up to Six-Man.

Saturday night there were two additional games played as part of the Coyote Kick Off Classic. Dell City played and defeated Aspermont by the score of 40-8 and Blum defeated Blanket by the score of 62 to 12. I was unable to attend those games because I opted to spend the day in Hico.

Hico, Texas. Back in 2004, a few folks had an idea and they put flesh on the bones of that idea and they turned it into what they call Six-Man Super Saturday. This season they picked 8 teams to come and participate. The teams were Strawn, Lometa, Turkey Valley, Calvert, Trinidad, Grandfalls-Royalty, Throckmorton, and Garden City. WOW! What a line up!! Often times you don’t get what you expect in that kind of a card. It is difficult to live up to the hype that surrounds such an undertaking. Did any fan leave disappointed? The four teams that lost I am sure hated losing but I just don’t see how they could be disappointed in the day.

GAME ONE: Strawn 36 Lometa 28 Strawn came from behind to win this one.

GAME TWO: Turkey Valley 36 Calvert 34 Calvert turned the ball over on Turkey Valley’s 4 yard line with about a minute left in the game.

GAME THREE: Trinidad 52 Grandfalls-Royalty 15 The game was closer than the score sounds and those who saw it may have seen this season’s Division 1 and 2 State Champions on the field at the same time. They really were both that good.

GAME FOUR: Garden City 38 Throckmorton 36 OT. My! MY !! It was a contest that those who were there to see it will not soon forget. Garden City is a very talented team. They will be a force in determining who plays on and who goes home. They had the opportunity to fold late in the game. They did not. No, they rose to the occasion and defeated the defending State Champions. It was gutsy on the part of the bearcats.

You can feel badly for the Greyhounds of Throckmorton if you would like. You can talk badly about them if you like. What you had better not do is write them off because of this loss. They are a team that faces the pressure that no other Six-Man team will face this season. That is the pressure of being state ranked and the target on their back that is there because they are defending State Champions. Every team they face this season is going to play a little bit better and a little bit harder because they just might beat “last year’s champion�. Garden City did defeat Throckmorton. Others may do the same thing but they are the defending Champions as long as they play this season. They are hurting because of this loss. They are hurting because of injuries to their team. They will get over the loss. In fact it will probably make them a better team. They will get over their injuries as well and when thay are back at full strength, even 90 percent, pray that you have already played them.

That was my first OT Six-Man game to see. It was amazing to say the least. I will see more great football this season but I honestly believe I won’t see any better football.

Here are the Week Zero scores as I have them. Feel free to contact me with corrections. These are listed by DIVISION, REGION, and DISTRICT. The next game will be listed as well. Subject to change.

Division 1 Region 1 District 1
Ackerly Sands 38 Spur 40
Fort Davis 42 El Paso Jesus Chapel 28
Garden City 38 Throckmorton 36 OT
Lenorah Grady 14 Sanderson 36
Rankin 56 Robert Lee 22Next

Next Game
Ackerly Sands vs. Wilson
Fort Davis vs. Balmorhea
Garden City vs. Grandfalls Royalty
Lenorah Grady @ Sanderson
Rankin vs. Midland Trinity


Division 1 Region 1 District 3
Ira 48 Hermleigh 48
Robert Lee 22 Rankin 56
Roscoe Highland 48 Newcastle 30
Water Valley 61 Midland Trinity 57
Westbrook 40 Trent 50

Next Game
Ira vs. Haskell Paint Creek
Robert Lee vs. Gail Borden County
Roscoe Highland vs. Aspermont
Water Valley vs. Sanderson
Westbrook @ Guthrie


Division 1 Region 1 District 4
Meadow 58 Silverton 12
New Home 42 Borden County 34
Ropesville Ropes 44 Southland 39
Wellman-Union 48 Petersburg 0
Whiteface 14 Whitharral 47

Next Game
Meadow @ Petersburg
New Home vs. Southland
Ropesville Ropes vs. Jayton
Wellman-Union @ Loop
Whiteface @ Lenorah Grady

Division 1 Region 2 District 5
Happy scrimmaged Rule
Kress 44 Motley County 66
Lorenzo OPEN
Petersburg 0 Wellman-Union 48
Silverton 12 Meadow 58

Next Game
Happy @ Paducah
Kress vs. Whitharral
Lorenzo vs. Follett
Petersburg vs. Meadow
Silverton vs. Cotton Center


