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Nas' "N" word.

October 19, 2007

Nasir Jones, one of the greatest rappers of all time is throwing gasoline on the fire. He's new album switched focus rather quickly when he went from the title "Nigga" to "Nigger."

He wanted to prove a point. He says he wanted to give less meaning to it. Here's a quote I found on Rolling Stone that sums up his feelings:

“I wanna make the word easy on (m****f****s’) ears. You see how white boys ain’t mad at ‘cracker’ ’cause it don’t have the same [sting] as ‘nigger’? I want ‘nigger’ to have less meaning [than] ‘cracker."

His new album's title is aimed at a large scale protest, currently falling on Capitol Hill's ears, by "artistically" putting his two cents in.

I like where's he coming from. Writing this blog is difficult, but I've been thinking about how to approach the subject for a long time.

I'm not a big fan of censorship. Recording artists should be able to do what they want if they're making a product, which is now regulated, that people are buying.

I don't buy cds from Wal-Mart. I got to a store that sells those songs with all those dirty words. It's true emotion that I take from listening to someone degrade or threaten another.
It is how it is. My parents couldn't figure it out. They tried, unsuccessfully, to take rap away from me when I was younger, and it didn't work then.

If someone steps in, more than they already are, I'm going to be one big disappointed music fan.

The n-word has sting. Has and probably always will. It's a mark on the English language. But it's not going anywhere and not a lot has been done to change either the meaning or the relevance. Is something going to be able to change or alter it? Who knows.

I just have to say I like Nas' move. He did what he did for a reason and I believe what he's doing is genuine. I'll buy the album....but I like controversy.

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