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Super Bowl: Aww, it's over

February 04, 2007

Rex Grossman blew it and the Colts are champs. If you didn't see that coming, you probably should have.

Couple thoughts:

The rain completely changed everything. A lot of plays that made a big difference in the game were because of it. Chicago had three fumbles, the Colts two with that slick ball. The first of those two Grossman interceptions was such a horrible throw, you've gotta wonder if he lost it a bit letting go because it was wet.

The Colts defense went from the worst in the NFL to an awesome, dominant unit. Like that. We've seen Peyton Manning have better seasons and much better games than his performance in the Super Bowl. The defense was the reason they won.

Killer game. Fun night.

I watched a bunch of guys fart on each other, researched the cost of a pet monkey ($6,200 for the one I wanted), ate so much junk food that I should find a triathlon to compete in tomorrow and sat for so long during football and commercials with a computer in my lap that I'm probably sterile now. It was worth it.

Looking back over the accumulated quotes from the night, very few of them are P.C. enough to put on The Trib's website (we are a family paper, after all). Here's some highlights, though.

- Dane Cook is the single worst comedian I’ve ever seen!

- Where's Ed Hochuli?
- Hochuli's lifting weights, man.

- It looks like when they spin it's a white guy turning into a black guy.

- We can't get up or our seats will get stolen. Unless you wanna murder someone if they steal my seat.

- I think I ate way too much to get drunk. I'm just tired now.

- How did David Spade ever pull Heather Locklear?
- "Joe Dirt." Ever heard of it?!

- The cameraman was standing in a big pile of water.

- One of the things that sucks about getting really wet is that you can drive home and your clothes might get dry, but you always have swamp crotch.
- And that leads to yeast infections.

- Monkeys freak me out, man.

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