Division 1 Region 2 District 6
Chillicothe 77 Wichita Fall Christian 7
Crowell 6 Vernon Northside 52
Hedley 58 Lefors 12
Paducah 43 Samnorwood 22
Turkey Valley 36 Calvert 34

Next Game
Chillicothe @ Harrold
Crowell vs. New Castle
Hedley vs. Samnorwood
Paducah vs. Happy
Turkey Valley vs. Rule


Division 1 Region 2 District 7
Aspermont 8 Dell City 40
Knox City 64 Bryson 14
Rule scrimmaged Happy
Spur 40 Sands 38
Throckmorton 36 Garden City 38

Next Game
Aspermont @ Roscoe Highland
Knox City @ Vernon Northside
Rule @ Turkey Valley
Spur vs. Matador Motley County
Throckmorton @ Woodson


Division 1 Region 3 District 9
Bowie Gold-Burg 0 Wichita Falls Notre Dame 52
Bryson 14 Knox City 64
Gordon 0 Gustine 60
Newcastle 30 Roscoe Highland 48
Strawn 36 Lometa 28

Next Game
Bowie Gold-Burg vs. Fort Worth Hill
Bryson vs. Wichita Falls Notre Dame
Gordon OPEN
Newcastle @ Crowell
Strawn @ Abbott


Division 1 Region 3 District 11
Avalon 67 Oglesby 20
Coolidge 12 Santa Anna 60
Dallas Gateway CHARTER 12 Fort Worth Glenview 62
Penelope 46 Aquilla 12
Trinidad 52 Grandfalls-Royalty 15

Next Game
Avalon @ Temple Central Texas Christian
Coolidge @ Calvert
Dallas Gateway CHARTER vs. Waxahachie Fellowship CHARTER
Penelope @ Cranfills Gap
Trinidad vs. Greenville Christian


Division 1 Region 3 District 12
Abbott 77 Eden 32
Aquilla 12 Penelope 46
Blum 62 Blanket 12
Bynum OPEN
Kopperl 48 Morgan 0
Walnut Springs 26 Granbury Happy Hill 74

Next Game
Abbott vs. Strawn
Aquilla vs. New Braunfels Christian
Blum @ Milford
Bynum @ Granbury Happy Hill Academy
Kopperl @ Iredell
Walnut Springs @ Oglesby


Division 1 Region 4 District 13
Blanket 12 Blum 62
May 48 Woodson 14
Rising Star 14 Brookesmith 60
Santa Anna 60 Coolidge 12
Valera Panther Creek 63 Lohn 18

Next Game
Blanket vs. Brookesmith
May vs. Cherokee
Rising Star @ Rochelle
Santa Anna vs. Eden
Valera Panther Creek @ Paint Rock


Division 1 Region 4 District 15
Brookesmith 60 Rising Star 14
Eden 32 Abbott 77
Richland Springs 70 Abilene Christian 24
Rochelle 32 Zephyr 16
Veribest 44 Mullin 45

Next Game
Brrokesmith @ Blanket
Eden @ Santa Anna
Richland Springs vs. Amarillo Bible Heritage
Rochelle vs. Rising Star
Veribest @ Lohn


Division 1 Region 4 District 16
Buckholts OPEN
Calvert 34 Turkey Valley 36
Cherokee 0 Arlington St. Albans 46
Lometa 28 Strawn 36

Next Game
Buckholts @ Star
Calvert vs. Coolidge
Cherokee @ May
Lometa vs. Zephyr


Division 2 Region 1 District 1
Balmorhea 13 El Paso Faith Christian 58
Dell City 40 Aspermont 8
Marathon OPEN
Sanderson 36 Grady 14
Sierra Blanca 34 El Paso Immanuel Christian 32

Next Game
Balmorhea @ Fort Davis
Dell City vs. El Paso Faith Christian
Marathon OPEN
Sanderson @ Water Valley
Sierra Blanca vs. El Paso Jesus Chapel


Division 2 Region 1 District 3
Grandfalls-Royalty 15 Trinidad 52
Imperial Buena Vista 52 Fort Davis JV 14
Lamesa Klondike 0 Guthrie 45
Loop 42 Paint Rock 26
Welch Dawson 14 Loraine 38

