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Thanks ...

October 09, 2007

I put off writing this blog entry for as long as possible, but it's time for me to move on and get ready to start my new job at the Orlando Sentinel.

Thank you so much reading this blog and sharing your thoughts all things Lobos. I've had a much better experience covering University of New Mexico athletics because fans are so passionate about the Lobos. I have learned more than I could have imagined possible from this interaction and wish all of you the very best.

I can't say enough about the wonderful experience I've had at The Albuquerque Tribune. Please be kind to the staff still churning out stories for you. My friends are going to work very hard to put out a great newspaper until some foolish people tell them they're not allowed to do it anymore.

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Danridge breaks his leg

October 05, 2007

UNM senior forward Tony Danridge suffered a broken leg during a pickup game Thursday night. I'm working on getting more details. You can check out Lobo Zone throughout the day for updates.

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Lobo Vision

October 03, 2007

I wrote a story for today's paper with a few notes on the UNM football team. The main topic I covered was the replays UNM chooses to display on game day at University Stadium. I get a lot of complaints from fans who are frustrated they don't get to see more replays. UNM coach Rocky Long said it would help if he got to see more replays too. I'm curious whether more fans would like to see more replays during Lobo football games.

During his weekly media lunch Tuesday, Long also talked about his decision not to use a special teams coordinator. He said he thinks he gets more energetic work out of several assistant coaches dividing up the special teams duties than one person handling the job year after year. He said the same is true for any coordinating job. Long said after a few years of going against an offensive coordinator, he could probably call the plays for that coach as a defensive specialist unless that offensive coordinator happened to be really, really good at his job. Several fans have e-mailed me and posted on fan sites, including The Red Menace, that having a special teams coordinator would solve many of the problems that plagued UNM against BYU.

I don't necessarily agree. The Lobos had a coordinator system, with Dan Dodd the last man to handle the duties full time. And I don't think going back to that format would have changed the outcome of Saturday's game. The Lobos played hard but they made mistakes. They weren't lucky enough to recover well from those mistakes. It happens.

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