June 03, 2005

And so it goes ...

Thus ends this blog, as Geoff and I take off for Tucson, Ariz., where our new house, and a brand-new life together, awaits.

Just want to say thanks to everyone who's read this blog and who offered words of encouragement for Geoff and me. It's meant a lot.

Do I have any final words of advice? How about this nugget:

Be patient. Before you know it, you'll be together and smiling from ear to ear every day.

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May 31, 2005

Still going

Since Geoff will still be living in San Francisco for about two months after I move to Tucson, this long-distance thing is still going to run its course. But the lighthouse on the shore will be guiding him to me through the course of the summer.

We're spending the first week in June at the new house, painting the bedroom and shopping (!) for furniture. We both hate shopping, but it's a necessary evil. I did find that it's somewhaat enjoyable when you do it with someone you love.

Then he's coming to visit during the Fourth of July weekend. Looking forward to more housework.

So we'll still have to deal with the phone and being apart for weeks at a time.

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Movie afternoon

I've read that people in long-distance relationships often call each other and watch their favorite shows together and comment about them on the phone. That's cute and would work if you're in the same time zone.

Geoff and I did a variation of that. We both agreed to see "Crash" yesterday, and to talk about it on the phone afterward.

It was the best we could do, until we move in together. It was nice talking to him about movies, given that he goes to so few movies. And it was good to make a plan like that. We didn't see the movie at the same time; his started about two hours after mine. But it sort of felt like we were together at the movies, and that's all that matters.

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May 25, 2005

And the hits just keep on comin'

Geoff has always told me to have faith that things will happen in their due course.

Today I found that out when I accepted a job at the Arizona Daily Star as one of their education reporters. I didn't think it would take them less than a week to hire me, so I was surprised to get a call from them.

Now I can breathe easy. Many people around me were worried that I wouldn't get a job before I moved to Tucson, and I was slightly worried, too. I wanted to have money to pay for the house.

I don't have to worry about that. Geoff will be keeping his job in San Francisco for a couple of months, so we both will have steady incomes that will be poured into decorating our home.

I can't stop smiling. But as I write this, I wait for Geoff to call me so I can give him the news. Apparently, he's busy right now.

This has been a great day. I'm looking forward to many more.


On Tuesday I sent out a mass e-mail to friends telling them about my move. Most of them were also learning for the first time about my relationship with Geoff. The people that have written back have been nothing but enthusiastic, including my former roommate when I lived in Colorado Springs. I think he knew I was gay, but bless his heart for respecting my desire to not make it public at the time. I was an elite swimmer then, and coming out in swimming is never, ever done. We've had three gay Olympic swimmers from the United States, but they never came out until after they retired. Certainly there are more out there, but in swimming it's hardly an issue. I do wish, though, that I had had the courage to come out when I was in elite swimming, just to ease my mind and not be secretive about that part of my life.

But now that I'm with Geoff I have no desire to keep him in the shadows.

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May 24, 2005

We interrupt this program for special news bulletin ...

I've been keeping a big secret from you, dear readers, and it's time you knew the truth.

If this were Soap Opera Land, there'd be about three seconds of tense music, tenser stares and then a fade to black for a commercial break. I'm not gonna play you like that.

Here it is: Geoff and I are moving to Tucson, Ariz., where we closed on a brand-new home last week.

No, this is not April 1. This is real. And it's soooooo great!

When Geoff and I went to Tucson in late February/early March, all we were going to do is spend some time with his parents and check out the place. Neither of us knew a house was calling our names. Tucson's home market is sprouting like a teenager at puberty, and we had to take advantage of it. The value of the home we bought -- four bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, two-car garage and new appliances -- went up $4,000. And the concrete hadn't even been poured into the ground!

Obviously, this means the end of our long-distance relationship. But not right away. Geoff will stay in San Francisco for a couple of months to finish things there, though he'll visit often to help get our home in order.

The best thing about this is, obviously, the end of our long-distance relationship. Now, we can begin to enjoy the idiosyncrasies of each other's physical presence and start the new chapters in our lives.

I'll continue to give you updates up to June 3, my last full day in Albuquerque.

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