Next Game
Grandfalls Royalty @ Garden City
Imperial Buena Vista vs. San Angelo TLC Academy


Division 2 Region 1 District 4
Gail Borden 34 New Home 42
Hermleigh 0 Ira 48
Jayton 68 Benjamin 18
Loraine 38 Welch Dawson 14
Trent 50 Westbrook 40

Next Game
Gail Borden County @ Robert Lee
Herm Leigh @ Welch Dawson
Jayton @ Ropesville Ropes
Loraine Vs. Lamesa Klondike
Trent vs. Blackwell


Division 2 Region 2 District 5
Amherst 27 Lazbuddie 20
Cotton Center 17 Hart 42
Southland 39 Ropesville Ropes 44
Whitharral 47 Whiteface 14
Wilson 18 Plainview Christian 22

Next Game
Amherst vs. Humble Christian Life Center
Cotton Center @ Silverton
Southland @ New Home
Whitharral @ Kress
Wilson @ Ackerly Sands


Division 2 Region 2 District 7
Groom 18 Follett 13
Lazbuddie 20 Amherst 27
Matador Motley County 66 Kress 44
McLean 42 Afton Patton Springs 43
Samnorwood 22 Paducah 43

Next Game
Groom @ Lefors
Lazbuddie vs. Afton Patton Springs
Matador Motley County @ Spur
McLean @ Higgins
Samnorwood @ Hedley


Division 2 Region 2 District 8
Briscoe Fort Elliott 13 Lubbock Christ the King 47
Follett 13 Groom 18
Higgins OPEN
Lefors 12 Hedley 58
Miami 36 Amarillo Holy Cross 12

Next Game
Briscoe Fort Elliott @ Amarillo Holy Cross
Follett @ Lorenzo
Higgins vs. McLean
Lefors vs. Groom
Miami vs. Amarillo Arbor


Division 2 Region 3 District 9
Afton Patton Springs 43 McLean 42
Benjamin 18 Jayton 68
Guthrie 45 Lamesa Klondike 0
Harrold Open
Vernon Northside 52 Crowell 6

Next Game
Afton Patton Springs @ Lazbuddie
Benjamin vs. Lubbock Christ the King
Guthrie vs. Westbrook
Harrold vs. Chillicothe
Vernon Northside vs. Knox City


Division 2 Region 3 District 10
Haskell Paint Creek 20 Novice 70
Lueders-Avoca 51 Star 73
Moran 50 Sidney 12
Woodson 14 May 47

Next Game
Haskell Paint Creek @ Ira
Lueders-Avoca vs. Novice
Moran vs. Mullin
Woodson vs. Throckmorton


Division 2 Region 3 District 12
Apple Springs 25 Leverett’s Chapel 44
Landonia-Fannindel OPEN
Milford 56 Cranfills Gap 16
Morgan 0 Kopperl 48

Next Game
Apple Springs vs. Bryan BVCHEA Homeschool
Landonia-Fannindel OPEN
Milford vs. Blum
Morgan @ Gustine


Division 2 Region 4 District 14
Blackwell 0 San Angelo TLC 51
Lohn 18 Valera Panther Creek 63
Novice 70 Haskell Paint Creek 20
Paint Rock 26 Loop 42
Zephyr 16 Rochelle 32

Next Game
Blackwell @ Trent
Lohn vs. Veribest
Novice @ Lueders-Avoca
Paint Rock vs. Valera Panther Creek
Zephyr @ Lometa


Division 2 Region 4 District 15
Cranfills Gap 16 Milford 56
Gustine 60 Gordon 0
Iredell 46 Jonesboro 8
Mullin 45 Veribest 44
Sidney 12 Moran 50

Next Game
Cranfills Gap vs. Penelope
Gustine vs. Morgan
Iredell vs. Kopperl
Mullin @ Moran
Sidney vs. Jonesboro


Division 2 Region 4 District 16
Jonesboro 8 Iredell 46
Oglesby 20 Avalon 67
Prairie Lea 26 San Antonio Town East Christian 64
Star 73 Lueders-Avoca 51

Next Game
Jonesboro @ Sidney
Oglesby vs. Walnut Springs
Prairie Lea vs. Marble Falls Faith Academy
Star vs. Buckholts

I will have my picks ready on Wednesday. How did you do for Week Zero?

Don Hardin

  • September 3, 2006 10:11 PM

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