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Wylie: Lonny Andrew March

Wylie_LonnyAndrewMarch2.jpgAge: 15

Grade: 9

Event: Social Studies

How long you’ve been competing: 2 years (counting this year)

What’s the most challenging/nerve-wracking thing about your event: Studying, reading all the boring documents.

First thing you’ll do when you win: Celebrate, eat!

Past honors in the event: in 8th grade 1st place; individual and team, 9th grade 2nd, 5th, and 3rd place in district, 1st place team in district, 4th in regional, 1st place team in region

Extracurricular activities/other UIL events: Football, FCA, Texas Citizens Bee.

College plans: Go to USC, Fight On Trojans!

Birthplace: Littleton, Colorado.

One thing your parents, a sibling or even a best friend might not know about you: I've broken 15 bones, 2 concussions, 13 stitches


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Posted by: Bethany on April 30, 2007 9:21 PM

lonny, you were the life of the trip at region. :D i will never look at a tree branch without picturing you running toward the bus with one, haha.

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