September 22, 2006


How about them Tigers! For the past couple of weeks all I’ve heard is how bad the Tigers are doing. How Lance Day can’t pass, how the defense can’t get the job done! All along I’ve said that Chad Rogers is working a plan and before to long things are going to start clicking. We all have to remember that this squad is NEW. New players in new positions means kinks in the chain but it’s nothing that can’t be solved.

Tonight (9/22), the Tigers proved to all the critics that they are the real deal. All week long Chad Rogers and the entire coaching staff did what had to be done to get those nasty kinks worked out. I talked with several of the players and they all told me this was one of the toughest weeks of practice ever!

Over the last couple of games we watched a Tiger team that had great moments followed by disaster, penalties, missed tackles and so much more.

Now we can honestly say the Tigers have fixed what’s broken and solved the puzzle that’s been plaguing them for so long. Amarillo Palo Duro came into the Tigers den tonight and now they have a long drive back north wondering what went wrong.

Palo Duro is one of the fastest teams the Tigers have ever gone against and they could do nothing more then go three and out. Sure they had a few big plays but the Tiger D did the job like days past and shut them down play after play.

Lance Day led the offence like a proven General marching his troops in to war. He was finally able to finds his receivers making some beautiful passes and what about Will Clay and Chase Arrendale. Both backs for the Tigers showed the world they can run the football and run it well!

After 4 the Tigers pick up the first win of the season beating Palo Duro 35 to ZIP!

The glory days of the past are now upon us again as this team is now playing as one. Chad Rogers said it would happen and he was right. He said it would click and when it does watch out. All you have to do is look at tonight’s game and what this team can do and it really speaks for itself. I think the Tigers have fixed the problems and are ready for whatever the world throws at them.

To all the armchair quarterbacks that like to sit in the stands and second-guess everything the coaches and kids do… What do you have to say now?

Good job Tigers…

  • Chuck Montana
  • September 22, 2006 11:42 PM

September 4, 2006


What happened with the Tigers? That’s the word around town after the Tigers lost the season opener to Monahans 12 to 7. It’s been a long time since the Tigers fell in the season opener.

You had to be at the game to truly understand that this contest wasn’t as close as it sounded. For starters the game was 2 hours late getting started thanks to Mother Nature! Thunderstorms rolled in to La Grande Commutations stadium about an hour before kick off and the rain didn’t stop until late in the 3rd quarter.

As the game started things looked promising for the Tigers as Will Clay broke though the middle and ran for an 80-yard touchdown. Not to be outdone Monahans ran the exact same play and did the exact same thing, a 77-yard run to tie it up all within the first four minutes of the game.

As the game went on the BIG D for both Snyder and Monahans did a great job stopping the run and just killing the pass. At the end of the 4th, Snyder QB Lance Day was able to find the receivers to move them down field getting them into the red zone with seconds left on the clock. Day took them to the line in a split eye with two receivers at the top and one at the bottom. The receivers took off into the end zone, Day passed the ball to the bottom corner where it was tipped by Monahans but deflected into the arms if another Tiger, good for the touchdown… BUT WAIT… NO.. The ref said it hit the ground!

This was one of two bad calls the killed the Tigers. La Grande has a JUMBO screen that shows every replay and all the fans saw first hand that ball did not hit the ground but in fact was a good catch. The other “bad? call came when Lance Day tried to run for the 1st down and the refs called him short. Again the JUMBO screen says otherwise but what can you do? Monahans took the Tiger yet again in a game that will haunt the Tigers all year long.

So the 1st game is out of the way. The opening jitters should be gone and hopefully the boys can put behind them what happened last Thursday night.

The offence is still a little loose but I’m sure Coach Rogers will do what it takes to get them ready for this coming Friday when we welcome Hereford.

It’s tough to see the Tigers loose a game like this. It’s easy for me to say they got robbed but I’m just the guy on the radio calling what I see. I do wonder what the fans think when they see something like this and what the Coaches do to help the boys overcome something like this and get them re-focused on this weeks game.

Give me your two cents and I’ll talk to you all next week!

August 13, 2006

Tigers In Drill




The Year Of The Tiger?

Soon the Friday night lights will come on, and teams all across the state will take to the field in a 48 minute battle of the best of the best, but one team knows what’s at stake more than any other. That team is the Snyder Tigers!

For the past several years Snyder Tiger Fans have watched with amazement as Chad Rogers developed a powerhouse team. This year will be the pinnacle of his program as some of the best players ever seen in Snyder take the field.

Before we start talking about the “now,? let’s flashback to last year. When the Tigers started the season, they were expected by many to go all the way or at least to go the semi finials as they did the year before. They started off strong, but something happened along the way that caused the Tigers to run back into the den. The loss left a bitter taste in the mouth of the returning players and a heavy heart for the coaches that worked so hard on making this team what it is.

As the 2005 season came to an end, returning players along with the coaches knew what had to be done. What a motto they have carried all year long, “Unfinished Business?! They worked long and hard during the summer, and when two-a-days started last week, they looked like seasoned professionals not missing a beat. This year’s Tiger squad will shake the foundation of every team they face because Snyder has never seen a more prepared or a more dedicated team.

Fans will see tons of changes on this year’s squad. The first thing they’ll notice is the line. BIG-STRONG AND FAST! We’re talking an average weight of 250+!

In the QB pocket you’ll also find a fresh new face. Well really not a new face but a new position for number 22. As a freshman he was called up to the show because of his speed and agility and he became feared on the BIG D! Now a Junior Lance Day changes sides to lead the offence and what a show we’ll see out of this young man. He has an arm that is just unreal plus he is super fast.

Head Coach Chad Rogers has the plan in place and his kids have shown the dedication that’s needed to produce a winning football team. We’ve changed districts so we’re going to see fresh new teams and in return they’re going to find out what it means to have “The Tiger Coming For You?!

And I should say the fans are ready to! Not many teams can boost the fact that when we go on the road sometimes we sell out more seats then the home team! There loyalty was shown this past Saturday night for, “Meet The Tiger?! Fans of all sorts turned out to see what the 2006 Snyder Tigers are all about and most of them walked away with the same thought, “We’ve Got Something Big This Year?!

As we go along this season I will bring you all the information I can. I will talk to Coach Rogers every week and let you know what he says. Being the “Voice? of the Tigers I take pride in calling the games and now have the same pride in bringing fans all across the state the same information and updates I give on the radio to the web!

I have an interview with Coach Rogers later in the week for a special we’re doing on the radio and I will post what we talked about! His view of Tiger football and what’s to come is very interesting!

Snyder Tigers by Chuck Montana



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