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 September 11, 2006

Clouds Hang Tough

HIGH: 78
LOW: 63

We've seen quite a bit of cloud cover today, as expected! Those clouds broke up for a little bit this afternoon... that allowed the sun to shine through and warm things up into the mid-upper 70s across the area. But now there are more clouds rolling in, as you can see on the afternoon visible satellite image:

sept 11 sat.gif
Click to enlarge

Tuesday could start off with fog/drizzle in the area... and the clouds look like they will hold on for most of the day. They may break up a little towards the later afternoon hours... and any sun would warm temps up again... but it really does look like an even COOLER day! Look at the surface temperatures to our north (in RED):

sept 11 temps.gif
Click to enlarge

This secondary shot of cooler air will be riding in on Northerly winds, as you can see! Highs Tuesday should stay in the 60s, with lows Wednesday morning in the lower-mid 50s!

I should also add a bit on the tropics this evening. Hurricane Florence hit Bermuda today. Pounding surf and powerful winds knocked out power to about 25,000 homes and businesses on the island. Winds gusted to 100 mph, and took down power lines, blew out windows and stripped trees of their branches. The good news... no reports of any injuries or deaths. Florence, a pretty large hurricane... looks impressive on the satellite image:

florence sat.jpg

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Florence should curve AWAY from the US East coast... but it will still bring about some rough waters there:

sept 11 flo.gif
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PLUS... another Tropical Storm has formed! This is TS Gordon... which is unfortunately... also heading towards Bermuda:

sept 11 gor.gif
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It's sort of fitting that the tropics are suddenly becoming active, as we are just about one day passed the peak mark of hurricane season!

In other news... Gary and Jeff are in Madison, Wisconsin today through Wednesday... so I am filling in. I am sure they are both very happy, because it is raining there today! :) They are getting some extensive training on our graphic system... and will both be back in the forecast center on Thursday.

Have a great night!

Posted by at September 11, 2006 4:06 PM


Hi, Jamie!
Thanks for keeping us updated through the weekend. The rain seems to have bad timing lately! I am looking forward to a nice fall-like day tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed the cooler day today! It was PERFECT for my run with Mags! :)
Thanks for watching,

Posted by: sara at September 11, 2006 9:22 PM

Hi Jamie:

Looks like the pesky clouds are hanging around!

So are you getting a new graphic system? I think the one you have is pretty cool. I like it when you "touch" the map and the numbers show up! I know that behind you is a green wall (or is it blue?) Anyway, keep up the good work. I love fall, but we could use a few warm days before it changes...then again...it is football season! GO CHEIFS! I hope Trent Green comes back soon!

Brian - Overland Park

No, we're not getting a new system... Gary & Jeff just went to better learn our current system. It has so much potential... they want to make sure we are getting the most of it! I just talked to Gary... they really are in heaven... as they are in a comma head right now! ;)

We are all thinking of & praying for Trent and his family. We hope he has a speedy recovery.

Posted by: Brian at September 11, 2006 10:23 PM

Hey Jamie,

It looks like Tropical Depression 8 is out there too - though it's out in the Eastern Atlantic. It looks as if the US could luck out and miss this one as well.

You're right... 8 could become TS Helene soon!!

Posted by: Drew at September 12, 2006 11:46 AM


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