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 April 15, 2006


HIGH: 83
LOW: 65

A TORNADO WATCH has been issued for the NORTHERN portion of our viewing area. Basically everyone north of the Missouri River until MIDNIGHT. Here it is on the National map:

april 16 local watch.gif
Click to enlarge

Thunderstorms are still trying to fire farther and farther south on our dryline. The dryline is still in Kansas... it looks to be moving East of Manhattan now. You can see where the 20 dewpoints are separated from the 60 dewpoints... that is the dryline (dewpoints are the numbers in GREEN):

april 16 dew.gif

These ongoing thunderstorms do have tornado warnings on them... for Brown, Jackson, Nemaha and Pottawatomie counties in Kansas... until 6:30pm. There has been a funnel cloud spotted 4 miles south of Onaga... or 32 miles northeast of Manhattan. This cluster of thunderstorms will move into extreme Northwest Missouri around 7pm... we will continue to track it!

New thunderstorms are trying to get going down around Emporia... if they hold together... they would affect parts of the northern viewing area (in Missouri) around 8pm or so. We will continue to watch THAT, too!

The BIG thunderstorms have been up in Nebraska today. Our storm spotter, Sean Wilson, captured a tornado near Beatrice, NE. He is bringing the video in... hopefully we will get it on the air tonight at 10pm. If not tonight... we will show it tomorrow!


Posted by at April 15, 2006 5:52 PM


Looking at the movement of this thing, I think I see something interesting..where just a few hours ago..the storms were tracking NNE along the dryline or just ahead of it..but looking at the SPC mosaic..I see a thin line [front?]behind the dryline catching it...and it seems to be pushing the movement more ENE and it is tilting the dryline more NE/SW it seems...the storms are looking more linear now, and would expect quite a bow echo shortly. It does seem to be building to the south, but think only the areas in the immediate metro or north with see it. Should be pretty breezy!

Posted by: Scott at April 15, 2006 6:54 PM

All I can say is wild!! Earlier today it was raining 5 blocks from my house in Olathe and not even a drop here. Now huge storms less than 50 miles away and still will get nothing here. It is just wild how so many storms and so often lately and we still get no rain!

Even though there is no such thing, we call the effect the Olathe high pressure that keeps Olathe safe but dry!


I know what you mean... my husband is home in Overland Park. He called me wondering why we were on the air in continuous coverage since virtually NOTHING happened in Johnson County! I am glad we are safe, but we REALLY do need the rain...

Posted by: Leonard at April 15, 2006 8:14 PM

Well, KC missed the rain again.. *sigh* I told a friend in NY tonight that we had tornado's once again in our area.. He was amazed, even more amazed when I said we actually had a drougt situation going on... The lightning viewing from Grain Valley was really nice, esspecially since we were at a safe point.

It has been an extremely active season, and it is only April 15th!! KC has come VERY close to getting hit, but thankfully the most populated area has missed it. Unfortunately, there is another chance of severe weather in the forecast (Tuesday night). We don't want the damage potential... but we REALLY need the rain!

Posted by: Dave C. at April 15, 2006 10:10 PM


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