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Munday: Emily Mizer

Munday_EmilyMizer.jpgAge: 18

Grade: 12

Event: One-Act Play – plays Eileen

How long you’ve been competing: 4 years

What’s the most challenging/nerve-wracking thing about your event: The long hours are the worst. We’ve spent about eight hours a week since the first week of January on our play. Everything has been worth it.

First thing you’ll do when you win: I’ll cry. My makeup will run down my face and smear, but I won’t care. Everything has been worth it. Everything.

Past honors in the event: Honorable Mention All-Star Cast (3 Years: 2004-2007), All-Star Cast (3 years: 2004-2007), and Best Actress (1 Year: 2007)

Extracurricular activities/other UIL events: Band (Region Band member 3 years), Choir (MHS doesn’t have a choir program, but I was in the Region choir this year) UIL Academics (Social Studies, Poetry Interpretation, Literary Criticism)

College plans: I’ll be attending Oklahoma State University and pursuing a degree in English this fall. Of course, I’ll end up with at least a minor in theatre.

Birthplace: Haskell, Texas ... but Munday is my hometown!

One thing your parents, a sibling or even a best friend might not know about you: There isn’t really much that my friends don’t know. I’m not afraid to be myself. It doesn’t matter who I’m in front of, I’m me. What you see is what you get. I might strike a random pose or two, but don’t be surprised.


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Posted by: Lissa on May 2, 2007 10:23 AM

Good luck!!!! You are awesome!!!!

Posted by: Emily on May 3, 2007 7:25 PM

Thanks, Lissa.

I'm so excited about state. We leave tomorrow (Friday) morning at 8:00. I'm not looking forward to the drive much, but I can't wait to take the stage!

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